Friday, November 11, 2011

To Man Who Gives Chicken

Dear Man Who Gives Chicken,

Am so thankful that were in life.  Were best person who knew just how to take care of cattle dogs.  Always made feel so safe when could not be with Jacinta.  Thank you for giving lovely yard to run in.  Thank you for playing lots and lots of fetch.  Thank you for feeding chicken and sausages always, for is so good feeling to be full.  Thank you for letting come over and hang out in house, even when get very excited and jump all over (or pee on rug accidentally, or chew on door stop that looks like toy).  Thank you for lending lovely lady, Lady Who Gives Cuddles, so that could cuddle with.  Thank you for introducing to delicious marrow bones that could chew and chew and chew.  Thank you for letting borrow ute, so that could learn like proper cattle dog how to ride in back with wind in face.  Thank you for not being too mad, when dug hole so deep then water went in hole and you stepped in hole and fell.  Was funny, no?  Thank you for not being too permissive, and giving rules like not barking, because means have grown up to be such good dog.

Thank you for always loving all friends and family.  Were always right there for Jacinta whenever needed car fixed, or needed ride somewhere.  Would be always so friendly with drinks and food and stories.  Were so generous with giving time and giving things.  Like when needed rope because did not have lead.  You gave rope.  And toy!  Favourite whacking toy.  Was from you!  Is so best toy to whack.

Thank you for creating childhood memories for Jacinta.  She say, will always remember coming to see when younger, eating tasty things, camping in huts, fishing, riding in back of ute.  She say, dogs Chopper and Fatso were great dogs for to introduce to best breed, cattle dog breed.  Thank you for that.

Were so funny when was just young puppy, and had housemate from China who was scared of dogs.  Remember?  You always say, must make sure are not eaten!  Am delicious delicacy!  Jacinta not think so funny, but is good cattle dog humor.  Was indeed funny.

Am cattle dog, and am good.  Will keep to take care of pack without.  Will keep closest eye on Jacinta and Daddy of Jacinta.  All will be well.  And do not worry.  Will get Jacinta to fatten up with chicken, then will be best life.  But will miss Man Who Gives Chicken.  Good bye...

Much love forever.

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