Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year Quiz

Happy New Year to all!  Good bye 2011 and hello 2012!

1.What was your favourite thing about this past year? Moving to America to live with pack!

2.Who was your best friend? Is so always Jacinta, though Cookie and Evil Stepmummy very close.

3.Did you fall in love this year? Met many new friends to love!  Most particular, Cookie.  Also new dog friend Kipper.  And many fun people!

4.Did you get your heart broken? Heart was so broke every time Jacinta leave house without.

5.Did you get a new car? No, Jacinta sell Lav-lav away to squiggly lady.

6.Did you go somewhere exciting? So many places were excite!  Went to Washington DC, and of course many Los Alamos hikes, and to Strand, and to Pallarenda, and much else!

7.Did you have a resolution last year and did you keep it? Am perfect, just the way am!

8.Did you dye your hair? Fur already so perfect.

9.Did you lose any friends? Yes, missed to hang out with Bella at dog park, and also no longer can see Townsville friends.  So miss.

10.Did you make any new friends? Have already asked same question about love!  Friends so love.

11.How much do you think you changed? Became less squiggly and more mature, but still so energetic and fun!

12.Did you grow at all? Yes, was 1st birthday in April, and was still growing until then!

13.Was your birthday special? Was very first one!  Indeed special.

14.How did school go for you? Was so good for to graduate from cover dog school!  But am homeschooling now and cannot wait to go back to classes.

15.Do you regret anything you did? Regrets so silly.

16.Do you regret anything you didn’t do? Would have liked for to have more walks and more foods, but do not regret.

17.What are you most thankful for this past year? Am most of all thankful for Evil Stepmummy, who so good to sidekick when sidekick need more than puppy love.

18.Did anyone you love die this year? Yes, so miss man who gives chicken.

19.How many significant others did you have? Each and every person so significant!  Each is best person ever!

20.Did you get in trouble a lot? Did so.  Sometimes am naughty dog.  Love all the things too much.

21.Who will be your midnight kiss and is this the person you want it to be? Hear tell from Jacinta that will be having party in "Apple Turkey".  Sounds most delicious, but am not invited.  Is afraid will eat all the apples and all the turkey.  Will be stuck in lair and will have no kiss.
22.What’s your resolution for the next year? For to gain two you-knee degrees, name of CD (Companion Dog) in Obedience and RN (Rally Novice) in Rally-O. 

23.Where are you partying for the new year? In lair, most alone.

24.If you could change one thing about the last year, what would it be? Would wish for to have Jacinta not be so sad.  And also for to have had more Agility training days.

25.Do you think next year will be better than this one? Will so hope.  Hope so best thing.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All

Happy Christmas to all from self and from Cookie!

 For Christmas Eve, took walk around neighborhood to see beautiful lights.

 Lights at house of pack

 Do not know what is!

 Pretty lights

 The most snowy tree

 In morning, whole family got up to open presents!

 Best Christmas wish is just for to throw bone, PLEASE!

Will stay so still.   Am good dog.  Must not eat tasty cinnamon bun.

Must go now!  Smell prawns, and think prawns are for to eat!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please to be having MORE chocolate!

Was just evening like any other.  Jacinta and Mother of Jacinta were watching some silly TV show so happy.  Then both had to go out and leave alone for few minutes.  Felt so alone and dejected, but!  Was happy thing that was left all alone for to eat.   Tasty chocolate!  Munched and munched so speedy quick and deliciously.  When Jacinta and her mother come back, were so unhappy to discover, that had eaten chocolate!

Next was so unfair.  Jacinta call person on phone, must have been crazy evil person or something, and told to do bad things!  Jacinta put liquid in squirty thing, then her mother grab and hold so tight while Jacinta open jaws and squirt!  Taste so disgusting and gag.  But know, Jacinta does not pay by hour to be vomit machine.  So keep mouth clamped tight.  Then her mother grab again and Jacinta pry open mouth again and squirt!

Try to say no!  Tell Jacinta no!  Must not to listen to evil person on phone!  Must not poison!  Do not believe enemy!  But again, Jacinta pry mouth open and squirt.  And still knew, must be strong.  Must not throw up.  Even though Jacinta take outside, and even shake back and forth a bit, must not throw up.

