Monday, March 17, 2014

To Colorado We Go!

Has Self told the people that Self has taken Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy on a roadtrip for this week?

First there were all the scenery for to bark at:

Then, right away, we went to go exploring at Garden of the Gods!

Then, on the next day, we went on a search for water!  And, we found it!  At Helen Hunt Falls!

 Evil Stepmummy was so beauteous.

We found the waters!  And large sticks!

 The waters is down there.  Please to be going down there.

Continued beauteousness.

 Self made dangerous decisions, as such to walk on walls above waterfalls.

Evil Stepmummy and Sidekick went to a castle!  They disallowed dogs for the fear that the dog will take over the entire castle.  Also they could only see it from the outside, for they are nicely Princesses and would intimidate all the worse princesses.

Then also Self was not allowed to go to the zoo!  Self wanted to make friends with all the giraffes.

The worst so far is the requirement to be on the leash for the always.  But over all, Self is doing much fun things and Self looks forward to all the things this week.

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