Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please, let's stay HERE!

If could choose the place for to live forever, know what would do.  Would not be in this desert-ish New Townsville.  No no.  Or would it be Old Townsville.  Would be a most wonderful land, let me tell.  With warm but not so so hot.  With long springy grass.  With flowers and many things for to sniff.  With other people and dogs for to make all the friends with!  And with WATER.

Like so!  This is the place!

Is called the Hay-Mes   Jemez.  Must learn for to speak Spanish!  Is easy language for to learn! and is the most wonderful place in the world.  Went the other day with Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy and Cookie.  Walked for hours, which was most best!  And always was running to the water.

Splash!  Then to get out and shake all over and sniff all the things and jump in again.  And so on.  Could even roll in COW SMELL.  So love the cow smell all over, and was important for to take cow smell to car and to home.

Asked Sidekick, please to be staying forever?  But Sidekick said no.  Said, would have to learn how to hunt for food like fishies and bugs and birds and chipmunks, and would not be fun and games and splash splash splash all day.  Self said, do not believe Sidekick!  So decided to stay in the nice pond and play all the day.

But wait!  Oh no... living in the Jemez is none fun without Sidekick... is most difficult to decide.  Jemez and water... or Sidekick... then was decided.  For to go back with Sidekick.  As long as can take cow smell with!

And never will any dasies cover it, the most delicious bovine scent.

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