Friday, July 20, 2012

Private Snuggle Time: Keep Out

Is the morning.  Can tell is morning because, voices on alarm begin to sing and talk.  Am lying on bed, snuggled up on pillow next to sidekick.  Have been there since middle of night when did crawl up to be warm.

Sidekick not awake yet.  Is not listening to alarm voices.  Oh well, is time for to fall back into sleep for more minutes.  But now.  Sidekick rolls over and cracks eyes open to look at time.  Self starts to squiggle, first in the tail.  Cannot help, for getting up to greet the day is most best.  Tail is squiggling all on tail's own.  Thump, thump, thump on the blanket.  Sidekick rolls over again and sticks hand out to say hello.  Tail is squiggling all over, and back legs too are squiggly.  But must stay still.  Know, that in morning times, when all the body squiggles, is when is also time for to get pushed off the bed.

"Good morning Mr. Squiggles," Sidekick whispers just as she did when self was newest puppy.  Look into Sidekick's eyes and see the happy that is Sidekick.  So love Sidekick.  Sidekick strokes head of self, then neck then sides.  Is time for to roll over to get chin scritches!  Put front paws in air and stretch and make noise like "grmmmmph."  Is noise that means, all is well in morning snuggles.  Scoot closer to Sidekick and she put hands on throat and chest.  So love for deep scratches to be had all over neck, and muscles for to be massaged.  More of body is squiggly now.  Sometimes paw squiggles so much into Sidekick's side or eye.  Bad paw, very bad paw.  Must be still now.  Sidekick rubs the belly and the sides and the necks, and whispers all the nice things to self.  Rubs up and down the top of muzzle, and on little white forehead spot.

Is time for to roll over again and push into Sidekick as much as can.  Would like for to be one with Sidekick and never apart.  Mayhaps if push hard enough with whole body, and all the body touches, then can be together forever.

Yes, morning snuggles always so most best.  Is before the crazy of the day, and for to be calm and collected.  Is for to ignore all the world and all the feelings and to not be concerned about the day before or the day to come.  Soon morning snuggles is over, and is time for to greet the day with leaping off the bed and running upstairs.  Can so do with ease after morning snuggles.  After morning snuggles, feel that can do anything.


  1. Aww.. this made me teary!! I often wake up to snuggly puppies... even if my puppies are so big that they take up most of the room!

    1. Am only a medium dog, but even so, still take up most of the room!


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