Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forgot yesterday to mention really great thing!

Jacinta's new work so love, even though was not too sure about being alone so much at first. But get free things! Other day, was given many free rawhide bones! Were funny looking because of edible glue so could not be sold but are so tasty and can occupy for hours and hours.

Then next, get to take home whole free bag of dog food! Was opened by accident in transit and so could not be sold. But is very favourite flavour! So love to have dog food.

Also, Jacinta says might be buying new lair soon. Not a metal one but a cloth one is easier to carry for agility and such. Says, gets many much discount on it, like over 50%. Lovely! Other thing to buy will be called "Chuck-it" and Jacinta says, will make balls fly so far. Think, will be great for park and beach. Am so excite for.

"'Cuz if you really really love your pets
You know there's one place that you just gotta get,
Because people who love their pets love Petbarn!"
Gosh, Jacinta so brainwashed. So so brainwashed.

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