Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interesting day

Jacinta went out for long while today. But guess what found? Forgot to lock door of lair! Could spend all day in room. Had good time ripping apart purple shirt, and then had good sleep. Would enjoy to happen again!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rainy Days so Love

Rainy days so love. Here is why love rainy days. Will tell.

  • Many puddles
  • Many jump in puddles with Jacinta
  • Many roll in puddles with dog at park.
  • Not many other people walking around
  • Can go off leash because no others.
  • Also will play fetch!
  • As know, have nice balls for fetch
  • Is so love field by house.
  • Smells smell so good after rain.
  • Grass so long.
  • River so high for swim
  • Many cuddles in bed with Jacinta
  • Did mention off leash and puddles?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Made even new trick!

Was bored yesterday at Superdog Training School. Is same old same old and also was raining. Made not want to run. Instead asked for clicker games. Wanted to play fun clicker games, where can make new fun.

Is new fun that showed Jacinta to get food. Can stand like a people! Am so good!
Must get pictures.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Am like a fish.

Was playing with clicker with Jacinta and decided to be like a fish. Only wish could show video of flopping like fish! Am so clever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You

Dear Vertigo,

Thank you for needing my love. For needing to be as close to me as physically possible. For needing me to throw your tennis ball 4 hours a day. For making me get up in the mornings to let you out when all I wanted to do was lie under my covers for the rest of life, and for adoring me even after I yell at you for no reason. Or when I yell at you for a reason.

I don't know what I would have done some days without you. You have managed to fill the void in my life currently unoccupied by best friends and Starbucks, sushi and golden retrievers, boys and flowers (okay, maybe not flowers. I still could use some flowers).

It's never a joke when I say, "I needed to be loved by something. I just filled that with a puppy instead of a child, because I'm not psychotic."

Or maybe I am psychotic. Who else would put up with playing so much fetch?

Love, Jacinta

The Tennis Ball Story

Jacinta went to go get some tennis balls for other day. She went to Crazy Clark's, got pack of three balls for 2.50. Knew would be not so great , because for some reason "tennis balls" they sold anywhere but the sports shops not actually tennis balls. Are actually two halves of tennis ball placed together and wrapped in a felty material and hardly even bounce. But is okay because get to pull off felty and play with half balls until Jacinta throws out.

Took them out to play straight away in really big field near house. Set to unwrapping felt. Is usually strenuous task, take many days. Only, felt come off in 5 minutes! And what is more, rubber is so cracked. Is dead. Don't know how long Crazy Clarks had for. Was in such poor state that looked like had been sitting in sun for year or something.

So Jacinta thought about and decided, yeah, will cost only 50 cents to drive back. Will get some money back. AND THEY REFUSED TO GIVE IT BACK TO HER because "dog had touched" and "packaging had been opened." So not cool because what does 2 dollars mean to them, and what does it mean to Jacinta? And regardless of whether or not I touched it, should not have fallen apart. Grrrrr. Want to bite.

But, is okay in end because went to get real balls from sports store. Are good.

Also, look!

Is awesome, lucky dog.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nothing but pile of soap

Other day this week, went to beach for walk. Of course could only walk on grass and concrete, was so sad. Showed off stay to get food, and walked nicely. But was problem. Was showing off down and stay and some crazies came running up. A huge pack of humans running. Most stayed on concrete but one went other side of, and felt like was going to be trampled! Was so scary. Do not understand why did not just stay on concrete. Think, that man nothing but pile of soap. Hate him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah mr sneke i see you are wering your fance top

Met new toy friend today.  Is name of Mr. Coconut.  Mr. Coconut very squiggly and so good to chew.  Here is story of how met him.
 Was lazy rainy afternoon.  Only, not so lazy for.  Was so much energied!  So Jacinta took for walk.  Instead of walk, decided to go to park with swings and run around.  Was so good!  Ran and ran like craziness but always check back.  Do not want to lose Jacinta.  Ran like cuteness puppy.

Then.  What is that?  Is large brown thing!  Smells so good.  Mmm.  Feels good on teeth.  Will bark at you, large brown thing!  Will bark and bark and bark!  And will chew!

Jacinta would kick Mr. Coconut and could go chase and tackle and trip over.  Was so good tackle.  Completely knock with head and body, and move around like so.  Would bite and bite and bite.  Soon, Mr. Coconut began to fall apart.  Was strip on Mr. Coconut.  Could pick up and swing round and round!  And when wanted Jacinta to pick up and throw, would either bark and bark and bark or would lie down and stay and stay and stay.  Or both.  Or sometimes would lie down and scoot back and back and back and make funny throat noise of excitement.

Mr. Coconut more exciting than Tammy Lady even.  Tammy Lady came but played only with Mr. Coconut.  He so fun.  Want to go back and see tomorrow.  But today, had to go, because was getting dark and wet.  Mr. Coconut had to sleep. 

Good Night!