Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just when was missing her the most...

Evil Stepmummy is now back!  Never to leave again!  So most love Evil Stepmummy and will give her all the licks.  Now, even though weather is cold, heart of self will be warm!

Evil Stepmummy has been in the Land of the Merry, but has been so least merry for all the months.  Especially when she took Sidekick away to Land of the Merry as well.  Was many days, where self was so so lonely.  Very awful, that Sidekick had fun without a cattle dog by her side!

 Neat and pretty colors

Will bark and bark at horses!

Evil Stepmummy is dinosaur.
Next time, self would like for not to be left alone in Lost Almost!  Want to come to Land of Merry!

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