Jacinta obviously so brainwashed!  Put in car and took away from house!  Was evil person on phone, wanting to kidnap, and Jacinta going right into trap!  Was distressed.  Was not right for to happen!  Must stop!

Then got there to office of veterinarian, who so know is always always in league with spies.  Was not at all happy when had to go inside to vet.  Gave so sad face to Jacinta and also to veterinarian.  Tried to tell that all was wrong with world!  But did not listen.  Vet came with needle.  Needles always so venomate!  Needle went into vein in arm and all of sudden, could not be strong and had to throw up.  Was so ashamed to be vomit machine, just like Jacinta tell not to be.  And was so sad to lose delicious chocolate and raisins.

 Was most sad thing in world.

Ended up being okay thing at end though!  Guess, veterinarian had change of heart and realize, should not be mean to.  So made most delicious food.  Was first soft food and then also wonderful addition of black goo!  Black goo most delicious to eat with can of food.  Wish could have shared with all, and also wish could eat every day.  But just wish did not have to have all sad things happen first.

Please to be having more delicious black goo food, Mrs. Veterinarian!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweeping out dust bunnies... then eating dust bunnies!

Hello to all loyal and true readers!  Wanted first to say, so thanks for reading blog so far.  Has been amazing year and half, can not believe have been doing for that long already!  Is really great to share adventures, and especially so love to be getting comments from caring and honest readers!

Blog has been growing, more readers every day.  As grandmother of great superhero once said, "With great power comes great responsibility!"  Or wait, maybe that not apply so much.  What am trying to say, is that recently have been having issues with spam comments.  Comments that not truly have much to do with blog at all.  Blogger have pretty good filters and so thankfully spam go quickly away.

Unfortunate of that though, means that maybe real comments become filtered.  Do not like for true comments from nice people to not go through, because so love to meet all people in world!  So reason for this post today twofold.  First, to apologize if have made honest and appropriate comment that accidentally been deleted.  Can thank rude spammers for unwanted comments that require moderation.  If comment was unfairly and for no reason deleted, are welcome to introduce self again!

Second, to try and solve so that no more am spammed.  Have decided to put in place comment moderation and identification requirement.  Is most polite, to always introduce self!  Would so like to know who are, and how know in real life or if not know in real life, how came across blog!  Am curious dog and like to know all about readers.  Also need to be sure no evil spy cats are commenting on blog.  Will be trying to check Blogger few times in week to ensure that can read all new posts as soon as possible, to allow on blog.

Again thanks, know is no fun for comments to be not seen!  Hopefully with new moderations, can sort out, and blog can be safe place that is empty of spies!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Searching through archives: Present for you!

Have all been so so patient. Thank you for patience. Enlisted help of videographer extraordinaire Tammy for show tricks!  Then never ever posted.  So here!  Please to be looking at old tricks!

First, am flop like fish.

Second, am beg so pretty.  Is unfortunate to be sideways, so press Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow.  When are done, press Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow.

Third, am stand like a people.  Should get new video of, because am still so good at.

Fourth, am jump on fence so so awesome.  Now have no fence to jump on so awesome.  Is tragic.

All but beg so pretty have come up with on own to show Jacinta. Am so clever.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Most Evil of Stepmummies

Was both good and bad thing other day, when Evil Stepmummy come over!!!

Saw first when was walking up driveway, and then could not contain excitement!  Began to bark and squiggle with glee.  Door was knocked at, and sidekick made sit and stay.  When was bit calm, door was opened, and there was best Evil Stepmummy!  Was so excited for to see, and jumped and jumped and jumped.

But then.  Evil Stepmummy so cruel and evil.  Would not say hello to.  So to make say hello, jumped more and more and more, and squiggled in circles.  But would not say hello to.  So pushed between legs and looked up to say, "Do not ignore!  So love Evil Stepmummy!  MUST GIVE LOVE!"  But would not say hello to.

Was so frustrate.  Had instead to chew on Cookie sister, because was too excite to stay still.  But sidekick made stop chewing on sister, because she still hurt from surgery.

Could not comprehend!  Why was so cruel that would not say hello!  Began to think very hard about how evil was Evil Stepmummy.  And then!  Evil Stepmummy say hello!  HELLO HELLO HELLO EVIL STEPMUMMY!

