Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Unexpected Journey

There has been a new change in store that Sidekick has been keeping from self!  Over the weeks she start to put things in boxes, and take in car and drive car away.  Then come back, and put things in boxes, and take in car and drive car away.  And one day, was the most strange, she took big toasty bed, and put bed in car and drive car away.  Then next, she take Deaf Cat and even self, and put Deaf Cat and self in car, and drive car away.

Where are going?  Are going on adventure?  Are going on hike?  Toasty bed and boxes are also going on hike?  But no... Deaf Cat does not go on hikes.  Only on walks down the street.  So was most confused.

Pulled up and stopped the car, and then Sidekick took self and Deaf Cat out of the car, and into the house all went!  But why are in a new house?  Are visting?  Why for are visiting?  Are petsitting?  But no, are no other pets in home.  Is time for to look all around.

 Enter the house, and see this.  Here are all the boxes from the pack house!

And to the right, is this.  Reminds of Townsville house, but bigger.
 A perfect place to run up and down and act generally crazy

 All of Sidekick's office things seem to have appeared in this room

 And there are many cat things in this room, along with all the foods for self and for Cat from the pack house.

 This is the room in which the scary water lives.  Is the only type of bad water in the world, water in big white tubs.

But the outside looks fun and nice.

Think, can already see great fun things on other side of fence.  How to get to them?
Ah, this is where big toasty bed ran to!  Hello, big toasty bed!  Will sleep and sleep and sleep in you!

But self wonders, what is this room used for???


  1. Very nice! I hope you are all very comfortable in your new hope.

  2. Cool, a new house! Looks big! You will have a lot of fun in that yard. Is that last room going to be used for a new puppy??? You better watch out! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  3. This looks verryyy interesting. We're thinking the same as Elyse and Riley, will there be the pitter-patter of little feet? Will the little one stay forever and ever or only until a forever and ever home is found?

    We can easily envision a ball or Wubba being flung down that long hall. That's going to be a lot of fun!

  4. Can only hope, for NO NEW PUPPY. But Sidekick never shares any information with self. Always are things secret. Puppies are so most worst!


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