Saturday, April 28, 2012

Overwhelmed by puppies

A most strange thing... a yard full of the most tiny puppies!

Was at first seeming to be normal walk, but then turned and went to a yard, and went in.  All of a sudden, was assaulted by small squirmy brown creatures!  Could do nothing but stand so still and growl, growl, growl.  Did not bite or snap, but only growl and snarl.  Small puppies were most interested in!  Guess, feel proud a bit.  Am like role model.

 Mummy Jordan plays with chunky little puppy

Jacinta explained.  Neighbor was fostering puppies from county down south.  Is most sad and awful place where, most homeless dogs get killed.  The puppies and their mum were to be killed!  But they come home with nice neighbor and now puppies are nearly 8 weeks old and soon to be going off to brand new families!

 Human girl puppy holds canine girl puppy

Met the puppy mum.  She smaller than self, and has name of Jordan.  Was pretty obsessed with self, wanted to sniff and sniff.  Unless Jacinta had food and then, would snap and snarl and take the food.  Will forgive, for she have rough life so far and used to feel so starving.  But otherwise, seemed friendly girl.  Would roll over on belly to let sniff all over.

 More rough play from puppy and mummy

Asked Jordan all about pups.  Was curious, for have never had puppies!  Jordan say, knew right away that something was strange and wonderful.  Was motherly instinct, that all good mummies have.  Could tell, no doubts, that was going to have puppies, as soon as puppies existed!  So she began to prepare.  Thanks to motherly instinct, had much time to figure out warm place to be and how to get food.  Decided, was best to try luck at animal shelter, though she knew that maybe she would never come out alive.

 Boy human puppy holds one of 5 boy canine puppies

But thankfully, Jordan was lucky!  As mentioned, nice neighbor go and save her from shelter, and then puppies were born the very next day!  They grew so quickly, so so quickly such that think, puppies will be very big.  Puppies already at 6 weeks as big as self was at 9 weeks!  Well, makes sense.  Dad of puppies was probably boxer dog.

 Tiniest of litter crawls on lap of Jacinta

Biggest of litter watches Sister Cookie

Sidekick say, will have to go see puppies few more times for socialization, so that do not grow up to be afraid of brand new dogs.  Am not looking forward to the crazy fluffy things, but am happy that the puppies look up to and learn from.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Evil IS self?

Welcome to another wonderful edition of Quiz Time on Tuesdays!

Today, explore the question:  How evil is self?  Shall see...

