Sunday, July 29, 2012

Haiku Review #4

Leap into the air
flying disc goes by so fast
Jump, catch, land, and run

Poles, tunnel, over!
Agility all the days
The focus and speed

Sidekick goes to work
Spends all the time away from,
Helping other dogs

Will tell you a thing!
So love evil stepmummy
Will lick for always

For the morning walk
Where run with Wyatt and Jace
Now in starry night

New rawhide bone toys
Hard, with strange chemicals
Make tummy so sick

Have a secret news!
About a phoenix and cat
For to chase, or not?

Had all the most fun
Friday night at Downtown Dogs
Pet Pangaea, yes.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please, let's stay HERE!

If could choose the place for to live forever, know what would do.  Would not be in this desert-ish New Townsville.  No no.  Or would it be Old Townsville.  Would be a most wonderful land, let me tell.  With warm but not so so hot.  With long springy grass.  With flowers and many things for to sniff.  With other people and dogs for to make all the friends with!  And with WATER.

Like so!  This is the place!

Is called the Hay-Mes   Jemez.  Must learn for to speak Spanish!  Is easy language for to learn! and is the most wonderful place in the world.  Went the other day with Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy and Cookie.  Walked for hours, which was most best!  And always was running to the water.

Splash!  Then to get out and shake all over and sniff all the things and jump in again.  And so on.  Could even roll in COW SMELL.  So love the cow smell all over, and was important for to take cow smell to car and to home.

Asked Sidekick, please to be staying forever?  But Sidekick said no.  Said, would have to learn how to hunt for food like fishies and bugs and birds and chipmunks, and would not be fun and games and splash splash splash all day.  Self said, do not believe Sidekick!  So decided to stay in the nice pond and play all the day.

But wait!  Oh no... living in the Jemez is none fun without Sidekick... is most difficult to decide.  Jemez and water... or Sidekick... then was decided.  For to go back with Sidekick.  As long as can take cow smell with!

And never will any dasies cover it, the most delicious bovine scent.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Private Snuggle Time: Keep Out

Is the morning.  Can tell is morning because, voices on alarm begin to sing and talk.  Am lying on bed, snuggled up on pillow next to sidekick.  Have been there since middle of night when did crawl up to be warm.

Sidekick not awake yet.  Is not listening to alarm voices.  Oh well, is time for to fall back into sleep for more minutes.  But now.  Sidekick rolls over and cracks eyes open to look at time.  Self starts to squiggle, first in the tail.  Cannot help, for getting up to greet the day is most best.  Tail is squiggling all on tail's own.  Thump, thump, thump on the blanket.  Sidekick rolls over again and sticks hand out to say hello.  Tail is squiggling all over, and back legs too are squiggly.  But must stay still.  Know, that in morning times, when all the body squiggles, is when is also time for to get pushed off the bed.

"Good morning Mr. Squiggles," Sidekick whispers just as she did when self was newest puppy.  Look into Sidekick's eyes and see the happy that is Sidekick.  So love Sidekick.  Sidekick strokes head of self, then neck then sides.  Is time for to roll over to get chin scritches!  Put front paws in air and stretch and make noise like "grmmmmph."  Is noise that means, all is well in morning snuggles.  Scoot closer to Sidekick and she put hands on throat and chest.  So love for deep scratches to be had all over neck, and muscles for to be massaged.  More of body is squiggly now.  Sometimes paw squiggles so much into Sidekick's side or eye.  Bad paw, very bad paw.  Must be still now.  Sidekick rubs the belly and the sides and the necks, and whispers all the nice things to self.  Rubs up and down the top of muzzle, and on little white forehead spot.

Is time for to roll over again and push into Sidekick as much as can.  Would like for to be one with Sidekick and never apart.  Mayhaps if push hard enough with whole body, and all the body touches, then can be together forever.

Yes, morning snuggles always so most best.  Is before the crazy of the day, and for to be calm and collected.  Is for to ignore all the world and all the feelings and to not be concerned about the day before or the day to come.  Soon morning snuggles is over, and is time for to greet the day with leaping off the bed and running upstairs.  Can so do with ease after morning snuggles.  After morning snuggles, feel that can do anything.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Passing on the Liebe!

