Friday, July 29, 2011

Good News Bad News

Would like good or bad first?

Will give bad first.

Jacinta lost nice portable lair. New lair, that is soft and cozy and keeps safe at training. Think, forgot to put it in car after Superdog School on Wednesday. Hope can find. Is such nice lair.

Good next!

Got another Rally-O qualifying score! Is too bad, is not official. But got 3rd place with score of 82. Woohoo!

Whenever have Rally-O, Jacinta mention how much she miss Cookie. Can not wait until day that can meet Cookie. Sounds like really wonderful dog!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is it about walking on the beach

watching the dog sprint around in the waves
and pick up sticks
and dig holes

standing with my eyes closed
and my back to the water
and my toes in the sand

That makes me forget everything else?


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Driving till run out of road

This evening went out for drive with Jacinta instead of going to Superdog School. At moment, is not for to be Superdog. Is only job for to be excellent friend to Jacinta, and so Superdog School not so fun this evening. Instead, drove and drove and drove until could not drive further without being unable to get home on what fuel was left.

So wanted to get out and run around, but was too close to fast car road, so instead sat inside car and Jacinta got on top of car to look at pretty stars. Saw a shooting star, and wished so hard for Jacinta. Wished so so so hard.

Monday, July 25, 2011

To the owner of the bottomless pit of a stomach

Dear Dog,

Kindly do not ever again eat half a kilo of rat food washed down with half a roll of toilet paper and $150 of pain medication and antibiotics. I'll take you to the RSPCA. I swear I'll do it.

From Jacinta

Jacinta such good drawer

Looks just like! Is so pretty and good and awesome.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An open letter to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

To whom it may concern,

I was very disappointed to hear of your decision to allow the proposed puppy farm in Moorabool Shire. I find that puppy farms, no matter how "state of the art", are inhumane and unnecessary.

There are many reasons that I believe this. First, the parents are often kept in sub-standard conditions. At best, they are treated as money makers and are not afforded the simple pleasure of spending their day with a human even though this is what dogs have been bred for over thousands of years. At worst the conditions can include over-breeding, lack of clean surroundings, lack of veterinary care, lack of fresh water, and lack of exercise. The lack of exercise and stimulation can literally drive a dog crazy to the point where it will lick itself until sores develop or will spin in circles for hours. It can also cause the dog to bark continually, and with 50 dogs on a property this would create quite a noise, even with the proposed tree buffer.

Second, the puppies in puppy farms also lack the care that they require. A puppy has a socialization window up until it is about 12 weeks old. If it has not seen enough different sights and met enough different people and dogs by that age, it can be frightened for life. Being raised in a small kennel with little human contact and only contact of the mother and littermates is not condusive to raising well balanced puppies. Additionally, a large scale breeder has very little ability to ensure that the puppies end up in appropriate homes. Often they will sell the puppy on the internet or directly to a pet shop. In these cases, the new owner is often not taught what their role will be, which can cause undue strain and cost to the government and society as the puppies grow up to become biters, incessant barkers, or roaming dogs. These dogs and any of their subsequent puppies will then end up in the government run dog pounds and will cost taxpayer money to feed and, if no suitable new home is found, to be put down.

The third reason that mass breeding kennels are inhumane is that there are so many unwanted animals in Australia already. At the RSPCA in Townsville QLD where I live, roughly 6 dogs and cats are put down each day for lack of homes. These unwanted animals at the RSPCAs and shelters across Australia should be given homes before anybody breeds more dogs on this large scale. Assuming that the recently proposed breeding kennel bred its 40 females only once every 18 months as the law requires, and that each litter had only 4 pups (which is a low estimate), this breeder alone would be breeding over 100 puppies per year, the equivalent of giving the unwanted animals in my town homes for over two weeks. Patterns of homeless animals are similar all over Australia and I would like to emphasize again the strain that this homeless animal problem causes on the government and on society.

As you can see, eradicating puppy factories is truly an important issue and I thank you for taking the time to read my points and reconsider your stand on allowing the Attard puppy farm or any other consequent puppy farms from being built.