- Yes, am always off leash in places that should not be!  Civil disobedience.
- Sometimes, look at pictures of Xoloitzcuintli and Chinese Crested.  For the laughs.  Do not see why is evil!
- All the love and love and love for all the people!
You've kissed someone you shouldn't be kissing- All people are good for to kiss!
You've said something so mean it made someone cry- Crying is most sad!  Only say nice things and love all the people!
You've done illegal drugs- Does getting high from whacking self in head count?
You've killed a bug- Flies and spiders are so nom.
You've spit in someone's drink- Not on purpose!  Is difficult to not slobber all over the place in the water bowl.  Sorry Cookie.
You've sought revenge on someone- Nothing has happened to that needed to send revenge for!
You've made a prank phone call- Do not use phone!
You've turned people against someone- No no, all the people have to be together!
You've illegally downloaded music online- Am not much one for music, self.
You've flirted with someone to make someone else jealous- Making others jealous is not a thing to do!
You've told racist or sexist jokes- Hehe, do know pretty good one...
You've called someone the "c" word- Which word?  Cute?  Cuddly?  Cookie?  Guess so.
You've made a promise you knew you were going to break- Cattle Dogs always keep promises.
You've done the "walk of shame"- The most shameful walk is coming downstairs after being yelled at for eating trash.
You've corrupted a minor- Am role model for small puppies!
You've divulged someone's dark secret- Your secrets are safe with self!
You've made fun of a mentally disabled person- Would not be most rude! *Sidekick note:  I distinctly remember you saying in puppy kindergarten that the other puppies had small brains* Oh, am most ashamed... (but still think, was true!)
You've cheated on a test or lover- Cheating is wrong!  Tests and love must tell the most truth!
You don't believe in God- Does not compute?  Who is God?  *Sidekick note: Technically, even super-intelligent Cattle Dogs don't have the capacity for belief in God*
You hate kids- Oh no!  Human puppies most best!
You've gotten in a fist tooth fight- But only, was attacked first!
You made someone's life horrible in school- No, mostly keep to self.
You've shoplifted, or stolen from someone- Often steal chew bones and food from Cookie.  Am the least ashamed!  Food most delicious.
You've been so drunk you couldn't remember the night before- How does that happen?  So much water that cannot remember?  Am most confused.
You've vandalized someone's car or house- Does leg lifting count?
You've made fun of a fat person- All size people give as much love.
You have a fondness for disturbing pictures- Do not even know, what are trying to ask, quiz.  All pictures like frisbee puppies and pretty flowers!  Least of the disturb!
You've blamed a fart on someone else- Not worth it.  Is just fault of sidekick though, for feeding the wrong food.  Fish does not comply with tummy.
You enjoy setting things on fire- Other day, walked to close to fire in fireplace.  Was first time had seen up close!  Was warm and singey and would not like for it to happen again.
You've been arrested- Have been put in time out, if that counts?
You've secretly backstabbed a friend- Would so never!  Backstabbers lowest of low.
You would choose your life over the lives of 100,000 strangers- Would stay alive despite 100,000 dogs dying, but if could save people, then would die a million times.
You would kill for 1,000,000 dollars if you would not get caught- Have said before, will say again, is silly for dog to have so much money.  Just need rawhide and toys and food and love, and am happy boy.
You've harmed yourself to get attention- To get attention, will only stare and stare and stare.  And sometimes climb on heads of people.
You have a nemesis- YES!  Many dog nemeses in Townsville.
You believe in an eye for an eye, or even more- You attack self, you will regret.
You don't think lying to a stranger is a big deal- Will always lie on ground to stranger!  No big deal!  Perhaps will give belly rubs!
You think giving to the homeless is wasting money- All the homeless dogs and cats in shelters, they need money and love!
You would pick evil over stupid any day- Why?
You aren't bothered by seeing others in pain- Oh no, is most worst when others are hurt.
You'd rather have world domination than world peace- Am not alpha leader material.  Am most happy to be peaceful in pack.
You enjoy very violent video games- Video games in general, are silly.
You are disgusted by weak people- No, weak is comfortable because weak will not attack self!
You would keep a wallet full of cash if it came your way- Wallet must go to police!  Then police will say, "Goooooood dog!  What a good boy!  Who is a clever puppy?  You are a clever puppy!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!"  Will be most best.
You would rather harm an enemy than help a friend- Friends are for to help!
You've shot a gun and liked it- The taste of its cherry chapstick?
You'd rather be a supervillian than a superhero- Would never trade being a superhero for anything!

You are 28% Evil.
A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.  In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

Most interesting!  *Chomps teeth with the most menace*

Monday, April 23, 2012

When was two, was nearly new

Was on the 19th.....

This is birthday face.  Most best birthday face.

Most best birthday was to be had.  First, in morning, got to eat not one, but TWO frozen Kongs!  Was so excited when Sidekick come outside with second Kong.  Could not contain the happy.

After wonderful birthday breakfast, got to walk with Wyatt and JC.  Went out on the mesa and ran around so speedy quick, and got to eat tasty turkey treats for pretty comes and stays.

Came home and got to relax.  Took long deep nap on comfy blanket.  Then got up and stretched.  Felt so good.

Was time then for hose games!  Chased around all the droplets until was most contently exhausted.  Laid on the deck in toasty sun until was all dry.

Next was time for a nommy rawhide for to chew.  One rawhide?  No.  Must take all the rawhides.  How many can fit in mouth?  Sadly, Sidekick took all rawhides back away, but for one that could chew on to heart's content.

In evening when whole pack was home, was time for to snuggle with all the people.  Was so safe and cozy.  And even was allowed a bite of ice cream!  So cold like snow, but most sweet and delicious.

