Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Really, is no fun to blog without pictures.

Is why have not been so much, though have had many fun times recently. And now? Now am staying with a cuddly lady and man who gives chicken! Will have fun time, think.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interesting day

Jacinta went out for long while today. But guess what found? Forgot to lock door of lair! Could spend all day in room. Had good time ripping apart purple shirt, and then had good sleep. Would enjoy to happen again!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rainy Days so Love

Rainy days so love. Here is why love rainy days. Will tell.

  • Many puddles
  • Many jump in puddles with Jacinta
  • Many roll in puddles with dog at park.
  • Not many other people walking around
  • Can go off leash because no others.
  • Also will play fetch!
  • As know, have nice balls for fetch
  • Is so love field by house.
  • Smells smell so good after rain.
  • Grass so long.
  • River so high for swim
  • Many cuddles in bed with Jacinta
  • Did mention off leash and puddles?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Made even new trick!

Was bored yesterday at Superdog Training School. Is same old same old and also was raining. Made not want to run. Instead asked for clicker games. Wanted to play fun clicker games, where can make new fun.

Is new fun that showed Jacinta to get food. Can stand like a people! Am so good!
Must get pictures.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Am like a fish.

Was playing with clicker with Jacinta and decided to be like a fish. Only wish could show video of flopping like fish! Am so clever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You

Dear Vertigo,

Thank you for needing my love. For needing to be as close to me as physically possible. For needing me to throw your tennis ball 4 hours a day. For making me get up in the mornings to let you out when all I wanted to do was lie under my covers for the rest of life, and for adoring me even after I yell at you for no reason. Or when I yell at you for a reason.

I don't know what I would have done some days without you. You have managed to fill the void in my life currently unoccupied by best friends and Starbucks, sushi and golden retrievers, boys and flowers (okay, maybe not flowers. I still could use some flowers).

It's never a joke when I say, "I needed to be loved by something. I just filled that with a puppy instead of a child, because I'm not psychotic."

Or maybe I am psychotic. Who else would put up with playing so much fetch?

Love, Jacinta

The Tennis Ball Story

Jacinta went to go get some tennis balls for other day. She went to Crazy Clark's, got pack of three balls for 2.50. Knew would be not so great , because for some reason "tennis balls" they sold anywhere but the sports shops not actually tennis balls. Are actually two halves of tennis ball placed together and wrapped in a felty material and hardly even bounce. But is okay because get to pull off felty and play with half balls until Jacinta throws out.

Took them out to play straight away in really big field near house. Set to unwrapping felt. Is usually strenuous task, take many days. Only, felt come off in 5 minutes! And what is more, rubber is so cracked. Is dead. Don't know how long Crazy Clarks had for. Was in such poor state that looked like had been sitting in sun for year or something.

So Jacinta thought about and decided, yeah, will cost only 50 cents to drive back. Will get some money back. AND THEY REFUSED TO GIVE IT BACK TO HER because "dog had touched" and "packaging had been opened." So not cool because what does 2 dollars mean to them, and what does it mean to Jacinta? And regardless of whether or not I touched it, should not have fallen apart. Grrrrr. Want to bite.

But, is okay in end because went to get real balls from sports store. Are good.

Also, look!

Is awesome, lucky dog.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nothing but pile of soap

Other day this week, went to beach for walk. Of course could only walk on grass and concrete, was so sad. Showed off stay to get food, and walked nicely. But was problem. Was showing off down and stay and some crazies came running up. A huge pack of humans running. Most stayed on concrete but one went other side of, and felt like was going to be trampled! Was so scary. Do not understand why did not just stay on concrete. Think, that man nothing but pile of soap. Hate him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah mr sneke i see you are wering your fance top

Met new toy friend today.  Is name of Mr. Coconut.  Mr. Coconut very squiggly and so good to chew.  Here is story of how met him.
 Was lazy rainy afternoon.  Only, not so lazy for.  Was so much energied!  So Jacinta took for walk.  Instead of walk, decided to go to park with swings and run around.  Was so good!  Ran and ran like craziness but always check back.  Do not want to lose Jacinta.  Ran like cuteness puppy.

Then.  What is that?  Is large brown thing!  Smells so good.  Mmm.  Feels good on teeth.  Will bark at you, large brown thing!  Will bark and bark and bark!  And will chew!

Jacinta would kick Mr. Coconut and could go chase and tackle and trip over.  Was so good tackle.  Completely knock with head and body, and move around like so.  Would bite and bite and bite.  Soon, Mr. Coconut began to fall apart.  Was strip on Mr. Coconut.  Could pick up and swing round and round!  And when wanted Jacinta to pick up and throw, would either bark and bark and bark or would lie down and stay and stay and stay.  Or both.  Or sometimes would lie down and scoot back and back and back and make funny throat noise of excitement.

Mr. Coconut more exciting than Tammy Lady even.  Tammy Lady came but played only with Mr. Coconut.  He so fun.  Want to go back and see tomorrow.  But today, had to go, because was getting dark and wet.  Mr. Coconut had to sleep. 

Good Night!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lazy Sundays so best.

In morning, went on car ride to get stitches out. No more cone of shame and can run and run and run!

Went to dog park and met little dog who was so fun! Could play and play and play. Then, went home and took nap.

Had walk in afternoon! Went to other dog park. Were many dogs but pretty fun and then, even funner! Dog from Agility was there! Such good friend. Played with.

Best day ever.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Came across today in quest across the internets to entertain self. Find to be good quote.

