Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monsters outside

The white monsters!  They are outside the door!  Must bark and bark for pack to come and reinforce!  Bark for Kathy and Ashley and Anthony!  What?  You monsters ate the pack?  MOST EVIL!

 Sidekick!  Have just remembered!  Have very important thing to do!  Yes!  Must go do that very important thing right away!  Sorry, but is for you to take care of the evil monsters!  Sorry sorry!  Yes, is important thing indeed!  *Runs away*

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For all the life, have always had an important knowledge that have always shared with Sidekick.  Knowledge is this:  Cats are the most evil of spies.  When cat is in yard, is always the most important for to chase out.  And cats may never, EVER, be in house, lest the spies get all the superdog information.

So, with that in mind, what is THIS?  Sidekick and pack go directly against the knowledge to allow one right into the home!  Must tell them, "No, NO, NO!" by barking and being crazy-like.  But none are listening.  And now the cat has set up headquarters in house of pack.

Is so sneaky and fluffy that have convinced Sidekick that should be named Clarissa and kept forever.  Evil evil evil evil evil.  Shows the evil in many ways.  First, by staring at all the people.

"Pet me.  No, go away.  I changed my mind, pet me."
"Now feed me.  Wait, where are you going?"

Then, by attacking all the things.


"See what I am doing to this string here?"
  "Picture that as your head if you don't feed me."

Says mean and rude things to Cookie and self then taunt by running.  And makes so most frenzied that was introduced to a most evil control collar. Never was pulled, but was a big threat from evil cat.  Is a collar made of claws of cat that was attached to leash for many days.

Why to be wearing?  With the prongs and the claws and the pinch and the squeeze?
And then acts the most cute as if to even think to be evil would be the most crazy.

All of these tricksy tricks have gotten the pack under her claws.  Even the rules get to be different.  Evil cat allowed upstairs, and allowed on all the things.
Evil cat sits on arm of couch

Please to be also having new rules like cat?  And to be allowed on all the things?
IS TIME TO LEAVE NOW, CAT.  Goodbye, goodbye, please to be going outside and eaten by ky-oh-tee coyote (always with the new Spanish words).

Sidekick says no, is for cat to stay with pack forever.  LEAST FAIR.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pool Party!

 What are doing over there?  Hang on, must wash frisbee.

 Splash!  Frisbee best water scoop.

More splashes, while Sister Cookie and Daddy of Sidekick look on.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Downtown Dogs

New Townsville sometimes can be such great a place.  For instance, sometimes on Friday nights.

Is time for to get in the car and go for drive!  And then drive to the most favorite store, Pet Pangaea!  Get out and there are many dogs there.

When all are introduced, is time to walk and walk and walk!  Must be polite walking puppy, with no pulling.  Can do easy-pants.  Walk all the way around downtown, smelling all the things and getting to know the other many dogs!  Is like one giant pack.

Puppies are the most worst, with the whining and the jumping and the general crazy.  Would always like for to growl and growl.  But on this walk, Sidekick made up game.  Puppy comes up to sniff, and as soon as gets close, get to hear a 'click!' then walk away from the puppy.

When get to go back to store, is time for getting tasty treats from store manager!  This week was frozen yogurt, yum yum yum!  Will nom all up.

Is a delicious for to eat?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog-Proof Fence

Mummy of sidekick been doing the most gardening!  All the pretty plants have gone in and was most excited for to be able to run though, and roll in, and tear up.

But no.  Mummy of sidekick teamed up with NEW ARCHNEMESIS.  Is called the fence, and stretches over all the place that used to run and jump through.  Is protecting these lovelies: 

 Is a desert willow, that much is known.

Some pinkish flower   

 And one that is most red

And what is most worst, is that The Fence is a most camera hog.  Loves for to have all the photos of, and none more of me.  Most evil.

Get out of the shot!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Learning about music

Sometimes Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy are most evil, and leave self at home and do not let have fun. On the weekend was one such time.  Was for to go to a concert, and they say, “No Vertigo, you not care about music.  Stay home.”  And was the least fair.  So think, maybe will pay more attention to music.  Will learn the words to all the songs and then next time, will get to go!  Yes, this is the most best plan.  What song first to learn?

Okay, okay, so I hear.  Will now sing and repeat to learn:

Everyhead is in a head over a head and in a head
Eight seconds in and over time
She’s on your head
She’s sitting on your head

Wow, this song talks much about heads.

 Most best!  Next song please.

What kills you makes you stronger
Even though it kills you
Am so most lonely when am alone

Am a little confused!  How would be killed and also stronger?  Hmmm... know!  Must be about eating all the delicious food until are ready to explode!

Was a good song!  Will learn another song.  Called Mr Know-It-All.

Mr. Know it all,
Your name is Mr. Know it all 
And I know your name is Mr. Know is all 
Because it says so in the song... y’all!

Easy!  Will be the best for to learn all the songs.

Next week, will try and learn a new song.  All the readers can learn songs with!