Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Cookie Dog, A Cookie Dog!

Yesterday went to beach with Jacinta. On drive back, Jacinta pointed out dog that she said looked so much like Cookie! Had golden fur and pointy ears and curly tail and long fur.

Like so. Here is image of real Cookie. Am wondering about whiteness though, name of "snow." Wonder if will be fun like sand.

Have heard much about Cookie. Was first dog of Jacinta, and has taught her much. Met Jacinta when was only young puppy, but did not live with at first. Cookie lived with neighbour and Jacinta would play and play and play with on way home from school. Jacinta so wanted dog but parents say, no. But after few years, neighbours get so bored of Cookie. Ask, will take Cookie? First parents say no. But then parents be all sneaky and say yes while Jacinta is not there! Was great surprise.

Jacinta done much training with Cookie. Done obedience and agility and rally-o. Could not do so much agility because of sore elbows, that is why Jacinta so happy to have self. But Cookie such good rally-o dog. Always hear how much she miss Cookie when do rally-o. Would like rally-o tips from great and wise Cookie.

Think will get along with Cookie so. hear that Cookie like best young boy dogs. And am young boy dog! Hear Cookie very calm and not pushy. Is good, because pushy dogs so scare.

Look so forward to day that cam meet Cookie! Hear tell, will be sooner rather than later...


  1. Sorry Vertigo, I enjoy reading about your adventures, but I feel that I will read no longer because your English is awful and is a pain to read :(

    Which I understand is partly the point, but even so...

  2. Is indeed sad to hear. Thank you for taking time to say goodbye. Goodbye Dave! Was lovely to meet.


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