Please to be never leaving.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cannot understand this

How can snow be so fluffy and freezing?  So crispy and cold?  So slushy and slippery and slidy and white and wet.

But still looks oh so pretty.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chilled to the bone

Has been so cold.  So cold so cold so cold.  So so so cold.  Cannot find more ways for to say how cold is.  When go outside, desire for to go inside again right away.

Will stare at door until door opens.

 Then when go inside, cuddle up with tail over nose.  But still even after that am cold.  Am therefore thankful for to have such nice and wonderful family pack.  All of sudden feel toasty comfy.  Look around and realize is nice warm blanket tucked around.  Is so great.  Time to cuddle down and breathe out and sleep so happy.

 Plus also blanket is same colour as own fur.
At night is even colder.  But thank goodness have puffy warm bed in lair in room.  Lie into puffy bed and curl up, then even get blanket again on top and fall right asleep.  Is best life ever.

Would rather sleep on bed with sidekick, but will be cozy here anyway.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poor sister Cookie

Yesterday so unfortunate.  Has been since weeks and weeks, that Cookie has not been feeling so well.  Veterinarian said, was bladder stones and needed to have surgery, like when was new-tered.  So yesterday Cookie went to have surgery.  Was cut open for two hours and had nearly 50 small stones taken out of her bladder!  Just like she maybe drunk gravel!  Was also one gigantic, like river stone.  Over inch long, so crazy.  Is so good that stones are out.

 Makes hurt just to think about.

But is so more unfortunate, because big sister too tired to play.  Instead is lying on floor and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.  Smells sickly and sore.  Can tell is painful but also can tell, is taking powerful pain pills much stronger than ones that had when nail was ripped.  Is making drowsy and droopy, but hopefully not so much pained.

 Sister Cookie says, please to be going back to sleep now.

Cannot wait for to play with big sister once again, but until then shall just sleep all together like pack and send good healing vibes.

Will all nap soundly.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Always having pack around so best

Always is person to snuggle with!  Never feel alone, unless are forced to stay downstairs without pack.  But otherwise, stay so comfy.  Was best to snuggle with Anthony when he was feeling sick.  All fell asleep together on couch.


Monday, December 5, 2011

So no one told that snow was gonna be this way!

Was amazingly new when got up in morning.  Looked outside, and was like white sand covering all of world!  Was so excite and could not wait to go out to play.  Had first to get warm coat on.  Then out the door!  Was first shock.  Thought, nothing could surely be colder than already am, but was indeed!  Made feet go chilly.  Tried to dig and dig and dig, but did not work so well as thought.  But still felt so invigorated!  Decided to zoom and zoom and zoom, all around place!

Will go faster and faster and faster!

Just was made so hyper by cold wet white sand!  Learned, is called snow!  Have heard before of snow!  Think is pretty amazing, but have to keep feet moving speedy quick to stop the tingle.  When am out in snow, will play and play and play with Cookie, like wrestle and chase.  Cookie so enjoy chase but, am too fast!  She can never catch.  When play is over, am happy to go back inside, take coat off, play towel game, and then relax.

Snow definitely not so bad!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Sister Cookie so best toy

Cookie so fun now.  So love to play bitey face and pull on ears and fur.  So love to pin Cookie to ground and pretend to rip out throat.  Then roll all around on ground with.  Here, please watch!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Almost never have seen so much space in which to run. Have been on three hikes so far since have gotten into Lost Almost. First, hike near dog park, was first meeting of Cookie.  

Then next was super fun walk! Next was day of long hike near horse stables (horse stables! Cannot wait to go see) and was so best hike because went with whole pack! Including Evil Stepmummy! Was so best to see Evil Stepmummy! Was as good and calm as possible as could be, because Evil Stepmummy so evil and require best behaviour. Then on walk, all pack had food but would not give any food. Would not share, was so rude. Made go away and explore by self, but Evil Stepmummy came to entertain and was nice.

Hike other day was maybe best so far because, have started to be able to breathe bit better. Went in what is called Walnut Canyon. Practiced bit of obedience and such. Even though sister like to run off, self preferred to stay close to Jacinta. Would turn around and stare at, with such to say, please hurry up! Is so much to explore!  

Following big sister.  So knows best ways to go!