A great day to commemorate the end of a year!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Title/ And a short Haiku/ Read, Enjoy.

Too busy to blog
Seventeen syllables best
Tells a good story

Evil Stepmummy!
Squiggle squiggle and squiggle
Much of ball throwing

Sophie disappeared
Yelled at sidekick many days
Knowledge is power

Digging in the pit
Dirt flying all the places
Sticks and tennis balls

Learning fun new tricks
Roll over, click and then treat
Roll over again!

Bird food most delish.
Tastes like fruit and happiness
But makes sick for days

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lack of information makes for disappointed puppy.

Is the LEAST.  FAIR.  Sister Sophie went away.

Was so confused when Jacinta came back home without Sister Sophie in tow.  Asked, "Where did best new little sister go?  Is on vacation?"  But sidekick explain, Sophie was only in house for little while while mum of Sophie had surgery.  Now Sophie so happy back at house with mum.  Is no longer to live here.

But being on the deck with Sophie was all the fun!

WHY?!  Why must evil Sidekick take best small sister away from?  Will most miss all the chasing and cuddling and squiggling.

Sidekick says, must be upbeat and look at good side again, like done with when cannot go on morning walks.  Suppose, Sophie so always stole attention of pack, and also would steal food.  Maybe can be okay, as long as can visit!  Yes, a visit!  Cannot wait for a visit!

Will remember her just like so, a playful and slightly annoying little sister.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Week: In Haiku

The Week in Haiku
Some stories blogged, some not blogged.
The week in review

Cold weather was gone
So played in the nice water
Will be warm always

Cold weather came back
5 inches of wet, white snow
Snow for to play in

Sophie squiggled with
And bounced in snow like rabbit
Shiver, Chihuahua.

Long hike with the pack
Cookie was most exhausted
Slept long, for two days

JC and Wyatt:
Was mean, went on walks without.
Instead, slept at home

Went with Jacinta
Met new friend, name of Nova
Chased in the canyon

That was the week here
In the town of Lost Almost
The week in haiku

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nova so super indeed!

In Lost Almost, am always most excited for to meet new potential friends.

This week, was dog name of Nova.  She come on walk with Sidekick and self one day!  Was good that, when Nova come out of house, she not bark or growl or anything.  She just stand excited, ready to sniff.  Was very polite.  Then Jacinta grab both leashes, and all walk together, Nova on one side and self on other.  All walk for about 5 minutes.

 Snow so most silly!

 Nobody can resist most cute face.

Then after 5 minutes, Jacinta say to sit.  She put long rope on collar of Nova, and let self and she run and run and run!  So zoomed around and so sniffed each other.  Was good with rope, that Nova could have space but could not run away.

Off-leash walks always so best, and are also best when dog friend comes along!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The least fair things of all time

Am trying to understand, things that are the least fair.  Least fair things include mornings when Jacinta take only JC and Wyatt on walk, and not self.

Must sit down, and think deeply about pros and cons of walking with JC and Wyatt.  Must understand the decision.  Am smart and clever dog.

Well, when do not walk with JC and Wyatt, have the energy for to play with Sister Sophie.  This is most best.  Also, is important to remember, that sometimes JC so annoying.  Does not stop jumping on or stealing ball.  Can be good to have break from, every once in a while.

But really, think that mostly Jacinta so selfish for to take only Wyatt and JC.  She say, is much easier for to handle 2 dogs than 3, and is least fun when she call dogs and only two come, and she must go chase third.  Is not fault of self!  Self always comes when called, because have trained Sidekick to give treat.  Is always fault of silly Wyatt or JC and think, self should not be punished.

Look, what have missed out on!

Would so like for to climb on big dirt pile!

Would also like to sniff all the things!

Oh well.  Maybe truly is best to only go walking with JC and Wyatt friends for 3 days of the week, and will relax or play with sisters on other days.  Or most best, go on walk alone later in day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

So DID find water!

Is no time for to write about water now.  Must go back and splash and run and leap and bite!  So please to be entertaining self with pictures.

 For to BITE!

 And BITE!

Feel most happy and cooled off.