Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh so many interlopers

Is new word, is interlopers!  They lope and lope and lope all around with their long legs.

Once upon a time lived in a magical place called Townsville.  In Townsville, so many spy dogs would come to house and try to gain access.  Sidekick always would say no!  No to the interlopers!  Stay outside for the always!

Now, am living in New Townsville, where is cold sometimes and warm sometimes and is usually no water.  Here in New Townsville is there rarely Spy Dogs.  Most dogs very polite and good.  But Sidekick take that to mean, all the dogs can come to house!  No!  House is only for self and Cookie and the Spy Cat!

Never and less, Sidekick bring interlopers inside.  First was Rachel.  At first was an annoying one, but soon with many clicks for sniffing, she was fun and most good for with to play.  And now Rachel has new home!

Then was the Romping dog.  He is so most Romping all the time.  Is 7 months old and when was young, was taken care of most badly by his sidekicks.  Now only knows that dogs are good things.  He not at all sure on people and often barks and barks and barks.  Sometimes he takes treats from Sidekicks hand now, but not often.  If scared, he run and hide in crate or under bench.  But when playful, is most Romping.  Leaps all around the house and does all the play bows to self and Cookie.  Soon, Romping will be gone back to his other foster house.  He so difficult that Sidekick gave his foster a break for a few weeks.  Soon he be gone.  But this Romping dog needs permanent loving home!

Would have thought, that with Romping dog, house is full.  But no.  Sidekick now brings home a Joey.  He little and always try to steal the toys and jump on belly of self.  Most annoying.

Joey was running all by self by the course for golf.  Can understand, that Sidekick say, he must not stay in cold and he must not stay at shelter alone!  So to house he come.  In 10 day, Joey needs to find permanent home.  Until then, he will be in a foster.  Hopefully at another house, but if Joey must stay here, then self will deal with.

Always with the many dogs!  Will ever have Sidekick to self again?


  1. You gotta remember that it's important to share and to help those who need it! I am sure that no matter how many others arrive, you will always be very special as each of ours are. :)

    1. Yes, interlopers are only dogs with small brains, and could not survive without help of Superdog!

  2. I think they say the more interlopers, the merrier...

    Or something like that!


    1. That certainly seems to be what Sidekick thinks!

  3. I'm so excited to meet your new friends, Vertigo! You're handling the pressure very well and being an excellent example for those silly new dogs!

  4. Oh good grief, Vertigo...what is this world coming to? Tell Sidekick to stop bringing all those interlopers in your house... :) Hope they all find great homes in the mean time!

    Elyse and Riley

  5. You're such a Superdog for sharing the house with the foster dogs! They're all beautiful, it's really nice of Sidekick to help them.


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