Also was fun for to do puppy zooms and prances and bounces. Felt so energied and happy. Was great rocks and logs and bridges for to climb on and run under, and stairs to run up and down.
 Up big log, just like A-frame!
 Under bridge so speedy, just like best tunnel!

 Hurry!  Must hurry!  Are amazing things at top of stairs!

 Sister Cookie also waits for Jacinta

Best was meeting lovely energied girl dog! Much more fun than sister Cookie because was happy to play rough and tumble chase for few minutes before moving on.  Also got tasty treat from owner of other dog.
Cannot wait for to have another hike. Am so tired and happy after hikes.
Will just have 2 minute power nap and be ready to go again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is quiz time! #2

Is most amazing!  For November month, found quiz that is made especially for dogs!

1. Name, Breed, and Age:
Timmentee Vertigo, Australian Cattle Dog, 19 months (about 16 human years)

2. Rescue or Purchase?
Am purchase from small breeder.  But Jacinta say, would not want to purchase ever again.

3. Ever killed another animal?

Only bugs.  So like to chase other animals though.

4.Whats the most expensive thing you have eaten, ruined, or chewed?
Probably was worst idea when chewed very expensive pain medications into dust.

5. Do you bark at EVERY living (and non living) thing that you see that moves?
Oh yes, is most important idea for to bark at all the things.  Except, then get mind control collar on.  Have on now.

6. Did your current owner name you?
Yes, sidekick gave best name!

7. Do you like the sprinkler or hose?
Think both so best!

8. If you had a theme song, what would it be?
Most obvious choice is "Vertigo" by U2.

9. Are you secretly a cat?

10. Do you eat human food or table scraps?
Only sometimes, like when steal or get given as special treat.

11. If you were given an empty plastic bottle, what would you do with it?
So like to play fetch with empty plastic bottles!  Are best to crunch because make funny noise and also feel good on teeth.

12. What would you do if your humans left the house and there was a cooked turkey sitting on the bench?
Would bound up stairs quickish, and jump on counter in flying leap.  Would begin to lick and nibble at turkey, then eat more and more until all gone.  Would probably get very sick.

13. Do you howl at night or at sirens?
Not too much.  Can howl though, is joke that must not be Blue Heeler, but must be Beagle.

14. Can you open doors?
Yes!  Is like magic!  If ring bell on front door, can get human to open for!  Is as good as doing it by self!

15. If you were any other animal, what would it be?
Would be Antelope, like mummy.  Not for same reasons of Jacinta at all, but because like to spring and spring and spring.

16. If you were a human, who would you be?
Evil Stepmummy's littlest brother!  Is spirit human.

17. Do you shed a lot, a little, or hardly at all?

Am such sheddy dog.

18. Have you ever had surgery?

Yes, to get new-tered.  Poor sister must have surgery to get rid of bladder stones.  Sounds ow.  Has been drinking rocks?

19. Do you prefer:

Hard floor or Soft bed
Dog food or Table scraps  (all is most delicious!)
A walk or A trip to the dog Park (oh please oh please take for hike?)
Tennis Ball or Teddy Bear (prefer to chase, but also love to take all stuffed animals in world to nibble)
Dirty or Clean (just because water so great)
Couch or Dog bed
Fence or Shock Collar (who would prefer shock collar?  Cookie wears shock collar, but am learning to stay in yard with positive reinforcement)

20. Do you prefer to give small kisses, or face baths?
Would give face baths if could, but am okay with little kisses.

21. Do you follow your human around everywhere?
Yes, as most as can.  Is comfy for to be around Jacinta.

22. Does you run to your owner when he or she comes home every day?
Yes!  So love for to say hello to Jacinta, can not contain excitement! Much thanks for reading second quiz time!  Do not forget, if have fun quiz questions for, please to be asking in comments so that can answer next month!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big Sister Cookie

Have now had few days to spend with newest big sister.  Is very funny lady, and so love.  When first met, was only very fast nose sniff, then was just ignore, because were out on amazing walk and were more interesting smells than for to play with new dog.

Then when got home, was so excited and thought, must get big sister to do whatever want!  So stood right up to Cookie and got in face and bumped and bumped and bumped with muzzle, and pawed with paws, and tried to climb on top of.  But soon Cookie said, no more!  And turned around and gave snarl.  Was most funny, so gave more muzzle bumps and pawing to get reaction again.  Then ran off.  Is so so so funny!

