Monday, April 23, 2012

When was two, was nearly new

Was on the 19th.....

This is birthday face.  Most best birthday face.

Most best birthday was to be had.  First, in morning, got to eat not one, but TWO frozen Kongs!  Was so excited when Sidekick come outside with second Kong.  Could not contain the happy.

After wonderful birthday breakfast, got to walk with Wyatt and JC.  Went out on the mesa and ran around so speedy quick, and got to eat tasty turkey treats for pretty comes and stays.

Came home and got to relax.  Took long deep nap on comfy blanket.  Then got up and stretched.  Felt so good.

Was time then for hose games!  Chased around all the droplets until was most contently exhausted.  Laid on the deck in toasty sun until was all dry.

Next was time for a nommy rawhide for to chew.  One rawhide?  No.  Must take all the rawhides.  How many can fit in mouth?  Sadly, Sidekick took all rawhides back away, but for one that could chew on to heart's content.

In evening when whole pack was home, was time for to snuggle with all the people.  Was so safe and cozy.  And even was allowed a bite of ice cream!  So cold like snow, but most sweet and delicious.

A great day to commemorate the end of a year!

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  1. I can't believe it's already been nearly two years since the day that sidekick and I met you Mr. Vertigo! Big hugsies and runsies and jumpsies for your birthday!! Am so happy that your birthday day was full of squiggles, relaxation and treatsies!!!! Please say hello to all Mr. Vertigo!!!

    PS Love these photos of you! You are so grown up and handsome Mr! :D

    Miss you and sidekick! :D


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