Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Tennis Ball Story

Jacinta went to go get some tennis balls for other day. She went to Crazy Clark's, got pack of three balls for 2.50. Knew would be not so great , because for some reason "tennis balls" they sold anywhere but the sports shops not actually tennis balls. Are actually two halves of tennis ball placed together and wrapped in a felty material and hardly even bounce. But is okay because get to pull off felty and play with half balls until Jacinta throws out.

Took them out to play straight away in really big field near house. Set to unwrapping felt. Is usually strenuous task, take many days. Only, felt come off in 5 minutes! And what is more, rubber is so cracked. Is dead. Don't know how long Crazy Clarks had for. Was in such poor state that looked like had been sitting in sun for year or something.

So Jacinta thought about and decided, yeah, will cost only 50 cents to drive back. Will get some money back. AND THEY REFUSED TO GIVE IT BACK TO HER because "dog had touched" and "packaging had been opened." So not cool because what does 2 dollars mean to them, and what does it mean to Jacinta? And regardless of whether or not I touched it, should not have fallen apart. Grrrrr. Want to bite.

But, is okay in end because went to get real balls from sports store. Are good.

Also, look!

Is awesome, lucky dog.

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