Saturday, August 13, 2011

This week's training log

Hello all friends and family! Realized, have not been keeping much up to date with how Superdog and Cover school are going! Would like to tell, where are at right now and what aim to reach in next few weeks. Think, will help for to study lots and lots and become awesome.

Superdog School:

Must teach Jacinta how to show which jumps should jump with shoulders only, and stop talking to constantly. Can not focus when is talking to constantly. Would instead like to jump and jump and jump.

Must practice for to stop at bottom of contact obstacles. So like contact obstacles, but prefer to run and run and run. Know, must show that have magic stopping powers, not flying powers. Jumps are for to demonstrate flying.

In cool poles that run through, Jacinta says that will soon add second set of cool poles, about 4 metres away. Wonder what will do with that?

Cover school:

In cover school, must pretend that Jacinta is giving commands.

For heel, have been practicing sitting straight and square with fun clicker. Now know how to line self up perfectly with Jacinta, and will try again if get wrong. Am so so so good also at turning left, can pivot with front feet in place. Am okay at right turns, but sometimes get distracted. Must practice keeping excited and looking at Jacinta instead of ground.

Oh? Am not aligned? Can fix!

Just about perfect!

For down, biggest thing to practice is, if heeling, must line up with Jacinta, not swing out to face. Am getting better.

Stand-stay still difficult for. Always want to say HELLO! to people who come up to and touch. But am getting so better. Must not move paws even.

Sit and down stay are becoming easier. Can stay like statue, no problem, for minutes and minutes if are alone. Is when are at cover school that have bit of issue sometimes. Have issues because am bit stressed and bit tired and would like for to be calmer.

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