Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vigilance! Are spies about.

Think Jacinta will never understand dangers of spy dogs. Evil spies are thinking of more and more cunning ways to get way into life and house to spy on!!

Other night, was sleeping soundly in lair when all of sudden began to hear sad whining, just like sad whining that do when want to get out of lair, only louder. At first thought maybe was neighbour dog but realized, are no neighbour dogs. Jacinta went out to have look and there saw white bull terrier with head stuck under gate! Know, was evil ploy to have Jacinta take pity on, so barked and barked and barked. Was so upset with Jacinta when evil spy dog came inside house! When Jacinta got lead and put spy dog in car, was scared for her life! Was worried, might be killed or kidnapped. Had to bark and bark and bark.

Evil Spy dog looked very similar to this

Jacinta at least clever enough to know that spy dogs can not stay at house for long. Took spy dog to 24-hour Vet Clinic. Think, people at clinic will ask spy dog questions about “WHAT WERE DOING? BAD DOG FOR TO SPY.”

Three in morning so unfortunate time for spy dogs to show up. But have had over half dozen spy dogs try to get into secrets of Super Dog life in last few months alone. Must be vigilant.


  1. Vertigo, I hope they venomate that spy dog!

  2. Yes, for venomate so hurts. Could get Spy Dog to talk. Maybe, if does not talk, could threaten to give new-ter. Then CONE OF SHAME.

    Jacinta say, clinic called yesterday and Spy Dog has microchip showing contact numbers of evil boss, but evil boss must be on mission spying on others because was not yet able to contact.


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