Friday, April 1, 2011

Have important post.

Was going to be so excite about how have taught Jacinta to leave food for on counters, but found important thing. Please take time to read about Breed Specific Legislation (what if targeted Cattle Dogs? Scary) and effects of. Are rooting for, Lennox! Go Lennox! Hope, can be back with family soon. Would not stand for if taken from Jacinta. Would not bite, for know would not help. But would put on cape and fly away!

Please take only few minutes to help Lennox. Write to legislator! Can not. Have not good enough grammar. But Jacinta says, will do for.

Has been without family for so so many months. Help!

Lennox was so loved and so taken care for. Is not even pit mix, if makes difference. Is bulldog cross.

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