Monday, December 5, 2011

So no one told that snow was gonna be this way!

Was amazingly new when got up in morning.  Looked outside, and was like white sand covering all of world!  Was so excite and could not wait to go out to play.  Had first to get warm coat on.  Then out the door!  Was first shock.  Thought, nothing could surely be colder than already am, but was indeed!  Made feet go chilly.  Tried to dig and dig and dig, but did not work so well as thought.  But still felt so invigorated!  Decided to zoom and zoom and zoom, all around place!

Will go faster and faster and faster!

Just was made so hyper by cold wet white sand!  Learned, is called snow!  Have heard before of snow!  Think is pretty amazing, but have to keep feet moving speedy quick to stop the tingle.  When am out in snow, will play and play and play with Cookie, like wrestle and chase.  Cookie so enjoy chase but, am too fast!  She can never catch.  When play is over, am happy to go back inside, take coat off, play towel game, and then relax.

Snow definitely not so bad!


  1. So Jelly that you get to play in snow, Vert! I see you are enjoying America so far; YAY!! :D

  2. I'm beyond thrilled that you're enjoying the snow! I wish I was there to see your reactions firsthand.


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