Monday, April 25, 2011

Dog Park videos

Here, can see video of play and play and play with Bella and Molly, two good friends at dog park!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Day!

Can hardly believe, am 1 year old today! Have changed much.

Here am, on right. All sleepy.

Playing with sisters! Am on bottom, see?

Jacinta says, look kind of like rat when was young.

Rosie such good mummy to four puppies.

To think, bath was so strange but now love water!

Filled today with wonderful things. First in day, went roller blading. Not roller blades on dog! So silly, would fall over. No, ran while Jacinta on roller blades. Then came home and had chicken necks for breakfast and Jacinta went to new horrible thing called work and then went to you-knee. But then when came home, played some tug and went to dog park. Then soon went to cover dog school, and was not so good evening for Jacinta, but training was good because Jacinta was so gentle and patient with. Was very long day and now must sleep for to have more energies tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey! Got video up, thanks to you-knee!

Please to be pressing ctrl+alt+right arrow key to turn screen. Will have to get Jacinta to upload videos at you-knee more!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Playing the training time game in the garden!

Pretending to be normal dog going just swimmingly. By which mean, is as fun as going to river! Play heel and heel and heel. Am so good. Have tried to get video up for all. But am not so good with computer. Think, internet is too slow and will have to try in off-peak hours. Or ask Jacinta to try at you-knee. Can have pictures though!

When say down, must lie down. Is kind of fun though, because get ball.

Can be difficult to keep up with sudden turns, but do ok.

Except this time did not keep up too well. Was little distracted for few seconds.

Will prance and prance and prance.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just great.

"Council has recently received a complaint alleging that your animal is causing a noise nuisance. Council's Local Law (Keeping and Control of Animals) requires the owner of any animal to effectively prevent it from causing a noise nuisance.

Council has not yet investigated this matter and this letter does not suggest that Council accepts that the complaint is justified.

Please be advised that a fourteen (14) day diary has been forwarded to the complainant who has been requested to complete the said diary prior to any further investigation by Council. Should this complainant wish to lodge another complain in relation to your animal then they will need to submit the completed diary for Council's consideration.

On receiving the said diary from the complainant, Council's officers will review the documentation.

If we receive confirmation that the noise unreasonably interferes with quality of life in the area, we will be required to take further action and you could be issued with a penalty infringement notice of $200.00 or a 'show cause' notice as to why you should be allowed to keep the animal on the property.

We urge you to critically examine whether or not your animal may be creating excessive noise. There are a number of businesses including local vets and animal trainers that may be able to assist you if your animal is causing a a noise nuisance.

Should you require any further information in regards to this matter, please contact the Customer Service Centre during normal office hours."

...Awesome. Will have a mildly less depressing post later in the week... or maybe a rant about this.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taught Jacinta new good trick.

Oftendays, zoom around house thinking, am bored and hungry. Wonder, what can do is fun can get food? Other day, figured out what can do. Is simple really. Many days, Jacinta makes food. Is good food for Jacinta, like Chunkers only so tastier. Yet not so tasty like bones. But so Jacinta makes food. Is sometimes, makes food and goes to get thing from room. What is to do but go into kitchen while Jacinta is away? Look up, and can see food.

Hello, sammiches. Would like to eat and eat and eat.

Is only one simple answer. Must have been left there as test. As to see if can reach. Why else would leave food on counter where can see and reach? So jump up and eat food so up before Jacinta is back. Have done 3 or 4 times now. Sometimes is only crumbs, but sometimes is frozen chips, or corn cob all is cooling. Corn cob most delicious and crunchy. This time, Jacinta come back in time to get food. Have failed the game. Must do better in future.

Oh? Jacinta? Hello. Did not see there. Am only keeping sammiches safe from evil villians.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Have important post.

Was going to be so excite about how have taught Jacinta to leave food for on counters, but found important thing. Please take time to read about Breed Specific Legislation (what if targeted Cattle Dogs? Scary) and effects of. Are rooting for, Lennox! Go Lennox! Hope, can be back with family soon. Would not stand for if taken from Jacinta. Would not bite, for know would not help. But would put on cape and fly away!

Please take only few minutes to help Lennox. Write to legislator! Can not. Have not good enough grammar. But Jacinta says, will do for.

Has been without family for so so many months. Help!

Lennox was so loved and so taken care for. Is not even pit mix, if makes difference. Is bulldog cross.