Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making collection of sticks in yard.

Am making collection of nice sticks to chew, right? But Jacinta comes along and rakes them all up except for one stick. Only one stick! Must collect more sticks on walks to put back into collection.

How about this one?

Also, promised pictures and here is picture: Lovely one of Jacinta and at Secret Beach.

You-knee makes life tragic.

This week has been new and tragic. Jacinta is going to "you-knee" every day. Locks in lair. Sometimes cry to be let out, but she doesn't come back, so mostly am quiet now. On Monday, am alone for over 2 hours. On Tuesday, am alone for only little over one hour. Wednesday, hardly get to see Jacinta in morning, than am left alone for over 2 hours, then see Jacinta for only hour then am left alone for over 3 hours. Is most tragic thing to happen ever. On Thursday, hardly get to see Jacinta in morning then is gone for over 2 hours, but thankfully then Jacinta comes back and stays all day. On Friday, am alone for over 2 hours.

Watch, watch.

Is only fun if watch!
When Jacinta comes home though, will not always play! Sure, will play for half an hour or so but then will say, "Go to sleep. Or play by self. Now have to study." Is so cruel! Is best to play when Jacinta watches every move. When is not paying attention, is no fun at all. So instead, find fun things to make pay attention. Best is shoes, plastic bags, or cockroach baits.

Today evening though, had very fun time at training class. Is class with many puppies. Some little and scared, others very boisterous, but one best friend. Name of Keisha and is girl Husky. Is best player ever. Love playing with her.
Also, had good time showing off how well trained have Jacinta. Could get her to feed for sit and for down and for nice walking and for coming. Even was getting her to play fun collar game where growl when she touches collar then she clicks and treats. Somehow, do not think that click means what she thinks it means.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Has been too long since have updated

All must know about all! Much interesting has happened.

Of most import was meeting fellow superhero last week, name of Pro-Plan Man. Is best superhero because superpower is bring food to all hungry puppies! Hooray! Briefly discussed with him what all superheroes discuss. Can not tell you, is secret.

Have taken many walks with Jacinta and also friend along river. Often see these two large dogs walking. Walk very nicely but-- owner carries big stick. Not even speak softly, just big stick. Looks like, tap dog on nose with swinging stick when get out of place. Would not like that. Am glad have Jacinta under control! Are few people around here whose dogs not have under control. Once, when was nicely getting Jacinta to feed by walking next to on leash, dog only just wanted to say hi to. Dog try to say hi to, but person go crazy and yank leash. And yank and yank and yank. Could tell, dog was confused. So was person. With fun click noise though, communication with Jacinta is easy.

Have had good conversations with black dog under fence too. Is very nice and she sticks her head under fence to say hello! Jacinta not fan of, because thinks head will get stuck. But black dog very fun to sniff and bark at. Have new friend!

Today played with fun food toys! Like played with lettuce leaf. Was to make fun pile with ripped up lettuce. Also played with fun and very tasty passion fruit shell.
Is okay, Jacinta said could. Jacinta gave them to. But soon she take them away because would not let have fun for too long.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Crash into wall! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Drink lots of water! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Carry random piece of metal around the house! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Go outside and bark at nothing! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. *Sleep*

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the morning

After go to backyard for toilet, just had awesome half hour walk down to busy car road and back. Thank goodness evil cars know to stay away from, or else would have to use superdog powers on them. Met red cattle dog, name of Casey. Looked sort of fun, but only sniffed a bit then barked at. Am not too sure about intentions of other dogs. What if are supervillians? Saw many joggers and bicycles and a crazy bird.

Not THE crazy bird, but look like crazy bird.
When came home, had drink and Jacinta got yucky hot brown juice, then went back to room. Now, must get back to chewing Jacinta's socks, quilt, laptop, and stuffed toys. Am too much energied!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Secret Beach

Have almost got down getting Jacinta to feed for sitting at side. Only problem- she is stupid and so must only sit straight ahead and lined up with leg, or will not click. Want food, girl. Give food.

Also today went to new beach. At first was hard because family kept going away from!!! Was scared and annoyed. Pack must stick together or will get lost! So screamed and screamed but Jacinta would not let go catch up. Does she not understand? Pack must stick together! Even later, most of family went down to beach but Jacinta would not take, because would not walk in spiky grass and also could not find way on tricky rocks. Jacinta would not carry. So sat up on rock and watched pack on beach.

