Monday, March 17, 2014

To Colorado We Go!

Has Self told the people that Self has taken Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy on a roadtrip for this week?

First there were all the scenery for to bark at:

Then, right away, we went to go exploring at Garden of the Gods!

Then, on the next day, we went on a search for water!  And, we found it!  At Helen Hunt Falls!

 Evil Stepmummy was so beauteous.

We found the waters!  And large sticks!

 The waters is down there.  Please to be going down there.

Continued beauteousness.

 Self made dangerous decisions, as such to walk on walls above waterfalls.

Evil Stepmummy and Sidekick went to a castle!  They disallowed dogs for the fear that the dog will take over the entire castle.  Also they could only see it from the outside, for they are nicely Princesses and would intimidate all the worse princesses.

Then also Self was not allowed to go to the zoo!  Self wanted to make friends with all the giraffes.

The worst so far is the requirement to be on the leash for the always.  But over all, Self is doing much fun things and Self looks forward to all the things this week.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Also, this happened.  The internets is most welcome.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Present from Evil Stepmummy!

Has Self ever mentioned that Self loves Evil Stepmummy so most?  On the Christmas Day, she brought for self a most best toy!

 "Look what is for Vertigo!"

 "Is a most special toy..."

 A nutcracker!  Nutcrackers are most rare and expensive!

It was so most excellent!  Self will squeak and squeak the toy!  And shake and shake the toy!

 "Did Sidekick yet see the toy?!"

It was many many minutes of running around like a crazy, then for to show Sidekick the toy, then to take the toy back to Evil Stepmummy for more toy throwing!

 Most best.

Most most best.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sidekick has left self FOREVER

Suddenly, Sidekick put self in the car and said, we are going to house of pack!  Sidekick and Self always go to house of pack and is always so most fun.  But we got there, and Sidekick said good bye and left.  Well, is no big deal, sometimes Self stays all the day with Sister Cookie and comes back to Sidekick the next day.

A night passed.  A day passed.  No Sidekick.  Boo.  At least self was getting tasty foods, and so most snuggles, and plenty ball fetch.

Sometimes when is snuggle time, self grrrrrs.  But not today!

Another night passed.  Another day passed.  No Sidekick.  Now is time to panic!  Why for has Sidekick abandoned self?  Worst life for a puppy, to have all the walks, and all the play time with 2-legged-puppies, and all the frisbee.
This went on, and on, and on!  Why was nobody explaining this to self?  Went on for two whole weeks.  Then, the explanation!  Sidekick went to You-Ta for something which is called a job interview.  Is like herding test for cattle dog?

Obviously there are many important parts of an interview.  Firstly, going to beautiful places.  Without taking Self, boo.  Self would have had the most fun running on the sand and sniffing animal tracks.

 Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Kanab, UT

And then taking many drives.  Again without self.  Obviously also very important for job interview.
 Zion National Park... or at least the outside of it... since they had a $25/car fee.

Then, Sidekick met some new Best Friends.  With capitals, but not meaning Evil Stepmummy.  Apparently this has meaning and was the most important part of the interview.

 Bullseye, who used to live at a New Mexico shelter!  But now lives in You-Ta

 A view of where all the Best Friends live

London has a silly flopped ear!
Sidekick met so most dogs, and so most people, and did so most training with so most types of behavioral issues.  Best Friends not perfect behaved dogs like Self.

And now, Sidekick is back!  There is much rejoicing.  Sidekick will take 2 weeks to decide, whether she and Self do want to move to You-Ta.  And maybe Sidekick will leave the evil cat?  Self can hope.

Self would be interested to move to You-Ta.  Self has heard tell, there is plenty hiking and plenty dog friends for to meet and even some water!  But, Self is happy with whatever makes Sidekick happy.  Making Sidekick happy is most important priority and Self hopes that Sidekick makes choice that creates all the happy.

**For information on how to adopt Bullseye or London visit

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Learning about Music #5

Now for to learn, is a song about Penny Bean (who by the way, is doing great in her home).
Song is by The Script, and is name of "Break Even"

And thank you for Evil Stepmummy for singing the most best song with.

What is Self supposed to do?
When the biggest piece of bone is given to you?
What is self supposed to say?
When Penny is full and Self is still most empty?

The bone is in pieeeeeces!  The bone is in pieeeeces!
But when a bone breaks, no it don't break even.  No no no.