Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can not explain excitement with words

Was such wonderful thing other day! Knew that something big was happening, because Jacinta so frazzled and excite. Soon found out what was.

PACK IS BACK! And with new member too! Is name of Glenna and she so cuddly and friendly. Already love to play with.

After met Glenna, went to see rest of pack. Was so pleased to see Man, and also so excite to see rest of pack, jumped and jumped and jumped. Soon settled down and was happy to play fetch with rawhide bone.

Later went back to house with Jacinta and Glenna. Went on walk. Glenna already understands me so. Had lovely conversation with about all lovely twigs on ground! Have fill-os-o-fee. Fill-o-so-fee is that every twig so new! Each and every twig have never seen twig so like! Must look and sniff and taste and chew because all twigs have potential and very own self. And Glenna, she understand! Understands so much!

Have had very busy couple of days and will like to share with, but now must rest.

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