Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So best new toy!

After finding fun headband toy, Jacinta think, maybe truly is time for new toy. And got so best one! Is called tyre biter. Here are reasons it is so best new toy. Is chewing, tugging, chasing, whacking toy all in one.
Can chew on black tyre. Feels so best on teeth, and nose fits just so on inside.
Can tug with black tyre. Hold so tight onto tyre while Jacinta grabs rope. Feet come off ground and tug tug tug!

Can chase with black tyre. Sit so nice and still (is difficult! Am so squiggly), and Jacinta throw. Run after and grab and bring back!

Can whack with black tyre. Hold so tight on rope and shake shake shake! Feels nice for tight muscles to have tyre whacking so. Sometimes pretend, am chasing the cows on farm. Cows so stupid creature, not like superdog, and often kick because are stupid. Imagine, feels just like tyre whack!

Must go now. Have not yet played enough with new toy. Must chew and tug and chase and whack.

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  1. "I think he gets a kind of high from hitting himself in the head."


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