Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of hail and cold weather.

Do you mean, that in New Townsville the weather changes like this all the time?  Was not fluke of last year?

Oh dear.  Where are blankets?  Where is coat?  Bring all the warm things to self.  Will need to create nest and put nose under tail and hide the weather away.

Not only coldness, but strange ice from sky that ruins all the walks!  Try to go for walk but then, must run so fast and turn around!  Head is being hit and hit and hit!  Will stay in the mudroom at Wyatt and JC's for many a minute while watch the crazy ice come down.

Then is time to go home, and explore all the ice.

Freezy on paws, but it makes water in gutters and street!

Force of ice was most strong.  As well as hitting head like ouch, it knocked the leaves off all the trees!  So much for pretty colors on trees.

But smelled so most best!
Think, no ice is good, because ice means outside so most cold.  But if have to choose, would prefer the soft and floaty ices that happened last year.  At least floaty ices can be chased and catched.  Hard ices just hurt tooths.

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