Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big Sister Cookie

Have now had few days to spend with newest big sister.  Is very funny lady, and so love.  When first met, was only very fast nose sniff, then was just ignore, because were out on amazing walk and were more interesting smells than for to play with new dog.

Then when got home, was so excited and thought, must get big sister to do whatever want!  So stood right up to Cookie and got in face and bumped and bumped and bumped with muzzle, and pawed with paws, and tried to climb on top of.  But soon Cookie said, no more!  And turned around and gave snarl.  Was most funny, so gave more muzzle bumps and pawing to get reaction again.  Then ran off.  Is so so so funny!

More have jumped on and muzzle bumped and pawed at, Cookie has gotten more loud and toothy.  Is so funny!  Is even funnier than before!  But also, is starting to get bit scary so think, maybe might not bother big sister as much.  Especially since after last night.  Cookie up on seat with parents of Jacinta.  Went to put head on mum of Jacinta to get pets, but big sister saw and she became crazy.  So snarly, with highest lip lift and deepest growl.  Is obvious to see, that is not for self to sit on seat of Cookie.

Other than staying away from special Cookie places though, is most fun for to annoy!

Bother bother bother bother bother.  So like bit when she stops moving.

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