"Quotes are a noble part of the written language. Being quoted is an honor for any writer."--Lady Brett Ashley

And now you say, "Hey! That’s pretty smart/cute/funny/poignant! What else did she write?"
And say,"Nothing! She just wrote quotes."
Which is in self a quote by lady. Want to meet lady one day. Seems very intelligent. Also smart, cute, funny, and poignant. And Jacinta says to add smoking hot.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Must sit in lair ALL DAY. Was out yesterday but today vet said NO RUNNING FOR VERTIGO. MUST BE KEPT QUIET ALL DAY. So here sit, in lair. Read interesting pages over Jacinta's shoulder. Observe:

Hyperbole and a Half. Apparently, is not hyper-bowl. Is hyper-bowl-ee. Who knew?
XKCD. Do not get some of jokes. Know not of physics and computer programming. Perhaps, with all free time, should learn.

Is funny and entertaining. But am so want to run and jump and play.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did not expect.

Ow. Is so hurt. And what is this cone on head? Am superdog. Headcone not flattering. Can go for walk now? WHAT?! No walk for 10 days?!

New-ter not so good. Is just cruel torture.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Am get new-tered!

Jacinta says, am going to get new-tered today. Says is very good thing, so am excite. Says, will help not get cancer later. Will help not want to run away Will also save other doggies' lives! Not sure how will do, but all sounds so good. Think, all dogs should get new-tered. Jacinta says, unless are "fine specimen of a breed in capable hands" whatever that means. Will let you know how new-ter goes! Wish Jacinta would feed though. Says, has to do with new-ter. Can not eat before. Is time to go walk to place where get new-ter. Will make nother post later!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Is happy birthday!

Happy happy birthday! Am 6 months old today! Have all grown up teeth and am so big. Feel so grown up. Am get many cuddles for birthday. Is also making up for few cuddles last week. Jacinta was at you-knee so much. All day for all week. Luckily am so big now. Can stay alone and play with Kong toy in lair.

Last week went to visit other cuddly lady and man who gives chicken. Did not get chicken but got lots of cuddles.

Now, must excuse. Is time for more birthday cuddles. Am so love cuddles.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Have you seen this lady? HELP!


Last seen wearing white and purple people furs. Was on pack walk and lady disappeared. Responds to "Tammy." Am missing her so so much. Not microchipped or tagged. Please help lady come back to pack. Will not stop search until find. No matter the corrections or distractions. Must find lady. Will reward with kibbles and kisses. PLEASE HELP HER! Pack must stick together.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Time to learn about Rally-O

Yesterday learned new fun thing. Is name of Rally-O. Is when go and sniff and run around and watch Jacinta be silly. Jacinta was so silly. Smoochy and squeaky and "puppuppup!" Was good, to be entertained while sniffed grass and things. Were so many other dog smells. So fun. Want to do again.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Entertaining you! Part 1

While nothing else of importance to say, will continue to entertain with springy grass video!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More sharing of lessons

Other day on walk, was walking (of course) and big Golden Retriever not too much older than ran out to say hi. Was scared because was so forceful to be friendly but was not TOO scared. Man come out and smack Golden Retriever. At first, keep walking but man smacks again so Jacinta turned around and explained how dog does not understand and may become afraid of man coming towards. Explained how should get really good food, like chicken to tempt.
Chicken!!! Could eat whole chicken as reward.

Explained how should lengthen distance to call until can call from yard, then give chicken only most times then half time then some times.

Jacinta is very clever. Hopefully man listens! He seemed to be interested in knowing.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did tell camera is dead?

Well not dead exactly. But battery charger will not work.

Can have video of springy grass to entertain!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do not really like cats but...

Is very nice man to do such thing. Hope Jacinta does not get any ideas. Would like to not live with 660 dogs. Here is link if like to look at so many cats. Go cat man, for rescuing so many animals in responsible way!

EDIT:  As of the end of Feburary, 2012, it seems like Craig may have adopted too many little kitties and let them get sick.  This blog post here is how self feels about the situation.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fly, can call you Mum?

Jacinta not Fly, but have many Border Collie friends like Fly.

But need mummy. Am sick. Have sneeze and swollen throat and feel yucky. Just want to cuddle with a mummy. Want own mummy to lick tummy and face. Know am superdog and should be grown up but when are sick need care.

Jacinta, can call YOU Mummy?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tale of Two Frustrations

Have two stories to tell, of people who do not know what is what.

First, Jacinta was talking to lady and said was professional dog trainer but not working right now. Lady said, "Really or is that just what you call yourself?" and Jacinta answered yes she actually has done dog training for others but took a break for Uni and lady looked at her like "yeah right, sure hon." Was so rude and Jacinta was really hurt when she told about.
Second was man today on walk. Wanted to go sniff grass bit, but must cooperate with Jacinta to get what want. If pull, she stops. But have trained her that if look at her and make leash loose, will start walking again. But today, was little bit distracted and did not look right away. Man walks by and says, "Do you have a choker chain, dahl?" Jacinta said, "No, I don't need one" and again, looked at like was crazy. Could smell anger and frustration on her. But helped her to feel better by jumping up on brick wall and being spaz and jumping off like superdog. But walking nice. So was okay but still could tell that it hurts Jacinta when people do not know.

Feel better! Am superdog!

On way back, one thing was even better. Lady with three dogs walking towards. Could smell dogs were very happy and loved lady, and all were walking nice. For some reason, Jacinta thought could not handle distraction of three dogs so had sit instead of heel past. And lady with three dogs got all excited about how well behaved am and how cute am and how is right way to train. Could tell, Jacinta was very happy to have somebody agree with.

And for serious? Superdogs do not train with check chains. Would not stand for.
Would not train with! Would bite and bite and bite. Have much dignity.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Am big help.

Today got towel all wet by dunking in water bowl. Is great fun to occupy while Jacinta is at you-knee. But when got home, put towel out on line to dry. Well, was out on line and noticed was dry. So jumped so high to grab and bring inside. Am so helpful!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

And now for the springy grass presentation.

