Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Case of the disappearing lair

When went to superdog school today, Jacinta packed up lair and put in car with.  Did not think much of, because sometimes take lair with for comfortable times.  But then, gave to other person and did not bring back!  Is strange and amazing.

Jacinta say, do not longer need lair now that am grown up dog.  Can be left alone without crate or can sleep outside of crate.  Already often do.  Jacinta also say, can not bring with.  Can not bring with?  Again with the can not bring with!  Where are going?  Am so curious.  Jacinta say is other lair that can have later, is bit bigger and can use if needed.  Would like to find out what is up and where are going!

Room so lonely without lair.
  And look how gross.  Ew.


  1. Hi Vertigo, thanks for checking out our blog! It was fun to come over here and visit yours. The flowers in your Stopping to Smell the Roses posts are AMAZING. Do you live in the Garden of Eden? Lady, Lucky, and Lucy want to visit this place one day and go for a nice long walk. If I lived there, I would probably forget to eat and sleep, I'd just be wandering around with my camera, day in and day out!

  2. Lovely to talk to, Brenda! Jacinta and self have been reading all about Lady, Lucky, and Lucy's adventures for months.

    Flowers are amazing, yes. Townsville so tropical paradise!


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