Monday, July 9, 2012

Got replaced. Time for to bite.

Dear Sidekick,

Is time for to bite now.  Bite and bite and bite.  Why, you ask?  Oblivious Sidekick.  Is not polite for to replace most best self.  And certainly not with this UGLY thing.  It steals all the attention of Kathy, and human puppies, and Daddy and Mummy of Sidekick.  And also especially of Sidekick.

You see?  See that ugly face?  Is just looking, ready for to flap and bite.  And does so bite.  Has bited you already, Sidekick?  Why for to put up with?  Is only right for to catch and shake the ugly!

You see the beak and creepy tongue?  Not nice and pink like dog tongue.  Only is most creepy, also with the eyes.  And its nasty noise!  So nasty a noise that it makes when wants attention!  "Wrawk!  Skrark!"

Is an ult-him-ate-them for you, Sidekick.  Must to be getting rid of ugly bird.  No more for to be spending all the time with ugly bird and not to be spending time with self.  No more to be sending outside.  Or else will bite bird, and will bite sidekick, then will leave.  Will run so far away because am most hurt inside, in the feelings.

Oh what you say, Sidekick?  Bird not to live here forever?  For only a week like Sister Sophie?  And that whenever bird is around, self will get tasty kibble if do not jump to see closer?



Will stay here, guess.

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  1. Poor Vertigo, sorry you were hurt in the feelings! Glad you're getting extra treats to ignore the bird.


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