This morning went finally to SPRINGY GRASS!! Ran so around with Tammy and leaped through grass. Jumped in river. But then got so stuck in river! Could not jump up bank. But then, put all superdog strength into legs and LEAP! Jumped up bank.Found fun! Found ball! Is so fun ball. Carried everywhere and chased and carried and chewed and chased.
Not your ball. Go away now.

Then soon went all to river side and went in water because was so hot. Swam and swam and chased splashes and swam. Was too soon though, had to go home. Was getting so warm. On way to home, found frisbee! Chased few times but then frisbee fell so apart. Must have been in springy grass for long time. Was okay, because just chased Jacinta and Tammy and went spring in springy grass and chased with new ball and splashed in water holes.
Then got to footpath and was problem. Had forgotten leash at river! Oh noes! Was so hot, did not want to walk back to river. So just went to car, like good dog. Walked so nice, so close but would chase birds but would stay where could see Jacinta and if were too far would come closer. Would come straight away if asked and heel for chicken chunkers! Felt so grown up to be trusted.
Went to stores to buy new leash because was that lazy. But Jacinta is so picky for new leash. Carried around stores and say, "that too long, that too short, that too shiny, that too brown, that too expensive, that too chain, that too round, that too thin, that too padded." Was tired and liked to be carried all around. Was clinging to her like koala. One leg on either side of waist and paws on shoulders. She was laughing at, do not know why. Was just cosy and sleepy to be cuddling with Jacinta.

So went home and slept while Jacinta and Tammy watched their show. Then was able to go back to springy grass! Was so lucky to leave leash! And guess what. Fetched sticks from water! Am so so clever. Silly Jacinta, if she wants sticks, why throw them in river?


That's good eatin'.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spring! Spring!

Weather not so spring, yet. Probably is good.

But grass! Grass is SPRING! On walk today, took long walk past "weer." Went to spring grass! Went so spring off-leash! Went so spring into water and dash all around! Always come so beautifully for kibble and then MORE SPRING!

Have not been too much exercised and funned this week. So had to play own fun games like jump on table and couch and windowsill and steal clothes all over. Think, need more fun.

Will take Jacinta back to spring grass. Will make take pictures and videos. You will enjoy, am sure! Wish all could come with to spring grass.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Of Superdog School

Superdog school has been going very well.

Last week, went through tunnels. Tunnels are so love. When am ready to go, am READY TO GO. Bark and bark to say, "Let go! Am ready to go!" Then zoom through tunnel like superdog, which am. Zoom through tunnel even when Jacinta sends ahead, and even when is very bent tunnel, and will even come to Jacinta's side when out of tunnel. Know will get chicken chunker or play with Pinecone or Rope.

Also worked to go over Jumps. Am getting better at. When am ready to go, am READY TO GO. Bark and bark to say, "Let go! Am ready to go!" Then zoom over jumps to Jacinta's side. Can zoom over two small jumps, but first jump bar leaped at as jumped across. The bar leaped so off jump. Did not bump it. Leaped off.

Can do thing called see-saw. Is plank of wood, so fun to run across but when get to end moves a bit and makes loud noise. Is only about 6 inches off ground so not so scary. But do love to run
over! Already run so faster than Jacinta on it.

Am also making lots of friends. Can not wait to go back next week.
And am sorry for no pictures of Superdog training school. Must have Jacinta training as sidekick rather than being photographer. Good superhero needs good sidekick.

New toys!

Got new chewy this week! Is cow toe. Smells like cow and so good.

Also got new squeak toy because Kanga died. Is nice squeak and fun to run around with and chew and squeak and kill.

Both feel so good on teeth. Am changing teeth. Have big teeth coming in in back of mouth and am loosing little teeth at front of mouth. Feel like am like Babe, with only gums in floppy mouth. Is hurt to get all new teeth but Jacinta is so good to get lots of nice chews for. Not need to chew other things like table leg and shoes and clothes and blankets. Well, only a little bit clothes and blankets because they feel so good.

But today, killed new squeak toy. Killed it dead. Was no more squeak and no more stuffing.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Am famous!

Today on walk, was so assaulted by pupparazi! Lady ask and ask to take pictures of! Am so handsome and clever and nice but is surprise for to have pictures taken of! Had to squiggle and meet her, to be sure was safe but she wanted still. So sat kind of still for food. Kept being cuteness by lying down and being cuteness.

Wow, am so surprised for random people taking pictures of!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New calling in life

Editor's note: Opinions of the superpuppy do not necessarily reflect those of the sidekick.

Other night was new thing for life:
AGILITY TRAINING. Think is called "Agility Training" as cover story but is training school for super dogs.

Went in evening to new place with many dogs. Was so excited to meet all dogs. Soon, was even more excited. Was getting food for to do things like standing on wooden block and jumping over colored foam stick. And then was even more excited for getting to play with tug toy!! Played so much with tug toy then got food for letting go. But was very excited so kept grabbing toy out of Jacinta's pocket.

Went through small tunnel. Was at first nervous but found that could get Jacinta to play with by going through. Now pull to go through.

Do not get to run and leap like other dogs yet though. Something about growing joints. Bark at other dogs. Want to learn superpowers like them. Am so so so so excited. Want to go back and learn more. And get more chicken. And more play.

Then next night was at puppy class. Was frustrated with only normal puppies, not super. Had to bark at because were only boring normal puppies with small puppy brains and were slow to learn. Wanted to learn superpower things. Other puppies so dumb. But no wonder could not learn. Teachers wanted to show other puppies how to learn by "AH-AH" and yanking on leads, not by cooperation and nice food. Use nice food but also use "AH-AH" even when are confused and unsure what to do. Poor dumb normal puppies. Can not learn that way, for only have small brains. Even very big Dozer who is 3 times bigger than has small brain. Needs many treats.

