Friday, November 16, 2012

In the Townsville without self?!

Was a recent time, that Mum and Dad of Sidekick, along with boy and girl human puppies, started to pack and pack all the things into suitcases.  Have seen suitcases before!  Means is time for a trip!

Would listen the most intent to the words to figure out, where are they going?  Again and again, hear, Australia.  Canberra.  Townsville.  TOWNSVILLE!  Are coming with?  Can come to see old friends and old house and so most warm and so most water?

No.  Mum and Da of Sidekick and boy and girl human puppies, they went without self.  They even go without Sidekick and Kathy-sister of Sidekick.  This is the least unfair!  Would be most best for to see the Townsville again!

But no.  Is forced to stay here, where is getting colder and colder.  What is with this crazy weather?


  1. Vertigo, it would have been lovely if you and sidekick and sister of sidekick could come to Canberra too. We all miss you.

  2. Squiggly lady currently isn't even in Australia, Vert. I am on adventure in a place where it is also getting cooler and lovely trees are turning orange. Ive heard it will be a hot summer in Old Townsville. Tell pack and sidekick and sidekicks friend hello and say to pack to enjoy trip back to Australia!!!!


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