Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is quiz time! #2

Is most amazing!  For November month, found quiz that is made especially for dogs!

1. Name, Breed, and Age:
Timmentee Vertigo, Australian Cattle Dog, 19 months (about 16 human years)

2. Rescue or Purchase?
Am purchase from small breeder.  But Jacinta say, would not want to purchase ever again.

3. Ever killed another animal?

Only bugs.  So like to chase other animals though.

4.Whats the most expensive thing you have eaten, ruined, or chewed?
Probably was worst idea when chewed very expensive pain medications into dust.

5. Do you bark at EVERY living (and non living) thing that you see that moves?
Oh yes, is most important idea for to bark at all the things.  Except, then get mind control collar on.  Have on now.

6. Did your current owner name you?
Yes, sidekick gave best name!

7. Do you like the sprinkler or hose?
Think both so best!

8. If you had a theme song, what would it be?
Most obvious choice is "Vertigo" by U2.

9. Are you secretly a cat?

10. Do you eat human food or table scraps?
Only sometimes, like when steal or get given as special treat.

11. If you were given an empty plastic bottle, what would you do with it?
So like to play fetch with empty plastic bottles!  Are best to crunch because make funny noise and also feel good on teeth.

12. What would you do if your humans left the house and there was a cooked turkey sitting on the bench?
Would bound up stairs quickish, and jump on counter in flying leap.  Would begin to lick and nibble at turkey, then eat more and more until all gone.  Would probably get very sick.

13. Do you howl at night or at sirens?
Not too much.  Can howl though, is joke that must not be Blue Heeler, but must be Beagle.

14. Can you open doors?
Yes!  Is like magic!  If ring bell on front door, can get human to open for!  Is as good as doing it by self!

15. If you were any other animal, what would it be?
Would be Antelope, like mummy.  Not for same reasons of Jacinta at all, but because like to spring and spring and spring.

16. If you were a human, who would you be?
Evil Stepmummy's littlest brother!  Is spirit human.

17. Do you shed a lot, a little, or hardly at all?

Am such sheddy dog.

18. Have you ever had surgery?

Yes, to get new-tered.  Poor sister must have surgery to get rid of bladder stones.  Sounds ow.  Has been drinking rocks?

19. Do you prefer:

Hard floor or Soft bed
Dog food or Table scraps  (all is most delicious!)
A walk or A trip to the dog Park (oh please oh please take for hike?)
Tennis Ball or Teddy Bear (prefer to chase, but also love to take all stuffed animals in world to nibble)
Dirty or Clean (just because water so great)
Couch or Dog bed
Fence or Shock Collar (who would prefer shock collar?  Cookie wears shock collar, but am learning to stay in yard with positive reinforcement)

20. Do you prefer to give small kisses, or face baths?
Would give face baths if could, but am okay with little kisses.

21. Do you follow your human around everywhere?
Yes, as most as can.  Is comfy for to be around Jacinta.

22. Does you run to your owner when he or she comes home every day?
Yes!  So love for to say hello to Jacinta, can not contain excitement! Much thanks for reading second quiz time!  Do not forget, if have fun quiz questions for, please to be asking in comments so that can answer next month!


  1. I HAVE A QUESTION. Were you very excited to see anyone recently? Or were you reunited with anyone recently?

  2. Can even answer question now, unless would like to answer next month! Was so excited to see family of Jacinta and most especially EVIL STEPMUMMY! Met lady named Cathy today also, seemed like nice lady. So love to meet people.

  3. I'm so glad you're enjoying being in Lost Almost!

  4. who gives more snuggles?-Ashley L or Anthony L
    do like play or super dog stuff more?
    who is more fun and bouncy?-Ashley L or Anthony L
    which do think is better?-Ashley L or Anthony L

  5. Many thanks for questions, small pack members! Be sure to come back at end of December for responses!


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