Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best of friend!

Met such good dog today. Was girl puppy and was so fun to chase and chew. Both enjoyed so much. Also went on very longest walk and am so tired. Is time for sleep, think.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have met most evil enemy today. Was at dog park, grey and tan boy staffie come in. Not new-tered and was raging with hormones. Told him, "Am not threat. See? Will just be small here." Had met already, when was just small puppy. Was big hate bully.

Jacinta had look and said, "Uh oh. Will fight, think." And as was discussing with Tammy, attacked me! So attacked me! Would not stand for. Would not be threat but am not puppy any more. Will defend self. Will bite and bite and bite. But was pinned to ground by Grey Staffie. Jacinta pulled off of. Must then bite back! Show will not stand for! Grabbed shoulder. Then Jacinta pulled too and held down while holding Grey Staffie's collar. Grey Staffie's human just stood there. Tammy came and grabbed while Grey Staffie's human came to grab. Then left. Was scary. Went for swim instead but was frustrated. Wanted to be at dog park. But had good swim at park and then in later minutes went back to park, after Grey Staffie had left.

Was at first nervous. Was big shepherd there. What if minion of Grey Staffie? But turned out not to be. Then pointer came in. Was so nervous also, like me, but was too nervous and thought, must be trap! So attacked him just little bit. Suddenly was hoisted in air by neck and tummy and carried out of park.

Do not know what hit. Think realize now was not Grey Staffie minions, only normal dogs. But was so nerved and frazzled! Had to go home and get chew bone. But did not want to chew, only sleep. So stress. Will go lie in lair.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Am handsome. Do not deny.

Look how handsome have grown to be! Am so grown up.

Other day was Jacinta came back! No more to live with Man Who Gives Chicken and Cuddly Lady. Was much much fun. Ate many foods and played with other dog at times. Went swims and played with the fun young boy. Played ball and dug.

Now can have fun of cuddles with Jacinta. So cuddles. And can go back to superdog training school. And also am start cover school. Is school with normal dogs to say, "No, am not superdog. See? Only can sit and stay."