Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Re-instated International Canine Liason

So many big words.  Well, got into America few days ago and knew, as big important Australian Spy Dog, was one place must go.  Washington D.C.!  Capitol of United States of America!  Were important jobs that had to do before got to house of Jacinta.

Is amazing place! (credit)

First, had meeting with CIA, Canine Intelligence Agency.  Are important rules for Spy Dogs and other important dogs in America, so that are not uncovered.  Are already doing many of things, luckily, so does not require much effort.  Is already that have a cover family and name and do not go by Mister Squiggles during day.  Is already also that do things like cover school.  Must always be so behaved.  Last, must remember to get new name tag to give cover name and address of cover family.  Then, if ever am running around and person say, Looks like Super Dog, Mister Squiggles!  Can say, no, is not, see?  Am just Vertigo.  Am just dumb dog.  So all those things very important and had to sign much paperwork to say, will be safe!  Am now member of CIA.  Turn out, new big sister Cookie also member of CIA, Physics department.  Never knew before that she work on teleport devices in Lost Almost!

After all CIA paperwork, got security clearance to have meeting with Bo, First Dog.  Was groundbreaking meeting, is at present very important discussions going on between Australian and American humans.  Bo so wanted to go and also have discussions with Australian dogs, but was not allowed because of this disease, have never heard of before, is name of rabies.  So is lucky that came to America!  Now all is well between Australian dogs and American dogs.

Was most friendly first dog!  Very down to earth. (credit)

Was very long day in Washington D.C., and then had to get back on plane, and go to house of Jacinta.  Was so exciting!  Could not wait to see pack!

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