Thursday, December 20, 2012

A very busy Thursday to all!

Thursdays these days have been so most busy!  A very packed social calendar.

Firstly, is time for to go on playdate in snow with Wyatt and JC.  An hour long outing is had.  First is time for to walk up the big hill, then all will sit and stay while leashes are off.  Then, GO!  Run across the big field and all the way back.  And on leash again and back down the big hill!

 Taking a cooling off break

 A smell is smelt!

Then next, is time to pick Cara and Emma up from their house.  All pile into the car and drive to a trail!

 All dogs are vampire dogs!

 Vampire dogs in the vampire tunnel!*

 Emma hardly stops running

 Something is found!  Emma and self share the scent.

"Hallo!" says Cara, with her tongue hanging out.

And next is the time for to walk with Sunny.  And Sister Cookie goes also with! 
Will run so far away and be back... at some point.
*Sidekick says for this to make sense, is important to know that New Townsville is where movie "Let Me In" was filmed.  So most a vampire movie and this is so most the vampire tunnel!

Friday, December 14, 2012

First snow of the season!

Is the first of the snow!  This excitement makes the cold weather fine to manage.  When door was opened in morning, BARRELED out the door so speedy quick.  Tackled and chased Sister Cookie and caught all the flakes of whiteness.

Sister Cookie took in the sights and showed off her new harness.

 And self leaped and leaped and leaped!

Then took a break because leaping is hard work.  And instead stared off into the snow.

This is Sister Cookie's "Most Beautiful" face.  It makes self say, "She so most beautiful."  Sister Cookie loved to be covered by the snow and to run all around the yard like a crazy puppy.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Please to be learning how to do THIS!

Then will never need a Sidekick and can take self to hikes and parks and food stores for the always.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where did hole in floor come from?

Strange people have been coming to house all week.  And is job, to BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!  Then Sidekick tells to be quiet, and to come get reward for alerting to strangers.  Of course, then strangers come in and say hello and oh!  Are nice people after all!  Until next day, when come up driveway and is job, to BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!

Men have been coming in, and making many most noises in the house.  Sometimes, if am good dog, can watch them whirring away with many exciting tools.  Sometimes, when am feeling nutty, get locked down in room of girl human puppy.  Get rawhide to chew, but am not happy.  Am least happy.  Would like for to be upstairs please!

After eternity of locked in room, men leave.  And every time, men take bits of house with them.  No!  House is belong to self and pack!  No taking house!  But they do.  Have taken so much house that is great big hole in floor.  Was before, small house pool.  Was warm and bubbly and noisy, and admit that made self bit scared.  Was no gradual incline to get in, just sudden deep water.  Now, can look down and almost see room of self and Sidekick!

Spy cat enjoys secret hole so most.  In early morning can jump, jump down to spy on self and Sidekick.  And can say, miow, is time for to eat now!  Is 5:30 in morning!  And Sidekick throws out of door and 5 minutes later, Spy Cat is down again!

Is most very ridiculous.  Must had better board this crazy hole up.

Yes, that is better.  No more scary water because water should never be scary.  Instead, Interloper Joey and self will sniff all around and Cookie and self will be so most excited to have access to this room, from which can see and bark at all the things!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of hail and cold weather.

Do you mean, that in New Townsville the weather changes like this all the time?  Was not fluke of last year?

Oh dear.  Where are blankets?  Where is coat?  Bring all the warm things to self.  Will need to create nest and put nose under tail and hide the weather away.

Not only coldness, but strange ice from sky that ruins all the walks!  Try to go for walk but then, must run so fast and turn around!  Head is being hit and hit and hit!  Will stay in the mudroom at Wyatt and JC's for many a minute while watch the crazy ice come down.

Then is time to go home, and explore all the ice.

Freezy on paws, but it makes water in gutters and street!

Force of ice was most strong.  As well as hitting head like ouch, it knocked the leaves off all the trees!  So much for pretty colors on trees.

But smelled so most best!
Think, no ice is good, because ice means outside so most cold.  But if have to choose, would prefer the soft and floaty ices that happened last year.  At least floaty ices can be chased and catched.  Hard ices just hurt tooths.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Haiku Review #6

Never with the blog
Must do better for always
People so love self!

Rachel come and play,
Rachel then go most away.
Live with your fam'ly.

Lost Almost most blah.
Miss Evil Stepmummy most.
Leave Merry Land now!

Feral and scared dog
Black and white and heeler mix.
He romps, romps, and romps.

Monica, Rachel,
Ross and Chandler.  Glenna's mad.
Finally, Joey!

