Thursday, December 20, 2012

A very busy Thursday to all!

Thursdays these days have been so most busy!  A very packed social calendar.

Firstly, is time for to go on playdate in snow with Wyatt and JC.  An hour long outing is had.  First is time for to walk up the big hill, then all will sit and stay while leashes are off.  Then, GO!  Run across the big field and all the way back.  And on leash again and back down the big hill!

 Taking a cooling off break

 A smell is smelt!

Then next, is time to pick Cara and Emma up from their house.  All pile into the car and drive to a trail!

 All dogs are vampire dogs!

 Vampire dogs in the vampire tunnel!*

 Emma hardly stops running

 Something is found!  Emma and self share the scent.

"Hallo!" says Cara, with her tongue hanging out.

And next is the time for to walk with Sunny.  And Sister Cookie goes also with! 
Will run so far away and be back... at some point.
*Sidekick says for this to make sense, is important to know that New Townsville is where movie "Let Me In" was filmed.  So most a vampire movie and this is so most the vampire tunnel!

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  1. Looks like fun! Trinity's really looking forward to the snow this year. We've gotten a few tesers but not that much yet!


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