Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where did hole in floor come from?

Strange people have been coming to house all week.  And is job, to BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!  Then Sidekick tells to be quiet, and to come get reward for alerting to strangers.  Of course, then strangers come in and say hello and oh!  Are nice people after all!  Until next day, when come up driveway and is job, to BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!

Men have been coming in, and making many most noises in the house.  Sometimes, if am good dog, can watch them whirring away with many exciting tools.  Sometimes, when am feeling nutty, get locked down in room of girl human puppy.  Get rawhide to chew, but am not happy.  Am least happy.  Would like for to be upstairs please!

After eternity of locked in room, men leave.  And every time, men take bits of house with them.  No!  House is belong to self and pack!  No taking house!  But they do.  Have taken so much house that is great big hole in floor.  Was before, small house pool.  Was warm and bubbly and noisy, and admit that made self bit scared.  Was no gradual incline to get in, just sudden deep water.  Now, can look down and almost see room of self and Sidekick!

Spy cat enjoys secret hole so most.  In early morning can jump, jump down to spy on self and Sidekick.  And can say, miow, is time for to eat now!  Is 5:30 in morning!  And Sidekick throws out of door and 5 minutes later, Spy Cat is down again!

Is most very ridiculous.  Must had better board this crazy hole up.

Yes, that is better.  No more scary water because water should never be scary.  Instead, Interloper Joey and self will sniff all around and Cookie and self will be so most excited to have access to this room, from which can see and bark at all the things!

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  1. Hole in the floor?


    Such mysteries!



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