Was good to bond with Jacinta at nights. After sleep in lair for bit, can come up on bed. Love because can cuddle. Am love cuddle. Will sleep on Jacinta's feet or in between legs or on tummy or pressed up against side. Other night slept with Jacinta's arms around. Was so love. Normal dogs not often like so much, but love cuddle.

Now. Must go zoom more. Have been zooming for hour already. Must practice jumping and running under things for "Agility Training" also known as SUPERDOG TRAINING SCHOOL!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun that has been this week

As Jacinta may have told, was not feeling well day before yesterday. Tummy was sore and slept all day. Am doing much better now, thank you. And also, have new bag of food!

Most fun thing want to talk about is the river. On Sunday, took first time down to river and let off leash. Shh, don't tell council! Am very good dog off leash, okay? Okay.

Well, is best to explain by pictures!

And also a video, when it decides to work.

Other things this week:
Have gone to dog park three times. Am unsure still of other dogs, because what if are supervillians? But maybe are not so bad after all. Take Jacinta to park and play on other side of fence. While other dogs are stuck in fence, can play fun noise game and cuddles with Jacinta. Also can sniff and will not pounce on.
In class today, played nicely with all puppy friends. Not nervous even!

Am teaching Jacinta few new things to feed for. Mostly, am teaching to feed when stay still. When sit and sit and sit and stare at her she feed! Not just one kibble but keep feeding as long as sit and sit and sit! Also teaching her when look at her eyes, to feed. Am so cute when ask. Am always cute but am so cute because nod head like am saying "yes, feed!" Also am teaching, when sit straight in front, to feed. Will not feed unless am sitting right facing her. Not facing to left. Not facing to right. Must line tail and nose up with feet. And on walks, can get her to feed if run to her when she says certain noise! Also can get fed by picking twig up and when says certain noise, drop twig.

Want to fly. Am superdog, wonder if can fly. When walk over bridge always stick head out to see water below, and think about flying.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Jacinta Entry

Vertigo sadly isn't feeling well today. We bought dog food that was past its expiry date, because it is much cheaper, and it was fine last time. This time, the food was completely stale. Neither Vertigo nor I noticed at first, although I did think it smelt rather more like cardboard than usual. So he ate about a breakfast worth and then I think it made him start to feel ill and he has refused to eat any more. He's not a picky eater and this is food he will normally work for in high distractions. Luckily, we had other dog food around the house but it's obvious he's still not feeling well because he would eat it but not voraciously, and he has hardly been a brat at all. And he's not even feeling up to blogging! Tomorrow I will be attempting to take the food back to the pet shop, because paying less for old food shouldn't mean buying food that is off, it should just mean buying food that is slightly less nutritionally sound. Fingers crossed that they'll see that, even though their receipt says "no returns on sale items". If they don't take it back, they've lost MY patronage (and of course, Vertigo's).

Anyway, I've been thinking about something that happened last week and what it's taught me about dog training.

Vertigo and I were at our puppy training class and of course he was doing awesomely. Close to the end, we were all working on "sit" and as he already knows it with a verbal cue I figured I would work on physical manipulation with him. However, all he wanted to do was chew on me every time I got my hand near his collar. So I pulled out the clicker and started fixing it by putting my hand hear him and clicking before he went nuts. The head trainer came and watched for a while and pointed out I was clicking a fraction of a second too late. In her words, Vertigo has me all figured out. Which, if you have been following my blog, you know is true. He thinks he's trained me to feed him for so much! But what she saw was happening was Vertigo playing with my hands so that I would touch his collar again so that I would click.

First of all, although everybody who knows me KNOWS that I hate admitting I'm wrong, it was a really good experience to be told this, especially since I'm still pretty new at clicker training. Also, it's much easier to see the mistakes that somebody else is doing in training than yourself, so I'm glad she picked up on it for me.

Second of all though, she's advocating verbal corrections, and while I don't have an issue with them, Vertigo WAS going to be my "experiment dog" for raising a dog without "positive punishment". Although the head trainer obviously respects me enough that she said, and not in a condescending way, that I should train him the way I want, I admit that since then I've been using verbal corrections a lot more with him. Again, this isn't a bad thing, it's just different than my original plan.

C. No wait, Third. And this is the huge thing I really learned from this experience. The next day I decided to be proactive and work on his collar sensitivity, and he was one hundred percent fine. I could lead him around by the collar, grab him by the collar, hold him by the collar. So what was the issue? I realized that what I SHOULD have realized was that Vertigo was completely overstimulated. We'd been training for an hour and he'd been in the midst of half a dozen other puppies, and he'd been focusing INCREDIBLY well. I should have taken him off to the side and let him calm down instead of trying to fix the issue. After all, one of the big underlying issues in positive training is the idea of fixing the underlying emotion. I was just trying to fix the symptom of his overstimulation.

I continue to forget that at this point he is only 15 weeks old, meaning I've only had him for 6 weeks. He's still a little guy and he has his limits.

On that note, we're proactively working on his issues with other dogs, but when he's feeling better I'll let him tell you all about that. After all, my training ramblings surely can't be as interesting as hearing his point of view.

'Till next time I have some huge training revelation,
Jacinta (the Chauffeur/Sidekick and sometimes Mummy)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making collection of sticks in yard.

Am making collection of nice sticks to chew, right? But Jacinta comes along and rakes them all up except for one stick. Only one stick! Must collect more sticks on walks to put back into collection.

How about this one?

Also, promised pictures and here is picture: Lovely one of Jacinta and at Secret Beach.

You-knee makes life tragic.

