Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entertaining you! Part 1

While nothing else of importance to say, will continue to entertain with springy grass video!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More sharing of lessons

Other day on walk, was walking (of course) and big Golden Retriever not too much older than ran out to say hi. Was scared because was so forceful to be friendly but was not TOO scared. Man come out and smack Golden Retriever. At first, keep walking but man smacks again so Jacinta turned around and explained how dog does not understand and may become afraid of man coming towards. Explained how should get really good food, like chicken to tempt.
Chicken!!! Could eat whole chicken as reward.

Explained how should lengthen distance to call until can call from yard, then give chicken only most times then half time then some times.

Jacinta is very clever. Hopefully man listens! He seemed to be interested in knowing.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did tell camera is dead?

Well not dead exactly. But battery charger will not work.

Can have video of springy grass to entertain!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do not really like cats but...

Is very nice man to do such thing. Hope Jacinta does not get any ideas. Would like to not live with 660 dogs. Here is link if like to look at so many cats. Go cat man, for rescuing so many animals in responsible way!

EDIT:  As of the end of Feburary, 2012, it seems like Craig may have adopted too many little kitties and let them get sick.  This blog post here is how self feels about the situation.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fly, can call you Mum?

Jacinta not Fly, but have many Border Collie friends like Fly.

But need mummy. Am sick. Have sneeze and swollen throat and feel yucky. Just want to cuddle with a mummy. Want own mummy to lick tummy and face. Know am superdog and should be grown up but when are sick need care.

Jacinta, can call YOU Mummy?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tale of Two Frustrations

Have two stories to tell, of people who do not know what is what.

First, Jacinta was talking to lady and said was professional dog trainer but not working right now. Lady said, "Really or is that just what you call yourself?" and Jacinta answered yes she actually has done dog training for others but took a break for Uni and lady looked at her like "yeah right, sure hon." Was so rude and Jacinta was really hurt when she told about.
Second was man today on walk. Wanted to go sniff grass bit, but must cooperate with Jacinta to get what want. If pull, she stops. But have trained her that if look at her and make leash loose, will start walking again. But today, was little bit distracted and did not look right away. Man walks by and says, "Do you have a choker chain, dahl?" Jacinta said, "No, I don't need one" and again, looked at like was crazy. Could smell anger and frustration on her. But helped her to feel better by jumping up on brick wall and being spaz and jumping off like superdog. But walking nice. So was okay but still could tell that it hurts Jacinta when people do not know.

Feel better! Am superdog!

On way back, one thing was even better. Lady with three dogs walking towards. Could smell dogs were very happy and loved lady, and all were walking nice. For some reason, Jacinta thought could not handle distraction of three dogs so had sit instead of heel past. And lady with three dogs got all excited about how well behaved am and how cute am and how is right way to train. Could tell, Jacinta was very happy to have somebody agree with.

And for serious? Superdogs do not train with check chains. Would not stand for.
Would not train with! Would bite and bite and bite. Have much dignity.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Am big help.

Today got towel all wet by dunking in water bowl. Is great fun to occupy while Jacinta is at you-knee. But when got home, put towel out on line to dry. Well, was out on line and noticed was dry. So jumped so high to grab and bring inside. Am so helpful!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

And now for the springy grass presentation.

This morning went finally to SPRINGY GRASS!! Ran so around with Tammy and leaped through grass. Jumped in river. But then got so stuck in river! Could not jump up bank. But then, put all superdog strength into legs and LEAP! Jumped up bank.Found fun! Found ball! Is so fun ball. Carried everywhere and chased and carried and chewed and chased.
Not your ball. Go away now.

Then soon went all to river side and went in water because was so hot. Swam and swam and chased splashes and swam. Was too soon though, had to go home. Was getting so warm. On way to home, found frisbee! Chased few times but then frisbee fell so apart. Must have been in springy grass for long time. Was okay, because just chased Jacinta and Tammy and went spring in springy grass and chased with new ball and splashed in water holes.
Then got to footpath and was problem. Had forgotten leash at river! Oh noes! Was so hot, did not want to walk back to river. So just went to car, like good dog. Walked so nice, so close but would chase birds but would stay where could see Jacinta and if were too far would come closer. Would come straight away if asked and heel for chicken chunkers! Felt so grown up to be trusted.
Went to stores to buy new leash because was that lazy. But Jacinta is so picky for new leash. Carried around stores and say, "that too long, that too short, that too shiny, that too brown, that too expensive, that too chain, that too round, that too thin, that too padded." Was tired and liked to be carried all around. Was clinging to her like koala. One leg on either side of waist and paws on shoulders. She was laughing at, do not know why. Was just cosy and sleepy to be cuddling with Jacinta.

So went home and slept while Jacinta and Tammy watched their show. Then was able to go back to springy grass! Was so lucky to leave leash! And guess what. Fetched sticks from water! Am so so clever. Silly Jacinta, if she wants sticks, why throw them in river?


That's good eatin'.