Monday, August 29, 2011


Is just little example for all, to show how weave poles are practiced!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Cookie Dog, A Cookie Dog!

Yesterday went to beach with Jacinta. On drive back, Jacinta pointed out dog that she said looked so much like Cookie! Had golden fur and pointy ears and curly tail and long fur.

Like so. Here is image of real Cookie. Am wondering about whiteness though, name of "snow." Wonder if will be fun like sand.

Have heard much about Cookie. Was first dog of Jacinta, and has taught her much. Met Jacinta when was only young puppy, but did not live with at first. Cookie lived with neighbour and Jacinta would play and play and play with on way home from school. Jacinta so wanted dog but parents say, no. But after few years, neighbours get so bored of Cookie. Ask, will take Cookie? First parents say no. But then parents be all sneaky and say yes while Jacinta is not there! Was great surprise.

Jacinta done much training with Cookie. Done obedience and agility and rally-o. Could not do so much agility because of sore elbows, that is why Jacinta so happy to have self. But Cookie such good rally-o dog. Always hear how much she miss Cookie when do rally-o. Would like rally-o tips from great and wise Cookie.

Think will get along with Cookie so. hear that Cookie like best young boy dogs. And am young boy dog! Hear Cookie very calm and not pushy. Is good, because pushy dogs so scare.

Look so forward to day that cam meet Cookie! Hear tell, will be sooner rather than later...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This week's training log

Hello all friends and family! Realized, have not been keeping much up to date with how Superdog and Cover school are going! Would like to tell, where are at right now and what aim to reach in next few weeks. Think, will help for to study lots and lots and become awesome.

Superdog School:

Must teach Jacinta how to show which jumps should jump with shoulders only, and stop talking to constantly. Can not focus when is talking to constantly. Would instead like to jump and jump and jump.

Must practice for to stop at bottom of contact obstacles. So like contact obstacles, but prefer to run and run and run. Know, must show that have magic stopping powers, not flying powers. Jumps are for to demonstrate flying.

In cool poles that run through, Jacinta says that will soon add second set of cool poles, about 4 metres away. Wonder what will do with that?

Cover school:

In cover school, must pretend that Jacinta is giving commands.

For heel, have been practicing sitting straight and square with fun clicker. Now know how to line self up perfectly with Jacinta, and will try again if get wrong. Am so so so good also at turning left, can pivot with front feet in place. Am okay at right turns, but sometimes get distracted. Must practice keeping excited and looking at Jacinta instead of ground.

Oh? Am not aligned? Can fix!

Just about perfect!

For down, biggest thing to practice is, if heeling, must line up with Jacinta, not swing out to face. Am getting better.

Stand-stay still difficult for. Always want to say HELLO! to people who come up to and touch. But am getting so better. Must not move paws even.

Sit and down stay are becoming easier. Can stay like statue, no problem, for minutes and minutes if are alone. Is when are at cover school that have bit of issue sometimes. Have issues because am bit stressed and bit tired and would like for to be calmer.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Am troll dog! Am troll dog!

Got help from Jacinta to troll nasty puppy mill. Look at Troll-Self!

U Jelly?

Anyway, had Jacinta pretend, and send e-mail to Murray River Puppies. Thought would be fun for to have a bit of bad grammar and such. (Please to be drag and dropping to address bar for full size images)

Notice how do not care at all about how only want puppy because is cute? How do not care that want puppy right away? How only ask questions for to further the decision of what poor helpless puppy to buy? Poor helpless puppy.

See how do not care that have not done research? See how do not care that want little helpless dog for 5 year old child? See how give price (COST MORE THAN SELF, AND AM SUPERDOG. Poor helpless puppy NOT superdog.) but ignore question about pictures of parents? See how do not give any support about how is first time buying puppy?

See how finally after repeating self many times briefly touch on practical issues, but only for to bring conversation back to sale point? See how have 7 small and medium size dogs ready in next weeks? IS SO HORRIBLE. See how when say will have to think about decision, do not longer care?!

The Murray River Puppy Farm has permit for 200 dogs. SHOULD NOT BE SO! Please, say no to puppy farms!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vigilance! Are spies about.

Think Jacinta will never understand dangers of spy dogs. Evil spies are thinking of more and more cunning ways to get way into life and house to spy on!!

Other night, was sleeping soundly in lair when all of sudden began to hear sad whining, just like sad whining that do when want to get out of lair, only louder. At first thought maybe was neighbour dog but realized, are no neighbour dogs. Jacinta went out to have look and there saw white bull terrier with head stuck under gate! Know, was evil ploy to have Jacinta take pity on, so barked and barked and barked. Was so upset with Jacinta when evil spy dog came inside house! When Jacinta got lead and put spy dog in car, was scared for her life! Was worried, might be killed or kidnapped. Had to bark and bark and bark.

Evil Spy dog looked very similar to this

Jacinta at least clever enough to know that spy dogs can not stay at house for long. Took spy dog to 24-hour Vet Clinic. Think, people at clinic will ask spy dog questions about “WHAT WERE DOING? BAD DOG FOR TO SPY.”

Three in morning so unfortunate time for spy dogs to show up. But have had over half dozen spy dogs try to get into secrets of Super Dog life in last few months alone. Must be vigilant.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

An occupational revelation!

Jacinta says, am not being paid by hour to be vomit machine. Must stop. Gains nothing only for to sleep outside during night. Is scary outside during night.

Wonder, what else can do with time other than eat things that should not?

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Let's distract Jacinta day"

Is job to distract Jacinta when is feeling low and sad and wanting to snuggle in bed all day. Snuggle in bed can be good but other things also fun! Yesterday was such day. So, said to Jacinta, "Please! Can play in hose today!" and Jacinta thought was good idea. Could see, was good for to distract, because know am adorable to look at. So adorable.

Ran and ran and ran around in hose water in front yard. Then Jacinta got soap, and gave bath which have not had in long while! Was pretty fun because was sprayed with water. Then got to play towel game where have to catch towel in mouth before touches body. But when towel touches body is fun too because can squiggle all over underneath.

After towel game, was to go inside and get brushed. Do not so like to be brushed but am proud of self, because stayed so still!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Welcome to the family little Mudslide!

Chardonnay here, your friendly resident mouse! Or rather, one of your friendly resident mice, for yesterday Jacinta had a wonderful surprise for me. I have a small young friend with whom to share my life!

Jacinta has been calling her Mudslide so far. Mudslide is a stunningly goregous young creature with soft curly fur that I love to snuggle into and adorable curved whiskers. She and I enjoy sitting on Jacinta's shoulder together. Mudslide is a wonderful young girl and is quite happy to play with Jacinta, but she still has a lot to learn, having only just left her own mother (who I am told looks a lot like me!).

I suppose it shall fall upon yours truly to show little Mudslide the ways of the world. I do look forward to getting to know this pup in the coming months. I am that sure once she comes out of her shell a little bit more we will be the best of friends.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picnic time!

Took Jacinta to picnic today! Said to Jacinta, would like to come home from you-knee for lunch and come to river with? Jacinta said, yes! Would so like! So Jacinta came home, made tasty sandwich and cut up tasty orange, and off go to river! Was such nice temperature and such nice water and such nice walk and such nice grass. And such nice crust of sandwich, yum yum!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sometimes I think I'm being used

By the boy I need the love of the most

For my throwing arm
and ability to operate a can opener