Was most the proudest thing last week, that got a shiny award.  Liebster blog award! 

The official rules are:
1. Thank the giver(s) and link back to the blogger who gave it to you. So thanks to Duke and Maggie! 

2. Reveal your five picks (with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. In no particuar order:
Velcro The Australian Cattle Dog- Is Velcro that was one of the very first blogs that made self think, could do that!  Could also be a blogger!

Leash Free Living- Rugby and Samantha so most inspirational for to work most hard in the training!  Would hope, that am one day smart enough to be like Rugby.  He the most smart small dog in the world!

Norwood Unleashed- Norwood most excellent Tweeter friend of self, when was on the Tweeter!  Is most best when blog posts are for to be written so that can catch up.

A Scratch Behind the Ears- Again is a blog for which, have followed since was just a puppy!  Is always a blog that, reminds self for to take excellent photos and write all the excellent things, so that can be good and amazing like Katie, Lady, Lucky, Lucy, and Brenda!

Adventures of a Cattle Dog- So like all the Cattle Dogs and Riley reminds much of self!  Always with the snuggles and the fetching and the water play.  Am most happy that Riley so healed after a crazy year!

Is okay when winners do not pass on to 5 blogs.  Maybe one or two.  Self, had many many blogs that loved, and some have nearly 200 readers and some only have a few.  And did not check if any had won Liebster before.  But is okay, because is not about the official or fanciness, but is about all the love!

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nutting with the Sunny Puppy!

Time for to be a nut on Deer Trap Mesa!  And maybe will even trap some deers!

 Run, you golden dogs!

 This is Jacinta's most favourite picture of Sunny.

 Sister Cookie looks down the canyon

 "Oh?  Is camera?  Is time for to stand and pose!"

 Beautiful New Townsville.  Not as good as Townsville, but getting ok.

Is important for all the dogs for to look over the edge.  Obviously.

And also Sunny goes down the hill!  Hopefully video will rotate soon but if is not right, please to be pressing Ctrl+Alt+Right to view and Ctrl+Alt+Up to go back!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Got replaced. Time for to bite.

Dear Sidekick,

Is time for to bite now.  Bite and bite and bite.  Why, you ask?  Oblivious Sidekick.  Is not polite for to replace most best self.  And certainly not with this UGLY thing.  It steals all the attention of Kathy, and human puppies, and Daddy and Mummy of Sidekick.  And also especially of Sidekick.

You see?  See that ugly face?  Is just looking, ready for to flap and bite.  And does so bite.  Has bited you already, Sidekick?  Why for to put up with?  Is only right for to catch and shake the ugly!

You see the beak and creepy tongue?  Not nice and pink like dog tongue.  Only is most creepy, also with the eyes.  And its nasty noise!  So nasty a noise that it makes when wants attention!  "Wrawk!  Skrark!"

Is an ult-him-ate-them for you, Sidekick.  Must to be getting rid of ugly bird.  No more for to be spending all the time with ugly bird and not to be spending time with self.  No more to be sending outside.  Or else will bite bird, and will bite sidekick, then will leave.  Will run so far away because am most hurt inside, in the feelings.

Oh what you say, Sidekick?  Bird not to live here forever?  For only a week like Sister Sophie?  And that whenever bird is around, self will get tasty kibble if do not jump to see closer?



Will stay here, guess.

Friday, July 6, 2012

This happened on the Fourth!

In America, Land of the Crazy, 4th of July is a very special day.  Is day to remember, when America said, "NO!"  "NO to the British!  Will not listen to evil Britain!"

Because of this remembering, is most important for all Americans to listen to concerts and eat tasty food and sit on grass so snuggly.  Is important for Americans to take dogs along to have the most fun time!

Was most best for to take the time to train.  Cookie got to have heel practice where could jump up on Sidekick after all the sits and turns!  Self got to have heel practice where could catch squirty water from the bottle every time that passed an exciting person for to meet!

Sometimes Always, act like a silly dog.

And the best was that soon the rain came in!  The most hard and large rain!  For to leap and chase all over.  The worst was that Sidekick said was time to go home instead of loving the rain.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

On the topic of the weather

Is too HOT for to be blogging!  Please to be opening the windows and closing the blinds and spraying with a hose!