Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of hail and cold weather.

Do you mean, that in New Townsville the weather changes like this all the time?  Was not fluke of last year?

Oh dear.  Where are blankets?  Where is coat?  Bring all the warm things to self.  Will need to create nest and put nose under tail and hide the weather away.

Not only coldness, but strange ice from sky that ruins all the walks!  Try to go for walk but then, must run so fast and turn around!  Head is being hit and hit and hit!  Will stay in the mudroom at Wyatt and JC's for many a minute while watch the crazy ice come down.

Then is time to go home, and explore all the ice.

Freezy on paws, but it makes water in gutters and street!

Force of ice was most strong.  As well as hitting head like ouch, it knocked the leaves off all the trees!  So much for pretty colors on trees.

But smelled so most best!
Think, no ice is good, because ice means outside so most cold.  But if have to choose, would prefer the soft and floaty ices that happened last year.  At least floaty ices can be chased and catched.  Hard ices just hurt tooths.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Haiku Review #6

Never with the blog
Must do better for always
People so love self!

Rachel come and play,
Rachel then go most away.
Live with your fam'ly.

Lost Almost most blah.
Miss Evil Stepmummy most.
Leave Merry Land now!

Feral and scared dog
Black and white and heeler mix.
He romps, romps, and romps.

Monica, Rachel,
Ross and Chandler.  Glenna's mad.
Finally, Joey!

Working men in house.
Most loud noises.  Stuck downstairs.
Why a hole in floor?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

In land of the crazy, thanks is given

Happy Thanks Given!  Here are things that are thankful for this year:

1. Sidekick who is usually so most happier than last year.
2. Sister Cookie for with to play.
3. Evil Stepmummy who always comes back.
4. Most excellent walks, with friends and alone with Sidekick, on leash and off.
5. Many frisbee times.
6. Most cozy blankets and winter coat.
7. Meals every day, sometimes even with people food.
8. Training with most tasty food and most fun toys.
9. Agility practice where can run and jump and run.

What things are for you Given Thanks?  Do tell!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just when was missing her the most...

Evil Stepmummy is now back!  Never to leave again!  So most love Evil Stepmummy and will give her all the licks.  Now, even though weather is cold, heart of self will be warm!

Evil Stepmummy has been in the Land of the Merry, but has been so least merry for all the months.  Especially when she took Sidekick away to Land of the Merry as well.  Was many days, where self was so so lonely.  Very awful, that Sidekick had fun without a cattle dog by her side!

 Neat and pretty colors

Will bark and bark at horses!

Evil Stepmummy is dinosaur.
Next time, self would like for not to be left alone in Lost Almost!  Want to come to Land of Merry!

Friday, November 16, 2012

In the Townsville without self?!

Was a recent time, that Mum and Dad of Sidekick, along with boy and girl human puppies, started to pack and pack all the things into suitcases.  Have seen suitcases before!  Means is time for a trip!

Would listen the most intent to the words to figure out, where are they going?  Again and again, hear, Australia.  Canberra.  Townsville.  TOWNSVILLE!  Are coming with?  Can come to see old friends and old house and so most warm and so most water?

No.  Mum and Da of Sidekick and boy and girl human puppies, they went without self.  They even go without Sidekick and Kathy-sister of Sidekick.  This is the least unfair!  Would be most best for to see the Townsville again!

But no.  Is forced to stay here, where is getting colder and colder.  What is with this crazy weather?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh so many interlopers

Is new word, is interlopers!  They lope and lope and lope all around with their long legs.

Once upon a time lived in a magical place called Townsville.  In Townsville, so many spy dogs would come to house and try to gain access.  Sidekick always would say no!  No to the interlopers!  Stay outside for the always!

Now, am living in New Townsville, where is cold sometimes and warm sometimes and is usually no water.  Here in New Townsville is there rarely Spy Dogs.  Most dogs very polite and good.  But Sidekick take that to mean, all the dogs can come to house!  No!  House is only for self and Cookie and the Spy Cat!

Never and less, Sidekick bring interlopers inside.  First was Rachel.  At first was an annoying one, but soon with many clicks for sniffing, she was fun and most good for with to play.  And now Rachel has new home!

Then was the Romping dog.  He is so most Romping all the time.  Is 7 months old and when was young, was taken care of most badly by his sidekicks.  Now only knows that dogs are good things.  He not at all sure on people and often barks and barks and barks.  Sometimes he takes treats from Sidekicks hand now, but not often.  If scared, he run and hide in crate or under bench.  But when playful, is most Romping.  Leaps all around the house and does all the play bows to self and Cookie.  Soon, Romping will be gone back to his other foster house.  He so difficult that Sidekick gave his foster a break for a few weeks.  Soon he be gone.  But this Romping dog needs permanent loving home!

Would have thought, that with Romping dog, house is full.  But no.  Sidekick now brings home a Joey.  He little and always try to steal the toys and jump on belly of self.  Most annoying.

Joey was running all by self by the course for golf.  Can understand, that Sidekick say, he must not stay in cold and he must not stay at shelter alone!  So to house he come.  In 10 day, Joey needs to find permanent home.  Until then, he will be in a foster.  Hopefully at another house, but if Joey must stay here, then self will deal with.

Always with the many dogs!  Will ever have Sidekick to self again?