More have jumped on and muzzle bumped and pawed at, Cookie has gotten more loud and toothy.  Is so funny!  Is even funnier than before!  But also, is starting to get bit scary so think, maybe might not bother big sister as much.  Especially since after last night.  Cookie up on seat with parents of Jacinta.  Went to put head on mum of Jacinta to get pets, but big sister saw and she became crazy.  So snarly, with highest lip lift and deepest growl.  Is obvious to see, that is not for self to sit on seat of Cookie.

Other than staying away from special Cookie places though, is most fun for to annoy!

Bother bother bother bother bother.  So like bit when she stops moving.

Friday, November 25, 2011

And then was home with pack

 Could not contain excite when finally saw Jacinta after many many days of cramped travel with gross food.  Jumped right into arms and held on like koala!  Did not want to even get down for to pee, though had long travel.  Was too excited for to see.  So got speedy quick into car to go to home.

After bit, stopped for quick break.  After only few minutes, was frightening sensation!  Was all tingly on paws, and fur stood up on end.  Said, want to get back in car!  So jumped in where was heat all hugging me.  Realized that scary sensation, that have been feeling for days, is being cold.  Have never before been this cold.
Must wear jacket for to be warm.

Other thing about here, Lost Almost, is that is so hard to breathe.  Must pant and pant and pant, and cannot get enough to breathe.  Is okay to walk around house to explore, but cannot do too much running.

And the thirst.  Oh the thirst!  Must keep drinking forever and ever and ever, and am still so thirsty.  Thought was thirsty at Townsville, where was so hot and sticky and must always drink, but in Lost Almost is ten times worst.

Are great things about being home with pack.  So love all people, and are so many toys all over that so love to play with!  When got here, new big sister not yet here, so got to play so fun with all toys all around house.

Is also so much space in both house and nice yard!   Can walk most places, but when Jacinta says “ah-ah,” must turn around and not go where am going.  Is like, if go too far away from in outside yard, or if go up stairs inside.  Sometimes forget, but sometimes remember and when remember not to go over, Jacinta so pleased with.

Was difficult to sleep in night.  Was so cold, and is not enough space on bed to sleep with Jacinta, though so wanted to.  Have big puffy bed for self for to sleep in, but was not yet comfortable.  Slept instead on floor, but was cold and kept to wake up over and over.
Now is so comfy though, and like to sleep so sound inside around pack, and sometimes be bit squiggly.  Especially with new big sister Cookie, who have now met!  Will tell all about Cookie soon.
Cannot wait for more adventures in brand new house!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Re-instated International Canine Liason

So many big words.  Well, got into America few days ago and knew, as big important Australian Spy Dog, was one place must go.  Washington D.C.!  Capitol of United States of America!  Were important jobs that had to do before got to house of Jacinta.

Is amazing place! (credit)

First, had meeting with CIA, Canine Intelligence Agency.  Are important rules for Spy Dogs and other important dogs in America, so that are not uncovered.  Are already doing many of things, luckily, so does not require much effort.  Is already that have a cover family and name and do not go by Mister Squiggles during day.  Is already also that do things like cover school.  Must always be so behaved.  Last, must remember to get new name tag to give cover name and address of cover family.  Then, if ever am running around and person say, Looks like Super Dog, Mister Squiggles!  Can say, no, is not, see?  Am just Vertigo.  Am just dumb dog.  So all those things very important and had to sign much paperwork to say, will be safe!  Am now member of CIA.  Turn out, new big sister Cookie also member of CIA, Physics department.  Never knew before that she work on teleport devices in Lost Almost!

After all CIA paperwork, got security clearance to have meeting with Bo, First Dog.  Was groundbreaking meeting, is at present very important discussions going on between Australian and American humans.  Bo so wanted to go and also have discussions with Australian dogs, but was not allowed because of this disease, have never heard of before, is name of rabies.  So is lucky that came to America!  Now all is well between Australian dogs and American dogs.

Was most friendly first dog!  Very down to earth. (credit)

Was very long day in Washington D.C., and then had to get back on plane, and go to house of Jacinta.  Was so exciting!  Could not wait to see pack!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last of this, last of that, finally explained!