Hello! Is Vertigo here! Would like for to all people to also write to VCAT to say NO! So many puppies born into horrible life and to be sold into pet shops, is not the way!! If would like to support poor mummy and daddy doggies who do not get nice life with family, please give polite disapproval to:

Is not all bad! Moorabool shire say, NO! Do not want dogs to be taken advantage of in this way! But mean VCAT say yes instead. If would like to congratulate Moorabool councilators, please follow link here to get all e-mails.


For more info, please feel free to visit this Geelong Advertiser article, or this blog post written by Debra Tranter

Monday, July 18, 2011

Has happened again!


Feel so betrayed and sad and alone in world.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Owwie owwie owwie owwie

vAm so pained. Is not good day today. Yesterday was playing with sister of Jacinta when all of sudden OW! Felt sharp pain in toe on right front paw. Look down to see, is bleeding! Is toenail ripped off!

For morning, Jacinta go, "Do call vet? No, will see if is okay. Should probably call vet. No, will give few hours."

Then for afternoon, Jacinta go, "Do call vet? Hmmm. Will make lunch first. Please feel better Vertigo!"

For me, was such pain. Tried not to show, but could not settle. Would only pace around house, then stand and stare and Jacinta and sister. Would pick paw up and down, up and down, up and down.

So off went to vet. Tried to be brave puppy. First, after saying hello to nice people and sniffing cat and being weighed (have lost weight! Am svelte), was put on table that hate and man vet looked at paw. Sprayed stuff that so stung on paw. But then soon paw started to feel less numb, more tingly. Was kind of good. After paw went tingly, had to have MOST EVIL MUZZLE put on nose. Is fault of Jacinta. Was so betrayed. Could have gone without but Jacinta said, that might want to put muzzle because am mouthy. Mouthy!! So rude. So had to have muzzle and go in back away from Jacinta where many people held neck and paw. Then had nail clipped! So hate for nails to be clipped! Course must admit that once nail was clipped bit, felt better because nail was not hitting floor and catching on things and hurting.

Was venomated with venomate which was due at end of month anyway, and was venomated with other thing that, did not like at first, but then started to make feel woozy and silly and sleepy. Was good feeling. Went home and was not so hurt feeling. But actually, is still pretty hurt feeling. Thank goodness that have little pills to take for next few days to stop from so hurting.

Could handle pain though. Could handle pain. Have worst news of all. Can not play agility or frisbee or ball until nail is healed!!! Could be weeks from now!! And until then, only gentle walks. That means, only Jacinta-speed walks. How can cope? Do not know.

Plus also have to wear pink sock with cherries on. What is with? Do not know.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At moment, have only one thing to say

Miss evil stepmummy. Miss evil stepmummy so much. Miss extra walk that could have in afternoon when was here. Miss extra cuddles in morning and evening. Miss playing and playing and playing so extra.

But most of all miss seeing Jacinta Mummy so happy. Was obvious. Was so happiest with evil stepmummy. Would like for to happen again.

Is okay. Am good dog. Am super dog, and am Vertigo. Will love Mummy and give kisses and cuddles. Will keep company until can see evil stepmummy again. Will be pillow and toy and most of all friend. Will lick face when cries and will listen when screams. Will be so good to talk to and will bring to Mummy her best stuffed animals when is sitting alone on couch.

Do not worry evil stepmummy. Am taking good care of Jacinta. Am taking such good care.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hear tell that red is power color

Have story. Few days ago, went to the island. Except for boat, was okay and fun. Am getting used to island and the pack there, especially young pups. Realize, can relax bit around pups even though are such fun. Think it helps that pack sometimes ignore. Medium sized one that look kind of like Jacinta but not really say, “Is time to let Vertigo play by self now” and Jacinta smiles. Is true. Like to play by self. Then can get tired quick and can relax.

Anyway. So sorry. The story. Well, were going back to evil boat. Got in back of ute which is so love, but Jacinta put pretty grey lead on side of ute! Then she forget about it! Ute drives off and whoosh, pretty grey lead fall off ute! Jacinta so kind of disappointed. When got to main land (after evil boat, but at least sat in crate so was bit more comfortable), went to work of Jacinta. Like to go to work of Jacinta. Got lots of pats. And was got new collar and lead! So red. Think red is good color for. Looks good on fur.

