Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Almost never have seen so much space in which to run. Have been on three hikes so far since have gotten into Lost Almost. First, hike near dog park, was first meeting of Cookie.  

Then next was super fun walk! Next was day of long hike near horse stables (horse stables! Cannot wait to go see) and was so best hike because went with whole pack! Including Evil Stepmummy! Was so best to see Evil Stepmummy! Was as good and calm as possible as could be, because Evil Stepmummy so evil and require best behaviour. Then on walk, all pack had food but would not give any food. Would not share, was so rude. Made go away and explore by self, but Evil Stepmummy came to entertain and was nice.

Hike other day was maybe best so far because, have started to be able to breathe bit better. Went in what is called Walnut Canyon. Practiced bit of obedience and such. Even though sister like to run off, self preferred to stay close to Jacinta. Would turn around and stare at, with such to say, please hurry up! Is so much to explore!  

Following big sister.  So knows best ways to go!

Also was fun for to do puppy zooms and prances and bounces. Felt so energied and happy. Was great rocks and logs and bridges for to climb on and run under, and stairs to run up and down.
 Up big log, just like A-frame!
 Under bridge so speedy, just like best tunnel!

 Hurry!  Must hurry!  Are amazing things at top of stairs!

 Sister Cookie also waits for Jacinta

Best was meeting lovely energied girl dog! Much more fun than sister Cookie because was happy to play rough and tumble chase for few minutes before moving on.  Also got tasty treat from owner of other dog.
Cannot wait for to have another hike. Am so tired and happy after hikes.
Will just have 2 minute power nap and be ready to go again.


  1. So know, this is a fact. And you are best evil stepmummy!

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying your new home, Vertigo.

  3. Why thanks! So miss warm weather but think, are enough things for to keep entertained here in Lost Almost.

  4. Such fun hikes! Wish Zeke and me could come over and join you Vertigo :)

  5. Also so wish! Hikes so fun and amazing. Nothing like chasing waves at beach, but much fun in very different way!


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