Working men in house.
Most loud noises.  Stuck downstairs.
Why a hole in floor?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

In land of the crazy, thanks is given

Happy Thanks Given!  Here are things that are thankful for this year:

1. Sidekick who is usually so most happier than last year.
2. Sister Cookie for with to play.
3. Evil Stepmummy who always comes back.
4. Most excellent walks, with friends and alone with Sidekick, on leash and off.
5. Many frisbee times.
6. Most cozy blankets and winter coat.
7. Meals every day, sometimes even with people food.
8. Training with most tasty food and most fun toys.
9. Agility practice where can run and jump and run.

What things are for you Given Thanks?  Do tell!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just when was missing her the most...

Evil Stepmummy is now back!  Never to leave again!  So most love Evil Stepmummy and will give her all the licks.  Now, even though weather is cold, heart of self will be warm!

Evil Stepmummy has been in the Land of the Merry, but has been so least merry for all the months.  Especially when she took Sidekick away to Land of the Merry as well.  Was many days, where self was so so lonely.  Very awful, that Sidekick had fun without a cattle dog by her side!

 Neat and pretty colors

Will bark and bark at horses!

Evil Stepmummy is dinosaur.
Next time, self would like for not to be left alone in Lost Almost!  Want to come to Land of Merry!

Friday, November 16, 2012

In the Townsville without self?!

Was a recent time, that Mum and Dad of Sidekick, along with boy and girl human puppies, started to pack and pack all the things into suitcases.  Have seen suitcases before!  Means is time for a trip!

Would listen the most intent to the words to figure out, where are they going?  Again and again, hear, Australia.  Canberra.  Townsville.  TOWNSVILLE!  Are coming with?  Can come to see old friends and old house and so most warm and so most water?

No.  Mum and Da of Sidekick and boy and girl human puppies, they went without self.  They even go without Sidekick and Kathy-sister of Sidekick.  This is the least unfair!  Would be most best for to see the Townsville again!

But no.  Is forced to stay here, where is getting colder and colder.  What is with this crazy weather?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh so many interlopers

Is new word, is interlopers!  They lope and lope and lope all around with their long legs.

Once upon a time lived in a magical place called Townsville.  In Townsville, so many spy dogs would come to house and try to gain access.  Sidekick always would say no!  No to the interlopers!  Stay outside for the always!

Now, am living in New Townsville, where is cold sometimes and warm sometimes and is usually no water.  Here in New Townsville is there rarely Spy Dogs.  Most dogs very polite and good.  But Sidekick take that to mean, all the dogs can come to house!  No!  House is only for self and Cookie and the Spy Cat!

Never and less, Sidekick bring interlopers inside.  First was Rachel.  At first was an annoying one, but soon with many clicks for sniffing, she was fun and most good for with to play.  And now Rachel has new home!

Then was the Romping dog.  He is so most Romping all the time.  Is 7 months old and when was young, was taken care of most badly by his sidekicks.  Now only knows that dogs are good things.  He not at all sure on people and often barks and barks and barks.  Sometimes he takes treats from Sidekicks hand now, but not often.  If scared, he run and hide in crate or under bench.  But when playful, is most Romping.  Leaps all around the house and does all the play bows to self and Cookie.  Soon, Romping will be gone back to his other foster house.  He so difficult that Sidekick gave his foster a break for a few weeks.  Soon he be gone.  But this Romping dog needs permanent loving home!

Would have thought, that with Romping dog, house is full.  But no.  Sidekick now brings home a Joey.  He little and always try to steal the toys and jump on belly of self.  Most annoying.

Joey was running all by self by the course for golf.  Can understand, that Sidekick say, he must not stay in cold and he must not stay at shelter alone!  So to house he come.  In 10 day, Joey needs to find permanent home.  Until then, he will be in a foster.  Hopefully at another house, but if Joey must stay here, then self will deal with.

Always with the many dogs!  Will ever have Sidekick to self again?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Howl-O-Een!

A most strange tradition in America:  To make all the dogs howl at the eens.  The eens?  Self is also confused, but must be American word for children.  Will howl so most at the eens!

How can not?  When the eens run up driveway all squealy and funny looking.  Then walk past the windows and then, ring the doorbell!  And do not even come in!  Isn't doorbell for to mean, come inside?

So most confused.  After a while, Sidekick and Sister of Sidekick were saying "yes" and giving treat when the eens ran around or the doorbell rang, and then did not feel so howly.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Housebreaking: A good idea?

This Cattle Dog say, NO!  Housebreaking so most silly a concept.  Instead, will mess all over the house!

Might have something to do with new tasty treat that Sidekick keep in large bag.  Silly spy cat does pee in tasty treat, but that is wrong idea!  Is instead tasty treat for to eat!

Is wheat, yes?  Wheat is food, is for to eat, yes?  So, must eat right from bag before dumb spy cat ruins the tasty!

