Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Januarily Quizzily

1. How are you?
Um, am quite good, so thanks for asking!

2. who was the last person you hugged?
Today, so hugged Sidekick and also Daddy of Sidekick!

3. Look to your left.  What do you see?
What so mean, "look to your left?"  So think is political statement.

4. Where do you like to be the most?
 Is best wherever is Sidekick Jacinta.

5. What's your favourite movie?
Do so not have best movie.  Movies not usually so interesting.

6. What does the last person you talked to on Facebook mean to you?  
Do not facebook, but do tweet!  So last tweeted Evil Stepmummy.

7. What did you last laugh about?
Laughed at Sidekick's face this morning when woke up.  Is always so sillly.

8. Where was your profile picture taken?
The Tweeter picture taken in house in Townsville, during break during game of tug.  Blogger picture taken also in house in Townsville, but when was younger, after game of ball fetch.

9. What's the first thing you look for in a girl/guy?
Most important thing in any friend is ability for to snuggle with.

10. If you're still in school, what's your favourite lesson?
Am not exactly in school, but am still practicing for to get Obedience degree.  Most best is agility and cannot wait for to begin again.

11. What do you work as / want to work as?
Am superdog, silly!

12. Do you play video games? If so, which is your favourite game?
 Real games so better!  Like tug, and fetch, and chase!

13. Who never fails to make you laugh?
 Small human puppies so silly always, when run around house and squeal like crazies!

14. What are you listening to right now? 
Can hear radio downstairs from room, is playing warbly song about "will find one like youuuuuuuuu!  So wish nothing but best for toooooooooo!"  Can also hear birds upstairs.

15. Who did you last have a sleepover with?
Each night, sleepover with Jacinta!  Is so cuddly and best.

16. I bet you miss someone.  Who?
So miss many people.  Evil Stepmummy although saw this weekend.  Also miss Squiggly Lady (name of Tammy) because have not seen in so long.  Also Amy friend and Sonya friend.

17. Are you happy with your life right now?
Am so indeed!  Would prefer for to have more walks and agility.  Always more walks and agility.

18. Why did you last get upset?
Was so mad with Cookie in morning when did not want to play, but Cookie tackled and chomped on.

19. Who was the last person you texted?
 Also do not text, but tweet.  Since also answered that, also blog (of course!) and last person that talked to on blog was friend of Sidekick, Rai.

20. Who do you live with?
So live with best Sidekick and her pack!

21. Do you like living with them?
 Do so.  Is best for to always have pack around to be with.

22. What's your mood right now?
Hungry.  Have not yet had breakfast!

23. What is the last song you heard and what does it mean to you?
 Warbly song that just heard on radio?  Usually, means that am listening to radio.

24. Who did you last shout at and why?
Always shout at young human puppies when run around house squealing.

25. Are you normally a happy person?
Am always the most happy!

26. What was the last thing you went to see in the movies and with who?
Dogs are not allowed in movies, except have some blog friends who are training to help people who need help, and they can go in movies, lucky dogs.

27. Whats your favourite food?
Tissues!  Sticks!  Plastic!
Also kibble and treats and all the foods.

28. Are you in love?
Am very loving dog, and love nearly all the people.

29. Do you remember how you were 3 years ago?
Was not yet born!

30. If so, does it make you cringe?

31. If you could be with someone right now, who would it be?
 With sidekick, and so am!

32. Do you have any blogs?
Is dumb question, quiz.  Am on blog right now.

33. What's your favourite thing in your room?
 Is difficult to choose!  Are many best things like lair, and bed, and bed of Sidekick, and stuffed toys, and food bowl!

34. Is this quiz boring you?
 Not mostly, but would like for to finish because when am done, will be going on walk!

35. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
Have many things that wish for, like being able to be with Sidekick always, and like being master at agility, and having all the foods.  Could not choose just one, because have many wants!

36. When was the last time you lied?
 Have never in life lied.  Am most honest.

37. Are your lips chapped?
Do not think is possible, for dogs to have chapped lips.

38. Any last words?
Nitwit!  Blubber!  Oddment!  Tweak!  (Sidekick told, had to say that.)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tug Tug Tug, Tug Tug Tug.

When a house with two young dogs in it is quiet, something is wrong...

Once I finally realized that the place was eerily silent, I turned around from the book I had been reading.  These two guys usually play like human brothers-- one minute chasing each other around, then all of a sudden one gets irritated with the other, "Stop it!  STOP IT!  MOOOOOOMMMM, he's hitting me!" and a vocal argument breaks out between them.  When I turned around though, the two were playing cooperative tug-of-war.  No vocalizations, just calm back and forth pulling.  The only issue?  They were playing with the socks I had just taken off.
 The victims.