Other day, went to beach with other dog name of Zeke, and human of Zeke.  Was much fun as always.  Running up and down beach, burying sticks, saying hello to dogs and people.

Is most awesome to run in waves with stick.

But then at end, Jacinta said that is last time at beach!  Was so confused and did not understand.
In back is Magnetic Island, where must take most evil boat to get.

In morning today, Jacinta said, is time for walk along river!  Must go swimming!

Is so nice for to splash in river.

 But then again said annoying thing!  Said, is last day for to splash in and walk along river!  Must say goodbye to all!

 Goodbye, nice Palmetum!

Finally has sat down and explained to!  Has said, are moving to America!  Will be going to place called Lost Almost where pack of Jacinta lives, including Cookie and Glenna!  Wow, what big thing!  Will be missing Townsville, but am so excite.  Start travel tomorrow and will be in travel for 4 days.  Will have to be 4 days without Jacinta, but will try to sneaky use a computer to keep updated on travels!

Goodbye Townsville!

Friday, November 11, 2011

To Man Who Gives Chicken

Dear Man Who Gives Chicken,

Am so thankful that were in life.  Were best person who knew just how to take care of cattle dogs.  Always made feel so safe when could not be with Jacinta.  Thank you for giving lovely yard to run in.  Thank you for playing lots and lots of fetch.  Thank you for feeding chicken and sausages always, for is so good feeling to be full.  Thank you for letting come over and hang out in house, even when get very excited and jump all over (or pee on rug accidentally, or chew on door stop that looks like toy).  Thank you for lending lovely lady, Lady Who Gives Cuddles, so that could cuddle with.  Thank you for introducing to delicious marrow bones that could chew and chew and chew.  Thank you for letting borrow ute, so that could learn like proper cattle dog how to ride in back with wind in face.  Thank you for not being too mad, when dug hole so deep then water went in hole and you stepped in hole and fell.  Was funny, no?  Thank you for not being too permissive, and giving rules like not barking, because means have grown up to be such good dog.

Thank you for always loving all friends and family.  Were always right there for Jacinta whenever needed car fixed, or needed ride somewhere.  Would be always so friendly with drinks and food and stories.  Were so generous with giving time and giving things.  Like when needed rope because did not have lead.  You gave rope.  And toy!  Favourite whacking toy.  Was from you!  Is so best toy to whack.

Thank you for creating childhood memories for Jacinta.  She say, will always remember coming to see when younger, eating tasty things, camping in huts, fishing, riding in back of ute.  She say, dogs Chopper and Fatso were great dogs for to introduce to best breed, cattle dog breed.  Thank you for that.

Were so funny when was just young puppy, and had housemate from China who was scared of dogs.  Remember?  You always say, must make sure are not eaten!  Am delicious delicacy!  Jacinta not think so funny, but is good cattle dog humor.  Was indeed funny.

Am cattle dog, and am good.  Will keep to take care of pack without.  Will keep closest eye on Jacinta and Daddy of Jacinta.  All will be well.  And do not worry.  Will get Jacinta to fatten up with chicken, then will be best life.  But will miss Man Who Gives Chicken.  Good bye...

Much love forever.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Case of the disappearing lair

When went to superdog school today, Jacinta packed up lair and put in car with.  Did not think much of, because sometimes take lair with for comfortable times.  But then, gave to other person and did not bring back!  Is strange and amazing.

Jacinta say, do not longer need lair now that am grown up dog.  Can be left alone without crate or can sleep outside of crate.  Already often do.  Jacinta also say, can not bring with.  Can not bring with?  Again with the can not bring with!  Where are going?  Am so curious.  Jacinta say is other lair that can have later, is bit bigger and can use if needed.  Would like to find out what is up and where are going!

Room so lonely without lair.
  And look how gross.  Ew.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daddy of Jacinta is here!

Must jump and squiggle and squiggle and squiggle.  Must run inside, then run outside, then run inside, then run outside.  Then jump and squiggle and squiggle and squiggle.  Am so excite for to see Daddy of Jacinta.  Is so nice man.  Though, think have done too much running and jumping after ball, because leg so sore.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stopping to smell roses, part two

Thank you for patience!  Here is part two of Palmetum walk with flowers!

Badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom