Friday, November 25, 2011

And then was home with pack

 Could not contain excite when finally saw Jacinta after many many days of cramped travel with gross food.  Jumped right into arms and held on like koala!  Did not want to even get down for to pee, though had long travel.  Was too excited for to see.  So got speedy quick into car to go to home.

After bit, stopped for quick break.  After only few minutes, was frightening sensation!  Was all tingly on paws, and fur stood up on end.  Said, want to get back in car!  So jumped in where was heat all hugging me.  Realized that scary sensation, that have been feeling for days, is being cold.  Have never before been this cold.
Must wear jacket for to be warm.

Other thing about here, Lost Almost, is that is so hard to breathe.  Must pant and pant and pant, and cannot get enough to breathe.  Is okay to walk around house to explore, but cannot do too much running.

And the thirst.  Oh the thirst!  Must keep drinking forever and ever and ever, and am still so thirsty.  Thought was thirsty at Townsville, where was so hot and sticky and must always drink, but in Lost Almost is ten times worst.

Are great things about being home with pack.  So love all people, and are so many toys all over that so love to play with!  When got here, new big sister not yet here, so got to play so fun with all toys all around house.

Is also so much space in both house and nice yard!   Can walk most places, but when Jacinta says “ah-ah,” must turn around and not go where am going.  Is like, if go too far away from in outside yard, or if go up stairs inside.  Sometimes forget, but sometimes remember and when remember not to go over, Jacinta so pleased with.

Was difficult to sleep in night.  Was so cold, and is not enough space on bed to sleep with Jacinta, though so wanted to.  Have big puffy bed for self for to sleep in, but was not yet comfortable.  Slept instead on floor, but was cold and kept to wake up over and over.
Now is so comfy though, and like to sleep so sound inside around pack, and sometimes be bit squiggly.  Especially with new big sister Cookie, who have now met!  Will tell all about Cookie soon.
Cannot wait for more adventures in brand new house!


  1. Vertigo, you look so handsome in your coat! Just like a grown up. I am so glad you [finally] made it home to pack and are excited for you to have met Cookie already!

  2. Much thanks, squiggle friend! Am having much fun.


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