Sidekick now say, must all the time be supervised.  Not only to stop from eating tasty treat (because Sidekick so most dumb) but also to make self go outside regularly and not sneak away.

Most dumb.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haiku Review #5

White and most fluffy
And always most for to chase
Clarissa kitty

Silly roaming dogs
Making all the craziness
Do not come back, dog

Leaves are most changing
Yellow and orange and red
Strange time, called "the Fall"

Eating all the food
So most delicious always
Nom and nom and nom

Ice balls from the sky,
Landing so most ouch on head.
Sad.  No walk today.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The case of the disappearing waist

Is time for to be fed again?  Has only been half hour since have been fed!  Will lick and lick and lick the food tub.  And lick and lick and lick.

Perhaps will nudge lid of food bowl.  Nudge and nudge and-- oh?  Can get lid open?  OH BOY!  Now is time for second breakfast!  And elevensies!  Will get the head all the way in the container.  Will get paws in container.  Thank goodness for no pack at home for to supervise!  Pack wants all food for self!

Both paws in container and woah!  So tumbly and turny.  Container goes, CRASH!  onto floor.  Kibbles skitter and scatter in all the directions.

Is time now to eat many pounds of food!  How many pounds?  Perhaps, 5 pounds!  Or maybe even 6!  Nothing can stop self!

So.  Full.  So most bloated a puppy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Timmentee Vertigo, CGC

Is time for another title party on the blog!  Yesterday took new test, for to be called a Canine Good Citizen.  Sidekick did not prepare self or train, so when was told that were getting new letters for name, was very surprised!

CGC is most important title, is skills that any well behaved dog should know.  Certainly the dog of a professional trainer!  So is good to have confirmation that, indeed, am good dog at the most basic levels of manners.

Always is important for the attention on Sidekick

Test item 1:  Accepting friendly stranger
Strangers so always most friendly!  Was told to sit and stay, while Sidekick talked to a friend.  Was not important for me!  Sidekick has her own crazy human conversations, and job of self is for to stay in sit!

Test item 2: Sitting politely for petting.
Was told to sit and stay, while always most friendly stranger petted all over!  But wiggled and wiggled and wiggled with butt on ground.  Tail going like propeller.  Did not jump, did not stand up!  Has always been important rule, that can not jump up.  Sometimes do anyway because am most excite, but when command is given, command is law.  Is never for to break a sit and stay.

Test item 3: Appearance and grooming
Was told to stand and stay, for that is always the way for to be groomed at home.  Was run over with a brush, which is most hate for self!  Always want to roll on back and get tummy scratch instead, but was in a stand and stay.  And when command is given, command is law.  Is never for to break a stand and stay.  Still, could not help but to lean into most friendly stranger and say, "Is time for the pettings now!"

Test item 4: Walking on a loose lead
Loose lead is the most easy thing, that have done since was 9 weeks old.  For confident security, was asked by Sidekick for to heel.  Know, heel work of self not yet up to obedience standards, but is most best for casual walking.  Paid attention to the turns and the sits, and only sniffed a few things.

Test item 5: Walking through a crowd
Is always the most best thing for to play on busy days!  Is for to go downtown to Farmers Market, or Friday Night Concerts, or random fairs and parades, and heel through the most squishy crowds!  The cramped space, the crazy sidestepping of people, all make the game of heel even most fun!

Test item 6: Sit and Down on command and staying in place
Nothing for to say for these, for are like eating ice cream for a super dog!  Most natural!

Test item 7: Coming when called
Will COME and COME and COME and COME to Sidekick and all the people!

Test item 8: Reaction to another dog
Had to walk, then stop so Sidekick could have silly human conversation with most friendly stranger, who was walking most friendly dog.  But leash time is never time for to play with others, this much has always been strict rule.  Only when am off leash.  So knew, was necessary to ignore other dog!

Test item 9: Reaction to distraction
Most friendly stranger go walking by, jangling such loud buckets!  Stood up with ears pricked, saying, what is noise?!  Is most interesting!  Must investigate!  Took steps towards, and stared with gentle face and happy tail.  Was the least scared or aggressive!

Test item 10: Supervised separation
Was now that was given to most friendly stranger and Sidekick walked away.  At first thought, no, is the least fair!  But Sidekick had said to down and stay, and when command is given, command is law.  Is never for to break a down and stay.  So stayed so calmly, watching quietly for Sidekick to come back.  Maybe, had just gone to Starbucks for drink, and will be back out in a few minutes.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


For all the week, am sleeping with Sidekick at house of Wyatt and JC!  Have learned many many rules at this new place.

