Friday, August 5, 2011

"Let's distract Jacinta day"

Is job to distract Jacinta when is feeling low and sad and wanting to snuggle in bed all day. Snuggle in bed can be good but other things also fun! Yesterday was such day. So, said to Jacinta, "Please! Can play in hose today!" and Jacinta thought was good idea. Could see, was good for to distract, because know am adorable to look at. So adorable.

Ran and ran and ran around in hose water in front yard. Then Jacinta got soap, and gave bath which have not had in long while! Was pretty fun because was sprayed with water. Then got to play towel game where have to catch towel in mouth before touches body. But when towel touches body is fun too because can squiggle all over underneath.

After towel game, was to go inside and get brushed. Do not so like to be brushed but am proud of self, because stayed so still!

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