Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Am troll dog! Am troll dog!

Got help from Jacinta to troll nasty puppy mill. Look at Troll-Self!

U Jelly?

Anyway, had Jacinta pretend, and send e-mail to Murray River Puppies. Thought would be fun for to have a bit of bad grammar and such. (Please to be drag and dropping to address bar for full size images)

Notice how do not care at all about how only want puppy because is cute? How do not care that want puppy right away? How only ask questions for to further the decision of what poor helpless puppy to buy? Poor helpless puppy.

See how do not care that have not done research? See how do not care that want little helpless dog for 5 year old child? See how give price (COST MORE THAN SELF, AND AM SUPERDOG. Poor helpless puppy NOT superdog.) but ignore question about pictures of parents? See how do not give any support about how is first time buying puppy?

See how finally after repeating self many times briefly touch on practical issues, but only for to bring conversation back to sale point? See how have 7 small and medium size dogs ready in next weeks? IS SO HORRIBLE. See how when say will have to think about decision, do not longer care?!

The Murray River Puppy Farm has permit for 200 dogs. SHOULD NOT BE SO! Please, say no to puppy farms!


  1. Still can't believe there will be seventy puppies ready-to-go in the next few weeks from that one puppy mill alone. Sadness for puppies and their parents alike.

  2. $850 for a MUTT! Ridiculous. They must be folling in it. Because I can't see them spending anywhere near that amount on the upkeep of the dogs. Disgusting!


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