The culprits, looking very pleased with themselves.

In the end I decided to let them have at it, since I value good dog-on-dog socialization more than I value their good decision making on which of my belongings need to be destroyed and which don't!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Best of News for New Mexico!

Have heard tell, lady named Senator Sue Wilson Beffort is trying to be rude to all dogs.  Few weeks ago, she rewrote the dangerous dog laws, and wanted the changes to be made this year.  Some changes were good changes, such as electronic fences not being "proper enclosures," and that dangerous dogs must be handled by people over 18 years.

However, also wrote new horrible and scary words, about how "pit bull type dogs" were automatically dangerous.  That includes the American Staffordshire Terrier, English Staffordshire Terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier, and any mix of one of these or a dog that has the characteristics of one of these.

Are so many of these dogs in New Mexico, and are surely lovely family dogs.  Is not the breed of the dog that makes dog good or bad, is way of raising and handling.

With breed specific legislation, have such a fear.  First was German Shepherds.  Then was Rottweilers, than Dobermanns.  Now is Pit Bulls.  What is next?  Huskies?  Maybe even Australian Cattle Dogs.

Thank goodness, sidekick and many other people wrote to New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez to ask for her to not hear the new bill.  And she listened!  Breed specific legislation has been shot down in New Mexico.  At least for another legislative year.

Want to help New Mexico's pit bull type dogs in need?  Are so many without a home to call their own, and is not their fault.

Madison, in Espa├▒ola

Moose, in Santa Fe

 Alyssa, in Santa Fe

Want for to see more information?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ew, what is that slimy thing?

Is just self!  Am just pretending to be slug.  Is fun for to be slug!  Sluggy sluggy sluggy sluggy.  Just slugging along on slippery tile floor, and being so warm and silly while at it.

Will be good for future.  Is always important to have ways for surveillance.  Now know, can make quite impressive and convincing slug.  If must spy, will just sit on ground and say, "See?  Am just slug."  Maybe will try to sit on leaf like real slug.  And can have different slug costume depending on place.  Some places, slugs just brown.  Is type of slug, that am being.  but in other places, are bright yellow slugs!  Can put on yellow costume and be banana slug.  Plus yellow so favourite colour.
  And if get tired of being brown or yellow...

Are even blue slugs!  Do not joke!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Is important for all to know:  Superdogs are not for to being babysitting young puppies.
But nevertheless (new big word have learned recently because am so more grown up every day), babysitting is what had to do last week.  Was not asked politely, was not given chance to discuss pros and cons.  Was just taken to new house and told, "Here.  Take good care of puppy."
 Was thing with name of Kipper, and would NOT LEAVE ALONE.

Kipper puppy thing would never stop squiggling.  Would run and run and run and jump and jump and jump and bite and bite and bite.  Would run outside, and inside, and outside, and inside.

Please to be letting outside!  Without crazy puppy!

 Tried all the things to tell to stop.  First, would turn head.  Puppy thought was funny.  Then would run away.  Puppy thought was funny.  Then would growl.  Puppy thought was funny.  Then would jump on.  Puppy thought was funny.  Then would snap at.  Puppy thought was funny.  Then would pin to ground.  At first, puppy scared of, but then, few seconds later puppy thought was funny.

Could not escape!

Dumb sidekick not so helpful.  Only sometimes would make puppy relax but other times, let puppy be crazy.  How can any puppy be so annoying and crazy?

Only good thing about babysitting was, could eat food of puppy.  Would dash speedy quick to food bowl and eat mouthfuls and mouthfuls.

But then also sometimes, guess puppy not so bad after all.  Has small normal dog brain, but has promise.  Might just be good playmate at times.  Cookie best forever, but maybe is good for to practice fending off crazies.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Noticed crazy thing today!

Can not believe had not noticed yet before!

Was just walking along with sidekick, on side of road.  Was on right side of road, which like, because then can always see cars coming and know, will not get run over.
 Correct way for to be driving on road.   (Credit)

But then.  All of sudden, big roar and whoosh!  And car come flying past all of sudden from behind.  Turned around so shocked.  Was driver did not know how to drive!  Idiot driver!

Began to walk again.  But then!  Roar and whoosh!  More stupids!  Stupid stupid stupid!  Had to be so upset with dangerous idiot drivers.

WRONG way for to be driving on road. (Credit)

Jacinta had to explain.  And now like said, can not believe had not realized already!  America so backwards to Australia in many ways.  Is normal and polite and healthy and safe for to drive on right side of road, not left!

Makes head hurt just to think about.