This week has been new and tragic. Jacinta is going to "you-knee" every day. Locks in lair. Sometimes cry to be let out, but she doesn't come back, so mostly am quiet now. On Monday, am alone for over 2 hours. On Tuesday, am alone for only little over one hour. Wednesday, hardly get to see Jacinta in morning, than am left alone for over 2 hours, then see Jacinta for only hour then am left alone for over 3 hours. Is most tragic thing to happen ever. On Thursday, hardly get to see Jacinta in morning then is gone for over 2 hours, but thankfully then Jacinta comes back and stays all day. On Friday, am alone for over 2 hours.

Watch, watch.

Is only fun if watch!
When Jacinta comes home though, will not always play! Sure, will play for half an hour or so but then will say, "Go to sleep. Or play by self. Now have to study." Is so cruel! Is best to play when Jacinta watches every move. When is not paying attention, is no fun at all. So instead, find fun things to make pay attention. Best is shoes, plastic bags, or cockroach baits.

Today evening though, had very fun time at training class. Is class with many puppies. Some little and scared, others very boisterous, but one best friend. Name of Keisha and is girl Husky. Is best player ever. Love playing with her.
Also, had good time showing off how well trained have Jacinta. Could get her to feed for sit and for down and for nice walking and for coming. Even was getting her to play fun collar game where growl when she touches collar then she clicks and treats. Somehow, do not think that click means what she thinks it means.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Has been too long since have updated

All must know about all! Much interesting has happened.

Of most import was meeting fellow superhero last week, name of Pro-Plan Man. Is best superhero because superpower is bring food to all hungry puppies! Hooray! Briefly discussed with him what all superheroes discuss. Can not tell you, is secret.

Have taken many walks with Jacinta and also friend along river. Often see these two large dogs walking. Walk very nicely but-- owner carries big stick. Not even speak softly, just big stick. Looks like, tap dog on nose with swinging stick when get out of place. Would not like that. Am glad have Jacinta under control! Are few people around here whose dogs not have under control. Once, when was nicely getting Jacinta to feed by walking next to on leash, dog only just wanted to say hi to. Dog try to say hi to, but person go crazy and yank leash. And yank and yank and yank. Could tell, dog was confused. So was person. With fun click noise though, communication with Jacinta is easy.

Have had good conversations with black dog under fence too. Is very nice and she sticks her head under fence to say hello! Jacinta not fan of, because thinks head will get stuck. But black dog very fun to sniff and bark at. Have new friend!

Today played with fun food toys! Like played with lettuce leaf. Was to make fun pile with ripped up lettuce. Also played with fun and very tasty passion fruit shell.
Is okay, Jacinta said could. Jacinta gave them to. But soon she take them away because would not let have fun for too long.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Crash into wall! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Drink lots of water! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Carry random piece of metal around the house! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Go outside and bark at nothing! Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. Am so frenzied. *Sleep*

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the morning

After go to backyard for toilet, just had awesome half hour walk down to busy car road and back. Thank goodness evil cars know to stay away from, or else would have to use superdog powers on them. Met red cattle dog, name of Casey. Looked sort of fun, but only sniffed a bit then barked at. Am not too sure about intentions of other dogs. What if are supervillians? Saw many joggers and bicycles and a crazy bird.

Not THE crazy bird, but look like crazy bird.
When came home, had drink and Jacinta got yucky hot brown juice, then went back to room. Now, must get back to chewing Jacinta's socks, quilt, laptop, and stuffed toys. Am too much energied!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Secret Beach

Have almost got down getting Jacinta to feed for sitting at side. Only problem- she is stupid and so must only sit straight ahead and lined up with leg, or will not click. Want food, girl. Give food.

Also today went to new beach. At first was hard because family kept going away from!!! Was scared and annoyed. Pack must stick together or will get lost! So screamed and screamed but Jacinta would not let go catch up. Does she not understand? Pack must stick together! Even later, most of family went down to beach but Jacinta would not take, because would not walk in spiky grass and also could not find way on tricky rocks. Jacinta would not carry. So sat up on rock and watched pack on beach.

Hello down there, pack!
After a nice nap though, Jacinta decided would go down. (Not nap for her!) Was difficult and she had to carry through very spiky grass and tricky rocks. But once got down was awesome waves and awesome sand and awesome! All smelled like dead fish. Played all around in the waves and in sand. After, had to have Jacinta carry back through tricky rocks and spiky grass, but once got out of spiky grass, knew where to go and took Jacinta home, because she was very lost. Superdog senses save the day!

After got home, just had to take nap. (Jacinta too!) And after nap, walked to fish and chip shop. Pack still stupid and would not stay together, so had to yell some more. Hopefully can teach them that must stay together.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aliens exist!

Is alien in tummy, eating all food. Is why have been so hungry!
Even though superdog, can not kill alien by self. Must call MIB! Men In Black! (No, have not been watching movies with Jacinta and Kathy.) Go to mean nasty lady who venomated last week. Still scared of, but she speak with MIB and be given pill to kill alien.
Here is picture of alien:

Ewwy. Was sending pods for its babies. Pods come out of-- no, you don't want to know.

Anyway, now am better and have saved planet from aliens.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Have worms. Ew.

That is all.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best Day Ever

Best thing ever. Guess what. Rained today. Rain is so awesome. Is big rain drops along house. When saw, just knew had to chase rain. Ran up and down for over twenty minutes. Was so awesome! Best day ever. Said to rain, "You are rain! You are wet rain! Will bite you!" then bit wet rain. Was so frenzied at rain. After came inside, Jacinta got big dry towel to dry off. Felt so nice, and big dry towel also fun to bite. Then was dry. Cattle Dog fur so best for being wet. Dries fast. But very liked to be dried then sat in Jacinta's lap for cuddles and kisses.Will catch you, wet rain.

Hi. Am wet!

Thanks for making robe cuggly! Wait, is not right.