1. When Wyatt has food, is not for self to take.
2. When JC wants to play, is always time for to play.
3. Always is time for to bark, for Wyatt and JC
4. Even when room smells like for to pee in, is not for to pee in.
5. Are many toys for to play with, and must play with each every day.
6. Is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC, for disagrees with tummy and makes so stinky.
6a. Even when can knock food bin over all by self, is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC.
6b. Even when only want one or two kibbles, is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC.
6c. Even when is unattended frozen kong, is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC.
7. Like at home of pack, upstairs is off-limits.
8. Though JC digs in plants that live inside, is not in the rules to do so.  Most forbidden.
9. Though JC plays with the cover for couch, is not in the rules to do so.  Most forbidden.
10. Although is always time to play when JC wants to play, play is for quiet and for outside.
11. Must not share the most delicious smelling clothes of Sidekick with Wyatt and JC.  Keep for self.

The rulebook in this house is long and crazy.  Am surprised that everywhere, everywhere, there are all the rules!  Never are there no rules.  Silly Sidekick, no rules for Superdogs.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monsters outside

The white monsters!  They are outside the door!  Must bark and bark for pack to come and reinforce!  Bark for Kathy and Ashley and Anthony!  What?  You monsters ate the pack?  MOST EVIL!

 Sidekick!  Have just remembered!  Have very important thing to do!  Yes!  Must go do that very important thing right away!  Sorry, but is for you to take care of the evil monsters!  Sorry sorry!  Yes, is important thing indeed!  *Runs away*

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For all the life, have always had an important knowledge that have always shared with Sidekick.  Knowledge is this:  Cats are the most evil of spies.  When cat is in yard, is always the most important for to chase out.  And cats may never, EVER, be in house, lest the spies get all the superdog information.

So, with that in mind, what is THIS?  Sidekick and pack go directly against the knowledge to allow one right into the home!  Must tell them, "No, NO, NO!" by barking and being crazy-like.  But none are listening.  And now the cat has set up headquarters in house of pack.

Is so sneaky and fluffy that have convinced Sidekick that should be named Clarissa and kept forever.  Evil evil evil evil evil.  Shows the evil in many ways.  First, by staring at all the people.

"Pet me.  No, go away.  I changed my mind, pet me."
"Now feed me.  Wait, where are you going?"

Then, by attacking all the things.


"See what I am doing to this string here?"
  "Picture that as your head if you don't feed me."

Says mean and rude things to Cookie and self then taunt by running.  And makes so most frenzied that was introduced to a most evil control collar. Never was pulled, but was a big threat from evil cat.  Is a collar made of claws of cat that was attached to leash for many days.

Why to be wearing?  With the prongs and the claws and the pinch and the squeeze?
And then acts the most cute as if to even think to be evil would be the most crazy.

All of these tricksy tricks have gotten the pack under her claws.  Even the rules get to be different.  Evil cat allowed upstairs, and allowed on all the things.
Evil cat sits on arm of couch

Please to be also having new rules like cat?  And to be allowed on all the things?
IS TIME TO LEAVE NOW, CAT.  Goodbye, goodbye, please to be going outside and eaten by ky-oh-tee coyote (always with the new Spanish words).

Sidekick says no, is for cat to stay with pack forever.  LEAST FAIR.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pool Party!

 What are doing over there?  Hang on, must wash frisbee.

 Splash!  Frisbee best water scoop.

More splashes, while Sister Cookie and Daddy of Sidekick look on.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Downtown Dogs

New Townsville sometimes can be such great a place.  For instance, sometimes on Friday nights.

Is time for to get in the car and go for drive!  And then drive to the most favorite store, Pet Pangaea!  Get out and there are many dogs there.

When all are introduced, is time to walk and walk and walk!  Must be polite walking puppy, with no pulling.  Can do easy-pants.  Walk all the way around downtown, smelling all the things and getting to know the other many dogs!  Is like one giant pack.

Puppies are the most worst, with the whining and the jumping and the general crazy.  Would always like for to growl and growl.  But on this walk, Sidekick made up game.  Puppy comes up to sniff, and as soon as gets close, get to hear a 'click!' then walk away from the puppy.

When get to go back to store, is time for getting tasty treats from store manager!  This week was frozen yogurt, yum yum yum!  Will nom all up.

Is a delicious for to eat?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog-Proof Fence

Mummy of sidekick been doing the most gardening!  All the pretty plants have gone in and was most excited for to be able to run though, and roll in, and tear up.

But no.  Mummy of sidekick teamed up with NEW ARCHNEMESIS.  Is called the fence, and stretches over all the place that used to run and jump through.  Is protecting these lovelies: 

 Is a desert willow, that much is known.

Some pinkish flower   

 And one that is most red

And what is most worst, is that The Fence is a most camera hog.  Loves for to have all the photos of, and none more of me.  Most evil.

Get out of the shot!