Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Have poor sick mummy.

Yesterday, Jacinta's eye went all puffed up. At first she think was allergy but in morning realized was not and so went to doctor. Has thing called, can not pronounce actually, but makes eye puffy and pink and she so sleepy. Explains why she so cranky at training last night.

All today has been either in yard or in crate. Is difficult for. Would like to run and run and run. But Jacinta needs much to rest, so will oblige. Will give lots of healing love cuddles and kisses. And will ask nicely for walk tomorrow.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spam, Recycling, and You-knee Scholarships

Dear people of the internet,

Though Jacinta spends most of time being best sidekick, may know she also has friends. One of these friends, name of Stephanie, is trying to get money for her you-knee adventures. So she write a story about how good is to recycle. Have read it. Is good story. Then, just clicked a link. Jacinta say, that when so many people click link before July 1, then can maybe get 2,500 dollars! Think, is quite a lot of money. Is so much money for food for many years, so should be good for school!

Maybe can spare just few minutes for friend of sidekick? Please? Click right here:

Many thanks from self, Jacinta, and Stephanie!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magnetic Island Adventures

Most of pack went over to island house to stay there, so thought, okay, will go with for few days. But first things first, must go on most evil boat. Remember boat from when was puppy. But is now worse thing about boat.

Can not bite and bite and bite.

At least finally got off most evil of boats. Next went on quite lovely walk to house. No sadness there. Is so good to walk with pack and showed off most excellent training of Jacinta. When want treat, run so far away. Make her yell “Come!” Then run towards her and when get to her, am fussed over and get kibble or sometimes, even nice steak.

When got to house, had to sniff and sniff and sniff. Had not been in many months, since was just young puppy. Was good to be back. Young human pups tried to get to go in pool water. Said no thank, can not touch bottom with paws. Will only go in to bit where can touch bottom with paws.

Luckily, pool is not only water on Magnetic Island. Very next day, went to Horseshoe Bay. Also remember as young pup. This time, chased waves and also, was brave enough to swim in ocean water when stick was thrown. But is bad thing. Swallowed so much water when getting stick. Got so sick. Sicker than have ever felt. Was at same time so thirsty and did not want to drink. Jacinta thought, might need to take to vet (remember vet lady on island? She work with evil people to venomate, but also know Men In Black to get rid of aliens). But then, began to feel better and was okay. Jacinta say, can not ever fetch sticks from water again.

Will miss sticks but at least is still most wonderful beach.

Went on other beaches too, not just Horseshoe. Learned this trip, dogs okay on Geoffrey Bay, as long as on leash! Well, tell nobody, but am super dog and so was not always on leash. One time lady glared at, though do not see why. Was on leash far before would bother. But aside from glaring lady, many mornings would go down and practice cover school work with Jacinta. Would stay and stay and stay and heel and heel and heel. Was good to heel, for Jacinta could draw patterns in sand to follow. Then would not have to get confused during training practice. Did so well with heeling practice! This week, will go back to classes and am excite, to show off.

Other fun new thing from island! Is riding in back of ute! Just like cattle dogs of yore! Felt proud and fun and grown-up to be chained in back of ute. Could stick tail straight up and stick head over side with nose in air and feel wind rushing by.

Wonder if will go to Island again while pack is here. Am not sure whether want to or not. Most evil boat is most evil, but class practice on beach and riding in ute, not to mention herding young human pups as if are cattle, are all lovely. Suppose will see, and when have more adventures, will let know!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can not explain excitement with words

Was such wonderful thing other day! Knew that something big was happening, because Jacinta so frazzled and excite. Soon found out what was.

PACK IS BACK! And with new member too! Is name of Glenna and she so cuddly and friendly. Already love to play with.

After met Glenna, went to see rest of pack. Was so pleased to see Man, and also so excite to see rest of pack, jumped and jumped and jumped. Soon settled down and was happy to play fetch with rawhide bone.

Later went back to house with Jacinta and Glenna. Went on walk. Glenna already understands me so. Had lovely conversation with about all lovely twigs on ground! Have fill-os-o-fee. Fill-o-so-fee is that every twig so new! Each and every twig have never seen twig so like! Must look and sniff and taste and chew because all twigs have potential and very own self. And Glenna, she understand! Understands so much!

Have had very busy couple of days and will like to share with, but now must rest.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forgot yesterday to mention really great thing!

Jacinta's new work so love, even though was not too sure about being alone so much at first. But get free things! Other day, was given many free rawhide bones! Were funny looking because of edible glue so could not be sold but are so tasty and can occupy for hours and hours.

Then next, get to take home whole free bag of dog food! Was opened by accident in transit and so could not be sold. But is very favourite flavour! So love to have dog food.

Also, Jacinta says might be buying new lair soon. Not a metal one but a cloth one is easier to carry for agility and such. Says, gets many much discount on it, like over 50%. Lovely! Other thing to buy will be called "Chuck-it" and Jacinta says, will make balls fly so far. Think, will be great for park and beach. Am so excite for.

"'Cuz if you really really love your pets
You know there's one place that you just gotta get,
Because people who love their pets love Petbarn!"
Gosh, Jacinta so brainwashed. So so brainwashed.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dog Park Woes

Do not like dog park. Keep trying to tell Jacinta how do not like dog park. Only like few dogs, not when rude dogs come and sniff and tackle and pounce and bite. Must snarl at to keep away, because can not get away by running. Feel very boxed in.

Even though tried and tried to tell Jacinta did not like dog park, would still take there. Would have to tell did not like by growling and snapping. Finally got the hint to extent. Now will only go early in afternoon when only one or two calm dogs in there, and not stay for very long. Will just sniff other dogs and keep walking. Is okay, though would much rather go on rollerblade or on swimming.

But here is fun thing! Can not believe have never been before. Is called Cape Pallarenda, and is beach where can run and run and run! Are other doggies there to play with and guess what, am not scared of, because know have plenty of space to run away from. Would very much like to go again and again and again!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Om nom nom

Have ate very good snack today! Looked just like other snack pictured here. Was not allowed to eat second snack. Wish could have more though. Are so tasty snacks.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Hijacked by the mouse! #1

How did I hack into that uncouth Beast's Blogger? I'm a mouse, silly. I'm good with computers.

It has been ten days now since I was brought to this new place. In fact, I have had a lot of change in my life recently. Not too long ago I lived happily with a husband and thirty-one children, but then I was taken to a new place where my husband and boy children were taken away from me. Large hands would come down into the cage and pick up my daughters. My daughters would not always come back down.

Soon there came a lady that I began to see more often than any other. She would pick me up and talk softly to me and place me on her shoulder. As she walked around, I would scurry in her shirt and nuzzle around her neck. Within a few days, she placed me in a new cage and took me to a completely different place. It frightened me, and I decided that staying in the new cage is a most safe idea. After all, the new cage had lovely fresh grass and paper to build a nest with. It also had fresh food and water and a little salt block.

I am a little bit more comfortable with Jacinta now, though I still prefer the comfort of my home. It is so much more comfortable than the cage at the other building, although I do feel a bit lonely without another mouse as a friend. When I do come out of my home though, Jacinta lets me scurry around on her and she feeds me fresh fruits, vegetables, and bits of cereal. Once she gave me some egg. I do not like the white bit much, but the yellow bit was delicious.

Oops, time for me to go back home now. Looks like the Beast is going to be let inside. I do not like the Beast. He smells and has sharp pointy teeth.