Saturday, September 4, 2010

And now for the springy grass presentation.

This morning went finally to SPRINGY GRASS!! Ran so around with Tammy and leaped through grass. Jumped in river. But then got so stuck in river! Could not jump up bank. But then, put all superdog strength into legs and LEAP! Jumped up bank.Found fun! Found ball! Is so fun ball. Carried everywhere and chased and carried and chewed and chased.
Not your ball. Go away now.

Then soon went all to river side and went in water because was so hot. Swam and swam and chased splashes and swam. Was too soon though, had to go home. Was getting so warm. On way to home, found frisbee! Chased few times but then frisbee fell so apart. Must have been in springy grass for long time. Was okay, because just chased Jacinta and Tammy and went spring in springy grass and chased with new ball and splashed in water holes.
Then got to footpath and was problem. Had forgotten leash at river! Oh noes! Was so hot, did not want to walk back to river. So just went to car, like good dog. Walked so nice, so close but would chase birds but would stay where could see Jacinta and if were too far would come closer. Would come straight away if asked and heel for chicken chunkers! Felt so grown up to be trusted.
Went to stores to buy new leash because was that lazy. But Jacinta is so picky for new leash. Carried around stores and say, "that too long, that too short, that too shiny, that too brown, that too expensive, that too chain, that too round, that too thin, that too padded." Was tired and liked to be carried all around. Was clinging to her like koala. One leg on either side of waist and paws on shoulders. She was laughing at, do not know why. Was just cosy and sleepy to be cuddling with Jacinta.

So went home and slept while Jacinta and Tammy watched their show. Then was able to go back to springy grass! Was so lucky to leave leash! And guess what. Fetched sticks from water! Am so so clever. Silly Jacinta, if she wants sticks, why throw them in river?

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