'Nother thing have done today is be sneaking in many trickery things. In morning, was given stuffed Kong as usual while Jacinta also ate. When was empty, wanted chew on chairs. Jacinta say no chew on chairs. Kept sticking Kong in mouth to make chew Kong. So balanced Kong on chair. Look like was chewing Kong but really tasting chair. So clever but Jacinta soon found out.

Then later was not allowed downstairs because kept chewing shoes. Was okay because took old tennis ball to play with at top of stairs. Oops, tennis ball fall off stair! Must go get it. And also a shoe. No, Jacinta. Did not mean to come get shoe. Only got tennis ball. Shoe jumped into mouth! Bad shoe.

Also like usual, took stick over to pillow so could chew pillow.

Here is other thing have done today. Am teaching Jacinta very neat trick. All have to do is stand on book with front feet then wait for Jacinta to walk in circle. When she moves, must move with her. See here:
Jacinta say something about "teaching to pivot with front feet in place for left turns in heeling". Not quite know what means by "heeling". Think maybe she sometimes uses word when are on walks together. When get her to feed by staring while walk and sit when stop. Not sure. Also mention that this movie here is the neat lady who taught her to do this. That neat lady and her dog look neater than. Probably because she very skilled and practiced.

Now time to collapse into sleep. Am so tired from awesomest day ever. In the morning will bite Jacinta until she gets up the nice videos.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Things have chewed on or stolen today

1. Blanket
2. Jacinta's toe
3. Jacinta's leg
4. Shoe
5. Dirty clothes
6. Kong
7. Kanga
8. Tennis ball
9. Jacinta's nose
10. Jacinta's neck
11. Shoe
12. Child's face
13. Child's face
14. Child's face
15. Leg of table
16. Kitchen rug
17. Other leg of table
18. Blue side of play house

19. Red berry
20. Possum poo
21. Twig
22. Small coconut
23. Fake grass

24. Granite gravel
25. Stick
26. Spiky plant
27. Shoe
28. Fluff
29. Tail
30. Plastic wrapper
31. Piece of paper
32. Yellow side of play house
33. Blanket
34. Chair
35. Leash
36. Bathroom rug
37. Jeans that Jacinta was wearing

38. Palm frond
39. Plumbing pipe
40. Roll of toilet paper
41. Purple fluffy hairtie
42. Child's shorts that he was not wearing
43. Random block of wood
44. Empty water bottle
45. Plant stem

46. Twig
47. Shoe
48. More dirty clothes
49. Jacinta's finger
50. Computer power cord
51. Chair
52. Sheet
53. Blanket
54. Towel
55. Leaf
56. Towel
57. Rubber band

58. Grass
59. Mesh bag
60. Pool leaf net
61. Donut shaped pool toy
62. Shoe
63. Blanket
64. Shoe
65. Scrap of timber
66. Toy car
67. Rope toy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have been venomated!

Life on the island has been busy. So many people around. Little boy who runs around like a crazy, and has very nice toys. Love his toys. Play with his toys all the time. Nice Toy Boy leaves bedroom door open and toys on floor just for! Nice Toy Boy's parents also neat. Good to play with. Very friendly but can not jump on them. They don't play when jump on.

Can get Jacinta to feed me just by staring at her while walk! So easy! But evil cars. The evil cars. The evil cars scare so much. Near road, no space to stay away from cars. Zoom by SO fast. Scary. Hide. Jacinta feed while cars go by but too scared. Only more scared because so much noise. If stand on side away from cars it is not so scary but still a little scary. But when no cars, walks very nice. Then so tired. Today, was so tired could not move. Just collapse.

Scary dogs across road. First one come and poop in yard. Jacinta spray smelly chemical all over, say "to keep safe, because don't know if healthy." Then today while taking walk both come and yap yap yap at. Jacinta picked up. She was scared, think. They bark lot. Sound mean. She yell, "Can you get your dogs, please?" Then lady come out and say sorry and say is irresponsible and sorry. Think, most of all irresponsible because of evil cars. Yesterday evil car almost hit her dog. Hopefully she keep dogs in.

Toy called Kong sometimes has food. Is good food but is frustrating. Bark at to say, "Give food!!!!!" Ate lots of other yummies. Ate raw zucchini, ate watermelon. Ate lamb and sausage and ham and cheese. Eat lots of crumbs!

Also more teaching Jacinta to feed. She get so dumb, have to do incredible things for her to notice. Must walk backwards, or sit on hind legs. Only then does she see and click and feed.

Today was pretty bad day though. Had to go to vet lady. Was nice- at first. But then injected with venom! Venom I tell you! Stung so much. Had to cry and cry. Still stings in back. Not want to be touched on back right now. Snapped at Jacinta when tried to pet or pick up. Am so sore. Want to feel better. Will sleep venom off. Am super-dog.

Tomorrow, will pounce on Jacinta until takes pictures. Will have pictures next time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boats are fun then not so fun

Have went to "Maggie Island" now. First, got on big boat. Was AWESOME. Was wind in face, and very nice. But then, started to feel tummy sick. Cuddled with Jacinta to feel better. Why feel so tummy sick? Was having so much fun! But no. Had to be tummy sick. Then was sick all over Jacinta. Felt so sick! Was very happy to get off big boat.

After bad boat, went to new house. House has evil invisible walls. Keep running into them. Hurts my nose. Is good house though. Shower smells so awesome. Have to lick and lick and lick the floor of. Jacinta not happy with. Also nice yard. Kind of not much space but goes up into mountain. Lots of things to smell. Also, pool! Jumped in and swam. Did not know could swim but can. Then was wet. Rolled in dirt to dry self.

Later, all got in car and went to beach! Was beach where could go on sand and in water. Dug lots in sand. Chased boy puppy and bit his ankles, like good cattle dog. Boy puppy not happy with. Then chased water and bit white foam. Was salty. Sometimes white foam catch. Got wet.