So all was happy but THEN!!!! Next day family of Jacinta say, have found grey lead! So now have extra set of collar and lead just in case. Think though, will like to use red collar and lead for while. Good change of pace. Keeps life interesting.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have big apology

Have not yet told about rats! Ugly rats! Ugly rats living in house!

Do not even know where to start. Have been ugly rats living in house for few weeks now. What is worse, tried to warn Jacinta. Tried to say, look! Are ugly rats! But would not listen. Only would coo at ugly rats and scowl when tried to get rats away.

Can not even express loathing. Wish could tell all about feelings for ugly rats but are too many feelings. But am sorry for not telling sooner.

Here. Can have pictures of ugly rats, so can tell how ugly are. Is difficult for to take pictures of rats, because are so ugly that ugly rats break camera. Make all blurry and stuff. Must fix camera by having Jacinta take picture of pretty things like Cattle Dogs.

Oh right. Pictures of rats.

Hear Jacinta say, are called Bella and Tequilla. Often hear her call dark ugly rat Bonnie instead. Hear her call light ugly rat many things, but none too many times. Think, she confused by light ugly rat perhaps, does not know what to call. Think, should be called Stinky Ugly Attention Stealer.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jacinta wants to pass on strange message

Will oblige. What says is this:

Does not want to hear from you. Would so wish to not have even read blog but unfortunately is not possible. Do not try to contact. Does not care to hear your side of story.

Does care that get help, because must be a very very messed up person. Need help so that can get better. May hate and hate and hate (Self, for one, would like to bite and bite and bite forever), but still, somehow, wants what is best. So please get help. Kay? Kay.

Okay, have earned frisbee game now by passing on strange random message, so must go now. Must chase and chase and chase frisbee.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Letter From Evil Stepmummy

Darling Vertigo,

As I write this, 13,000 miles away from you, I’m struck with how much I miss about you already. Even though we only met about three weeks ago when I came to see your mummy, by the time I left you and I had formed a beautiful, close, respectful relationship.
I miss your joie de vivre! The way you delight in the uniqueness of every single stick or the way you were determined to catch the “evil waves” was adorable. Everything is your favorite thing and your joy is infectious. You will make a wonderful agility dog because of this joy. Mum never has to tell you what obstacle to go to next because you just GO. You run and run and run until you are at the end and get yummy chicken chunkers. I was so sad seeing you on the ferry when the joie de vivre had gone out of your eyes. But the simple tossing of a Frisbee was enough to bring your happiness back.

I miss your silly snuggles. Being pounced on in the morning while being told, “Time to wake up!!! Come play with!!!!!!!” made me laugh even though it infuriated your mother. And sometimes you get a little bit too excited when you cuddle, so I tried to keep you very calm. If I was calm, you were calm, and those made for the best snuggles. Especially those times that Mummy threw you out of her bed so you came and slept in mine!

I miss your delightful manners. I know that some people consider you to be nutty or very overexcited, but I was lucky enough to spend time with you on the mainland, just with your mummy, where there weren’t lots of exciting people to get you worked up. Dog, when you are calm and focused, you are an amazing dog, and I’m so glad that I got to see that. When we went on walks without Mummy, you would obey me. And around the house, you listened to (almost) whatever me or Mum would say. The island is a very exciting place, isn’t it? The young pack is so loud and boisterous! It makes sense that you would want to play and play and play there. But I’m glad that I got to see you at your calmest and your best.

Dear puppy, I had waited a very long time to meet you. Your Mum and I have been friends for a very long time and I was so glad when she got you. You really helped her and continue to help her be okay even though she is very far away from me and her loved ones. I was so excited to meet you but I wasn’t sure how we were going to get along. But I feel so blessed that you and I formed such a wonderful relationship filled with snuggles, races in the surf, and love.

Evil Stepmummy

P.S. Keep an eye on those rats for me. They creep me out almost as much as they scare you.

Today's post brought to you by the lovely Glenna and the number 14.
Love you m'dear!