Hello down there, pack!
After a nice nap though, Jacinta decided would go down. (Not nap for her!) Was difficult and she had to carry through very spiky grass and tricky rocks. But once got down was awesome waves and awesome sand and awesome! All smelled like dead fish. Played all around in the waves and in sand. After, had to have Jacinta carry back through tricky rocks and spiky grass, but once got out of spiky grass, knew where to go and took Jacinta home, because she was very lost. Superdog senses save the day!

After got home, just had to take nap. (Jacinta too!) And after nap, walked to fish and chip shop. Pack still stupid and would not stay together, so had to yell some more. Hopefully can teach them that must stay together.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aliens exist!

Is alien in tummy, eating all food. Is why have been so hungry!
Even though superdog, can not kill alien by self. Must call MIB! Men In Black! (No, have not been watching movies with Jacinta and Kathy.) Go to mean nasty lady who venomated last week. Still scared of, but she speak with MIB and be given pill to kill alien.
Here is picture of alien:

Ewwy. Was sending pods for its babies. Pods come out of-- no, you don't want to know.

Anyway, now am better and have saved planet from aliens.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Have worms. Ew.

That is all.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best Day Ever

Best thing ever. Guess what. Rained today. Rain is so awesome. Is big rain drops along house. When saw, just knew had to chase rain. Ran up and down for over twenty minutes. Was so awesome! Best day ever. Said to rain, "You are rain! You are wet rain! Will bite you!" then bit wet rain. Was so frenzied at rain. After came inside, Jacinta got big dry towel to dry off. Felt so nice, and big dry towel also fun to bite. Then was dry. Cattle Dog fur so best for being wet. Dries fast. But very liked to be dried then sat in Jacinta's lap for cuddles and kisses.Will catch you, wet rain.

Hi. Am wet!

Thanks for making robe cuggly! Wait, is not right.

'Nother thing have done today is be sneaking in many trickery things. In morning, was given stuffed Kong as usual while Jacinta also ate. When was empty, wanted chew on chairs. Jacinta say no chew on chairs. Kept sticking Kong in mouth to make chew Kong. So balanced Kong on chair. Look like was chewing Kong but really tasting chair. So clever but Jacinta soon found out.

Then later was not allowed downstairs because kept chewing shoes. Was okay because took old tennis ball to play with at top of stairs. Oops, tennis ball fall off stair! Must go get it. And also a shoe. No, Jacinta. Did not mean to come get shoe. Only got tennis ball. Shoe jumped into mouth! Bad shoe.

Also like usual, took stick over to pillow so could chew pillow.

Here is other thing have done today. Am teaching Jacinta very neat trick. All have to do is stand on book with front feet then wait for Jacinta to walk in circle. When she moves, must move with her. See here:
Jacinta say something about "teaching to pivot with front feet in place for left turns in heeling". Not quite know what means by "heeling". Think maybe she sometimes uses word when are on walks together. When get her to feed by staring while walk and sit when stop. Not sure. Also mention that this movie here is the neat lady who taught her to do this. That neat lady and her dog look neater than. Probably because she very skilled and practiced.

Now time to collapse into sleep. Am so tired from awesomest day ever. In the morning will bite Jacinta until she gets up the nice videos.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Things have chewed on or stolen today

1. Blanket
2. Jacinta's toe
3. Jacinta's leg
4. Shoe
5. Dirty clothes
6. Kong
7. Kanga
8. Tennis ball
9. Jacinta's nose
10. Jacinta's neck
11. Shoe
12. Child's face
13. Child's face
14. Child's face
15. Leg of table
16. Kitchen rug
17. Other leg of table
18. Blue side of play house

19. Red berry
20. Possum poo
21. Twig
22. Small coconut
23. Fake grass

24. Granite gravel
25. Stick
26. Spiky plant
27. Shoe
28. Fluff
29. Tail
30. Plastic wrapper
31. Piece of paper
32. Yellow side of play house
33. Blanket
34. Chair
35. Leash
36. Bathroom rug
37. Jeans that Jacinta was wearing

38. Palm frond
39. Plumbing pipe
40. Roll of toilet paper
41. Purple fluffy hairtie
42. Child's shorts that he was not wearing
43. Random block of wood
44. Empty water bottle
45. Plant stem

46. Twig
47. Shoe
48. More dirty clothes
49. Jacinta's finger
50. Computer power cord
51. Chair
52. Sheet
53. Blanket
54. Towel
55. Leaf
56. Towel
57. Rubber band

58. Grass
59. Mesh bag
60. Pool leaf net
61. Donut shaped pool toy
62. Shoe
63. Blanket
64. Shoe
65. Scrap of timber
66. Toy car
67. Rope toy