Also played with many nice people. All say am so adorable. A few say am vicious. They know my secret identity. How they know?

What else. Went to other beach but only on grass. Practiced training Jacinta. Would lie down, she would click. Some people liked to watch. Much nicer people than mean nasty "When is 6 months old, can take him to Canine Obedience Club of Townsville" man. Grrrrrr.

Found out, Jacinta will feed if stay in crate alone! She walk away, stay in crate, she clicks. Sometimes get nervous and follow her but she just stops, then stare at her and go back to crate. Am so clever. She feeds me then.

This morning, took walk. Was fed for walking nicely and looking at Jacinta. Was also fed when cars go by. Maybe think maybe like cars. Maybe. Was good walk though and good breakfast. Got back inside and played with Kangaroo and Rope. Then took big nap. Wonder what else will do today!

Oh and silly Jacinta has no battery in camera. Silly silly Jacinta. Am hoping charger is in fun rolling box with clothes and things. But for now, no pictures.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Heroes DO NOT sleep with teddies.

So much has happened last few days. Is so crazy! Learned the Chauffeur/sidekick's name is Jacinta. Suppose will refer to her as such in future.
Family of Jacinta come into town. Love boy human puppy. He so cuddly and love. Girl human puppy also love and cuddly. Older girl and parents also cuddle and love. Also met many other members of family. Too many to list but was all so fun.

Was scary girl at park though, who tried to grab head. Jacinta told her off. Said, is too scary.

Girl who came to get from airport has come over a few days to watch the boring screen with Jacinta. Like to type on boring screen but girl who came to get from airport and Jacinta watch show that goes something like "Dunnn, DUNN dunnn. Doo dooo doo! Doo doo doo!" Is hard to say. Sounds boring but get cuddles while watch.
Today very awesome. Went to beach. Not get to play in water or sand, but was fun. Lots of people. Girl who came to get me from airport had birthday party with fun friends. Also, got to meet a young child who was polite and not grab on head. Petted on side, and Jacinta fed. Nasty people say when walk past with their dogs and Jacinta was feeding, say, "When is 6 months old, can take him to Canine Obedience Club of Townsville." Like she not know what is doing. Nasty uneducated people. Think is an idiot. Grrr. Want to growl at.
At beach- pretty awesome!

Have decided to be quiet in car. As long as can sit in front seat, will be hush.
Also today, got toenails clipped on front paws. Got lots of treats! And also, got new nametag. Very handsome, Jacinta say. Says am Vertigo. Nobody will think am Mister Squiggles!The Awesome new nametag. Feel so grown-up.

Was very sleepy after all of this. But this photo, all set up, really! Superheroes do not sleep with teddies. *Chews Kanga*

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is a long hard day to be a puppy.

Yesterday, met good lady! She wanted to take home with her. She was so cuddly! Call her Cuddly Lady. Want to go home with her and cuddle all day.

Cuddly Lady plays with!

Also yesterday, chauffeur/sidekick took to place called "You-knee." Said, had to pick up a paper. Seemed pleasantly surprised at getting a "D" on one. Many people said was adorable!! Secret identity is obviously well hidden. One man said was a "fierce beast." He knows who am!
Must act more cute. When went to you-knee, chauffeur/sidekick let sit on backseat. But want to sit in front seat! Cried and cried about it. Screamed even. She will learn.

Also yesterday, protected neighbourhood from evil cars. Took sidekick/chauffeur to corner of street and got her to feed for to looking at her eyes. Very clever to make her do that! When look at her eyes, she give soft squishy meat. This also make cars not be mean. Cars just drive by if look at eyes. Not scary. Only, sometimes scary. Sometimes very loud and must walk on right side of c/s not left even though have her trained to feed on left. Cars sometimes too scary for food. Also big dogs scary. When get big, will show them thing or two. Will scare them, see how they like.

Remember how no toilet in super secret awesome lair? Well, thought toilet in kitchen and toilet on rug and toilet in utility room. But guess not. C/s come before get to pee, and tell "Uh oh, outside!" and pick up or clap. A little scary actually. But then run to door and go outside. Toilet there. Then c/s very happy and she play a bit with. Don't know how to tell her time to go outside. But if she take outside, I know to toilet. Must find way to communicate when need to go. Also guess what? Trained c/s to take outside in morning when yip. She very fast learner!

Much other things happen, today. Am getting comfortable with house. Now know that water is in super secret awesome lair and can go there if want drink. Run down hallway like crazy dog. Fun! Also fun to jump on side table. But c/s keeps taking off of. Is good to chase rope toy, then carry off where c/s can not see, and chew it. But now she follows! Want to be alone, you. Want to go into utility room to chew. Why follow?

Sock housemate wore socks today! Played with her socks. Was best thing ever!
Scared housemate petted today! Was best thing ever!
Girl Scared housemate played with kangaroo with. Was best thing ever!

Went on long walk. Was tiresome. Had c/s carry for some. Went to place that smelled like other dogs and something ick. Was frightened at first. Were 2 cats there. One big and one just a baby. Liked the baby but baby hissed at. Then barked at. Then baby hissed at again. Was nice lady who petted. Was also funny table thing, stood on. Numbers said 4.2 or 4.6 or something like that. Is how much weigh. Am big. Then 2 white dogs. Not like so much but sniffed one. But c/s said, "Is not vaccinated" whatever that means so white dog taken away. Mean man yelled at nice boy for letting dog near. Am sad for nice boy. Don't like to be yelled at. And liked to sniff white dog. Was not so scary once met.

