Friday, June 3, 2011

Hijacked by the mouse! #1

How did I hack into that uncouth Beast's Blogger? I'm a mouse, silly. I'm good with computers.

It has been ten days now since I was brought to this new place. In fact, I have had a lot of change in my life recently. Not too long ago I lived happily with a husband and thirty-one children, but then I was taken to a new place where my husband and boy children were taken away from me. Large hands would come down into the cage and pick up my daughters. My daughters would not always come back down.

Soon there came a lady that I began to see more often than any other. She would pick me up and talk softly to me and place me on her shoulder. As she walked around, I would scurry in her shirt and nuzzle around her neck. Within a few days, she placed me in a new cage and took me to a completely different place. It frightened me, and I decided that staying in the new cage is a most safe idea. After all, the new cage had lovely fresh grass and paper to build a nest with. It also had fresh food and water and a little salt block.

I am a little bit more comfortable with Jacinta now, though I still prefer the comfort of my home. It is so much more comfortable than the cage at the other building, although I do feel a bit lonely without another mouse as a friend. When I do come out of my home though, Jacinta lets me scurry around on her and she feeds me fresh fruits, vegetables, and bits of cereal. Once she gave me some egg. I do not like the white bit much, but the yellow bit was delicious.

Oops, time for me to go back home now. Looks like the Beast is going to be let inside. I do not like the Beast. He smells and has sharp pointy teeth.

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