Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So best new toy!

After finding fun headband toy, Jacinta think, maybe truly is time for new toy. And got so best one! Is called tyre biter. Here are reasons it is so best new toy. Is chewing, tugging, chasing, whacking toy all in one.
Can chew on black tyre. Feels so best on teeth, and nose fits just so on inside.
Can tug with black tyre. Hold so tight onto tyre while Jacinta grabs rope. Feet come off ground and tug tug tug!

Can chase with black tyre. Sit so nice and still (is difficult! Am so squiggly), and Jacinta throw. Run after and grab and bring back!

Can whack with black tyre. Hold so tight on rope and shake shake shake! Feels nice for tight muscles to have tyre whacking so. Sometimes pretend, am chasing the cows on farm. Cows so stupid creature, not like superdog, and often kick because are stupid. Imagine, feels just like tyre whack!

Must go now. Have not yet played enough with new toy. Must chew and tug and chase and whack.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As promised, how learned "drop on recall"

First step: Had target towel, that had to go and lie down on. When went and lied down on, would get treat. Soon learned, was always to lied down on towel.

Is so fun to lie on towel!
Second step: Jacinta stood right on one side of towel. Was called to Jacinta. When got to Jacinta, instead of sit, had to down. Was easy to learn, because towel was there.

Third step: Jacinta took step back from towel and called. Had to learn, was not to lie down near feet. Was to lie down on towel. Took steps farther and farther back.

Fourth step: Made towel smaller and smaller. Folded up until could not fit on towel. Had to lie down near towel.

Lie down so fast!

Fifth step: Was most difficult. Had to learn, was not only to lie down when saw towel. Was only to lie down when heard "down" command. Sometimes Jacinta would call and not say "down." Then was to come to feet and sit. Is still a bit complicated.

Am waiting for to be called!

Sixth step: Towel got taken away. Pattern in training session was like so. First time, call with towel but without down. Second time, call with towel but without down. Third time, call with towel and with down. Fourth time, call without towel and with down. Then is training session over, and try all again next session.

Then, is "drop on recall" learned! Observe.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did not start out to be good day

Was okay for while, was out playing in hose but then, when tried to run inside all squiggly, got so yelled at, and grabbed and put back outside. Have always run inside all squiggly and fun after hose, wonder what is wrong now? Made very upset and sad. Wonder if am bad dog now. Hope not.

On good note, have had fun training for "drop on recall." Will give more explanation of this in next post!

Friday, September 16, 2011


See here? Bones are so best way for to keep self occupied when Jacinta is at work. Have good and excellent pile of treasures. When Jacinta come home, pick out best treasure and bring inside for to share.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maybe time for new toy...

Woke up yesterday morning and thought, am bored. Am so bored. Wish for to have a new toy with which to play. So thought and thought and thought of, what is new toy that can play with? Then had idea. Rushed into room and searched around. Knew, must be quick. Then found what was looking for. Was headband with fun ribbon. Grabbed so fast and ran out. Now could play and play and play to heart's content.

Think though, Jacinta not so happy. Headband is now all broken. Was good toy though!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best sidekick ever.

Can see everything from up here!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Must keep eye on evil neighbor cats

Disclaim: To protect identities, images of similar but not same cats. Images from here, here, here, here, and here.

Subject 1
Breed: Maine Coone
Place of residence: Across road and to left, with annoying laborador
Crimes: Teasing, Taunting, Being in yard, Pooping in yard, Being ugly. Suspect for the Great Guinea Pig Disappearance Case of 2010.
Overall threat: High. Is very ugly and annoying cat. Must not let out of sight. Must chase back into yard.

Subject 2
Breed: Black
Place of residence: Directly across the road
Crimes: Teasing, Taunting, Being in yard, Pooping in yard, Being ugly. Suspect for the Great Guinea Pig Disappearance Case of 2010.
Overall threat: Very high. Is extremely dangerous, with regular hiding in bushes outside house. Must chase regularly away, back into yard and up tree.

Subject 3
Breed: Ginger
Place of residence: Unknown, possibly behind house
Crimes: Being in yard, Pooping in yard, Being Ugly, Being sneaky. Suspect for the Great Guinea Pig Disappearance Case of 2010.
Overall threat: Medium. Must keep out of yard, though makes fewer appearances than subjects 1 and 2. Must learn more about.

Subject 4
Breed: Tonkinese
Place of residence: Down end of street
Crimes: Lying dangerous in middle of road, being too cute
Overall threat: Low. Must ensure does not come any closer to house, but otherwise is okay.

Subject 5
Breed: Tuxedo
Place of residence: Unknown
Crimes: Being in back yard, Leaving collar with secret microphone for to spy in yard, Teasing, Taunting, being friendly with Jacinta. Suspect for the Great Guinea Pig Disappearance Case of 2010.
Overall threat: Low. Have not seen for many months. Think something may have happened to Subject 5.