Also went on other car ride. Climbed in front. Success! C/s has fun dog toy hanging from car ceiling but would not let play with. Was quiet once in front. Heard c/s mention something about a car harness. Took car to house with nice dog, c/s say name Axel. He so happy to see, and very interested to meet. C/s pick up and say, can't meet Axel. Axel very friendly though. Meet a man who gives chicken and other tasties! Sit very nicely for him. Tasty food man. Want to live with him. Lady cuddles so well. Not Cuddly Lady, but other lady who cuddles. Love cuddles. Want to live with her. Other lady who cuddles is awesome. Also human puppy. Like human puppy because he play. Can jump on him and chew!

*Yawn* Am very sleepy. But other happened today. Was long day.
Taught c/s to feed when lying down! Am very clever to think of. But now won't always feed when sit. Makes funny noise and only when she makes funny mouth noise and sit, will click noise and treat come. She is dumb sometimes. But also taught to feed when touch hand with nose, and when she holds paw and puts funny metal thing to paw. To above is making c/s feed! So clever!

Yuck! Yuckiest thing today! Smelly cream! C/s put smelly cream on her. Does she think smells GOOD?! Smells awful. Must rub face and body on carpet for 5 minutes then hide from smell under bed. Then rub face and body on grass outside. Will not sleep in room tonight thank you, where is smelly. Will sleep in bathroom. Am brave enough.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 2 has started off on the wrong paw.

In the night, was sitting in kitchen with chauffeur/sidekick when housemate came out. Was scared that it might be a mean person sneaking in so barked at him. He was scared. Chauffeur/sidekick yelled at. That was mean. Was SCARED! She said was a "bad dog." No! She said sorry later, and that she felt she had to, for sake of housemate. But she was wrong to do that. Was just scared.
On plus, c/s decided she needed to keep her safe, so am allowed in kitchen. Knew she would see that was right.

Have realized made big mistake when buying secret lair. Is no toilet! Realized this morning and really needed to pee. Tried to tell the chauffeur/sidekick, but she is a little bit dense. When tried to tell her with high pitched yelps she said "When are quiet, can come out." Tried to tell her nicely but had to show her how much needed to pee. Hated having to pee in lair but she got the message. Maybe she will build toilet in super awesome secret lair. Although am superdog on a mission, still have physiology of 8 week old puppy, which means small bladder. The chauffeur/sidekick must remember this in the future.

Where did agent find this chauffeur/sidekick? In the internet classifieds or something?! Might fire her. She is one rude cookie when she is tired. Her fault for staying up way too late last night reading blogs, and keeping up late with her giggles. In this morning, chewed on her sweater and she grabbed face. Was too mean of her. Can't believe she did it. It is not the way to treat a super dog. Well, is only human and not a super dog. Can not expect loads of awesomeness from her.

She promised get to meet her friends today. Tomorrow get to meet some of her family. Hopefully none of them are rude and grab face.

Also, was teaching c/s a new cue for food. Just walk into lair. Then BAM, fun click noise and piece of kibble. Is easy. Then she get stupid, and not feed unless sitting. Then, she not pay attention unless make put nose on floor of lair. Where is she going with this?

Will post some pictures of when meet awesome friends.

Mister Squiggles by Night!!

Day one of undercover mission.

Must work on training the chauffeur/sidekick not to call Mister Squiggles in front of general populus. To that aim, am attempting to bite her toes whenever she uses secret title. Must use Vertigo.

Chauffeur/sidekick has suggested wear a collar to keep secret identity, well, secret. Nobody can recognize with black collar on! Feel like Peter Parker. Am itchy though. Can see collar on left.

Being a superhero is hard work! Today, kept yard safe from large leaves. Patrolled neighbourhood and began working on public relations. People think am just a cute puppy. They don't know.

Have been teaching chauffeur/sidekick when to feed. She has a fun noise toy and just need to get her to click it for her to feed. Was easy. Figured out just to sit. Then followed her around asking her to feed. She lost interest in the game and put fun noise toy away. Was still hungry. Learned how to ask c/s for bone to chew. Just have to play with shoes.

Allowed c/s to sleep with last night. She didn't know would let her sleep with, so had to tell her by whining, then she let up on the bed. Just for the night. Know she was nervous about having a superdog in the house. Tonight will sleep alone in lair, as prefer. Already showed her how to sleep by herself, when took a nap earlier today. She didn't take me out of lair, just left to chew bone. Progress. Need plenty of sleep. Superdog work is difficult. Picture of secret-super-awesome lair to right.

Chewed on plant, felt cool on gums. c/s told to "stop, what if it's poisonous?" Kept chewing. Am a superdog. Poison does not affect. Win.

Saw strange thing in living room. Is funny dog living in wall. Tried to get it out, barked at it to 'come with!' and tried to dig a hole to get it out. Could not get it. Will have to leave it in there.
Also, a crazy thing, a stick with straw, came and tried to eat crumbs from bone. Was angry. Those were crumbs from bone for to eat. But crazy thing ate them. Tried to bite crazy thing but it jumped in the air when came over. Eventually went and laid down and watched it. Am still angry.

Practiced calisthenics in the afternoon. Must keep in tip-top shape. Caught tail, which is an important skill. Was pleased. Practiced army rolls for dodging bullets. Also worked with rope to build neck strength. Will come in handy when have to pull c/s to a mission when am on leash and collar. But for now, will walk nicely on leash. Wanted to go teach yap-dog a thing or two but c/s was right: "must not blow cover."

C/s is attempting to control a few very annoying things. First, she will not let in kitchen. This is very bad of her because she needs constant protection. Must stay within 6 feet of her at all times. Second, she is trying to make ride in back of car. Am superhero, you know? Is wrong to make ride in back. Tried to tell her so, want to ride in front seat. She will have none of it. At least on the back seat instead of in way back? She says no. Will hopefully convince her soon.

Dreamed many times today about family. Dreamed of mum feeding, and dreamed of chasing with siblings. Think tail wagged lots. But am grown up dog now, with job to do. Must leave past in past and focus on the mission ahead.